• Show Date: 13/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/10/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Stakes classes day 2
Special beginners utlity/Terrier 1)Winflash Mirage, Breed: Dalmatian (Mrs L E Moss) A very well balanced bitch, flat skull, ears set high and well apart,strong arched neck with good chest, ex feet, straight forelegs, ribs well sprung, super mover holding her shape. 2)2036 - Mary Wells Around Copellastar, Breed: Miniature Schnauzer (Miss R A & Mrs R J & Mr G A Copper) Neat ears, level head planes with slight stop and dark eyes, mod neck, good front, holds her topline, could be litte shorter in loin, harsh jacket, tail high set but prefer better carriage, angular rear with parralel hocks,balanced mover,well presented with balanced movement. Junior stakes 1)Araki Wowie Zowie, Breed: Tibetan Terrier (Mrs J & Mrs T Price & Leese) Ex proportions in head and body, marked stop, dark eyes , good neck with straight forelegs nicely under body, firm level topline and high set tail, still to body up but super shape, smooth easy stride with great reach and drive, correct coat, nice type. 2)Jansanleis The Magic Piper with Jenerelena, Breed: German Spitz (Mittel) (Mrs H & Mr K & Mrs J & Mr E Hutchings-Brooks & Brooks & Hutchings & Hutchings) Just 13mths, compact bitch with good proportions, wedge shaped head, high set erect ears, flat skull, ex feet with good chest, compact body , short loin, mod rear, prefer slightly better tailset but overall is a nice type with lively alert attitude, brisk mover,lots to like Yearling stakes 1) Mezanda Mystic Starman, Breed: Keeshond (Mrs S E Lindsay) Wedge shaped head with marked stop,alone shaped eyes with defined spectacle, neat ears, moderate neck with well made front, short level back, High set tail, low hocks, clean brisk mover, nice type 2)Belleville Playmate, Breed: Norfolk Terrier (Mrs C S Thompson-Morgan) Maaculine low set dog, broad skull with good stop and short muzzle with strength of jaw,dark oval eyes, strong neck, deep chest , big ribs, dense harsh coat, high set tail, has strong rear with low set hocks. Ch stakes 1)- Ch Sophtspot La De Da at Belsmard ShCEx, Breed: Dalmatian (Ms M White) A quality balanced Dalmatian with a clean symmetrical outline to her, flat skull with mod stop, correct length of muzzle giving her a balanced head, super round bone with compact feet, level back, comes into her own on the move with her smooth powerful moment covering the ground so well. In tip top condition. 2)Ch Loopang's Back in Business (ai), Breed: Shar Pei (Mr M K Bragg) Another top class example of her breed, have previously given her a group and still think she is top drawer, i love her balance and full of breed type without any extremity, she is so collected on the move and is so alert and in tune with her handler. Very close deciosn in a top quality class of champions.