• Show Date: 21/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/11/2023

Affenpinscher Club

Breed: Affenpinscher
Special award Junior D/B 1)CALLOW-BUFFELS EVIDENTLY OBVIOUS Very collected squarely built puppy, domed skull with blunt muzzle and prominent chin,high set neat ears, correct short neck, straight forelegs with compact feet.he holds his topline and is short coupled with high set tail carried high, moderate rear, excellent harsh coat, i liked his carriage where he holds his outline at all times 2)PIRRIE/MCEVOY- AFTERGLOW CHEDDAR GOREGEOUS GUEREZA Detailed feminine head with gently domed skull with slight turn up of chin, round eyes, small ears, moderate front agulation and bone, short neck,ribs well sprung for age with a level topline, high set tail, ideally like little less rear angulation, correct harsh textured coat and like winner is lively on the move with some lift in front. Special award Open Dog 1)CLIFTON-PLACE, CH COUTUREABULL MT MUISON Masculine but not overdone male, excellent proportions with good length of leg and compact body, expressive balanced head, marked stop and has width in chin, eyes well placed, ears could be smaller, neat elbows with well sprung ribs and slight tuck up, ideally like firmer topline but has a high set tail which is carried well, correct moderate rear angulation with low set parallel hocks,dense harsh coat, i liked his type. 2)TODHUNTER- BUFFELS MANAGES NICELY He is a very honest unexaggerated male when you put your hands on him, well proportioned head with high set small ears, has width to his blunt muzzle with slight turn up of chin, short straight neck, forelegs straight, he has a level topline to feel but coat makes it look rounded. Well sprung ribs but is carrying a bit of weight which spoils him slightly, moderate rear with strong hocks, moves soundly Special award Open Bitch 1)GRUNINGER,SWEIGERT,KING,TRUESDALE- CIRCUE PLUME WITH DARKLE I thought this bitch was quality all through and really appealed to me, domed forehead with marked stop, correct length and width in foreface to go with her correct prominent chin, open nostrils and high set neat ears, straight forelegs with compact feet, chest has depth with short loin, she is squarely built and sturdy but still feminine, in super condition with dense harsh coat. Has some style to her with being exaggerated, moving she is typical in the front and has a high set tail which is carried with a slight curve to it, shown and handled in tip top condition., nice type. 2)CARY- CARYCARES BIRTHDAY BOY Her head is well proportioned with slight dome to her skull and eyes sparking but not excessive in size, good chin, straight moderate neck with a barrel like ribcage, neat elbows, firm level topline,could be little shorter in loin, high set tail, very harsh coat all through, i liked her front strutting movement, for ideal i would like little less rear angulation, she holds her backline on the move and has a real confidence to her.