• Show Date: 27/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Dog Challenge Certificate 6213 - Ch Jaros Ferazi Et Tu Brute at Sfizimio (Imp Usa) (Miss C W Y & Mr J R Chau & Steele)

Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate 6239 - Eskashem Italus of Roblewood Il (Mr Tj Wyatt-Hughes)

Bitch Challenge Certificate 6215 - Artmeis Summer Breeze at Birchwind (Mrs M Hayden-Smith)

Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 6226 - Ch Chrisford Chasin Pavements (Mrs K & Mr R Rutter & Wheeler)

Best of Breed 6213 - Ch Jaros Ferazi Et Tu Brute at Sfizimio (Imp Usa) (Miss C W Y & Mr J R Chau & Steele)

Best Puppy 6239 - Eskashem Italus of Roblewood Il (Mr Tj Wyatt-Hughes)

Best Veteran 6209 - Ch/am Ch Artmeis Golden Oriole of Regallust (Mrs J Amsel)

Best Special Beginners 6234 - Skylar's Chico (Miss K Wallace Horne)

I had a nice quality entry to go over, i must say the wind and temperature on the day was the worst you could imagine for this breed and many dogs really didn't like it and perform at their best. On a warmer less windy day some of my entries could have been considerably higher placed. That said i was more than happy with my winners and it was nice to see my BOB go onto get group 2 in a lovely Toy group. I thought he was a lovely balanced, unexaggerated sound typey dog..


1)Eskashem Italus of Roblewood Il (Mr Tj Wyatt-Hughes)

clean graceful curvy outline,has length to skull,slight stop, ok ears, well made front,ribs of good length, needs to drop in rear, very smart youngster, well schooled sound mover 

2)hated the cold, good head and eye, well made front with super feet, moderate rear, well proportioned, just not settled on move with coinditions


1)same as MPD


Tamiskene Hamilton (Mrs G D Bird)

1)nicely balanced dog, flat skull, fine muzzle,neat ears, prefer darker eyes, lovely long neck, curvy outline, has depth to his chest, places feet well on move., moderate 

2)Chrisford Golden Touch (Mrs K & Miss K Rutter & Allsopp)

needs more strength of underjaw, dark eyes, good proportions. Preferred shoulder and neck set of 1, ribs extend well back, sound mover 

3)Artmeis Jokers Wild (S & J Thompson & Amsel)


1)Skylar's Chico (Miss K Wallace Horne)

 lean skull of good length, neat well set ears, clean arched neck, tight hare feet, gentle topline, a little steep in coup, uses his front well, lovely skin and condition

2)Valentini Edoardo (Ms Walton)

masaculine head, a little broader in skull, ears high set, good proportions, nice front, also a little steep in croup,


1)Valentini Francesco (Ms Walton)

well made, balanced dog, he is top size but still like his clean unexaggerated outline, head of good length, ears set well back, flat skull, straight forelegs, could have more depth in chest 

2)Blue Lagoon of Bytheiad (Miss J S Thompson)

finer built dog, lovely head, eyes neat ears a, slight stop. Well made front, curvy outline but hated the cold and wind so was very hunched up. Parallel hocks


1)Ch Jaros Ferazi Et Tu Brute at Sfizimio (Imp Usa) (Miss C W Y & Mr J R Chau & Steele)

very smart well proportioned dog, lovely balance to him, head has length with a flat skull, slight stop, arched lean neck, straight forelegs , super topline with angular rear good croup and tail carried low. Exc free high stepping movement, lovely type and pleasure to judge him to give him CC and BOB.

2)Salatini Dakota Gold (Miss N Hunter)

lovely body shape, balanced skull. Prefer a better eye shape, lean neck, angular rear, a little flat in topline on move, goods size, well made front 

3rd Ch Toerag Little Scamp JW (Miss S M Tiley-Davies)


1)PGD winner

2)Littlebriton Winds ‘o’ Winter (Mrs Sl Read)

feminine head, ears set well back,flat skull,ok neck, good feet. Curvy outline to her, muscled rear, prefer more depth of chest, another who really didn’t perform in the conditions 


1)Ch/am Ch Artmeis Golden Oriole of Regallust (Mrs J Amsel)

a lovely balanced bithc, no exaggeration to her, feminine detailed typey head, flat skull, ears well set, well made front, deep chest, super topline with good croup and tailset. Places feet well on move. Nice type 


1)Salatini Statuesque (Miss N Hunter)

lovely puppy, super head and exp, dark eyes, fine muzzle with length. Very nice shape to her, straight forelegs, ex feet, back, rear quarters, croup and tail, sound mover , nice type, very promising.


1)Littlebriton Paper Moon (Mrs Sl Read)

head of good length, flat broad skull, a little round in eye, neck of good length, prefer a better lay of shoulder, good legs and underline, drops off in croup a but too much for ideal. Moved ok but really didn't like the cold wind


1)Miwell Mary Quant by Lamoye JW (Dr J M Mellis)

red bitch, nice balance and quality to her, well proportioned, stands over good ground, feminine head and exp, neat rose like ears set well. Good neck and shoulders, legs well under body, exc chest, ribs and loin, curvy not over done in topline, sound mover.

2)Zephyrelli Raphaella (Mrs F Righton)

fine feminine bitch, nice length to her head, slight stop, neat ears, straight forelegs with good feet, hated the cold which spoilt her shape, drops off in croup a bit. Preferred movement on 1

3rd Place Littlebriton Winds ‘o’ Winter (Mrs Sl Read)


1)Pizpireta De Talonkan (Imp Esp) (Mr J L Centella-Rodriguez)

lovely class of nie bitches, winner is a very honest clean outline feminine bitch, lovely head and exp, neat ears, well made front with straight forelegs , nice balance , curvy outline 

2)Salatini Rose Gold (Miss N Hunter)

another very well made bitcm well proportioned with a lean long neck, has length to here skull, prefer a better eye, uses her front well, deep chest, like one has a lovely curvy outline without being too much 

3rd Place Zephyrelli Florence (Mrs F Righton)


1)Artmeis Summer Breeze at Birchwind (Mrs M Hayden-Smith)

very nice honest bitch, lovely shape, fem head with fine muzzle neat ears flat skull. I liked her confirmation throughout, correct hare feet, deep chest, gentle topline which she holds at all times,sound mover, nice type, comfortable winner of the BCC. Im sure her title wont be far away.

2)Ch Chrisford Chasin Pavements (Mrs K & Mr R Rutter & Wheeler)

well proportioned bitch, lovely head and expression with super eye shape. Lean neck, curvy outline, a little wide in front, hated the cold so her outline was spoilt slightly., lovely skin and condition 

3rd Place 6233 - Toerag Love and Joy (Miss S M Tiley-Davies)