• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Giant Schnauzer

Dog Challenge Certificate 1902 - Ch Philoma One Night Only (Mr K & Mrs S Cullen)

Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate 1901 - Philoma Musicman (Mr K & Mrs S Cullen)

Bitch Challenge Certificate 1910 - Adreana's Bellini (Mr A & Mrs A Price & Lowood Price)

Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 1912 - Ch Philoma American in Paris (Mr M R Veal)

Best of Breed 1902 - Ch Philoma One Night Only (Mr K & Mrs S Cullen)


1)Tyshunde Exclamation Kid (Ms Sv Sherborne)

strong robust masculine dog, muscled cheeks, neat ears, correct square muzzle, mod neck, exc bone, chest and ribs, would prefer him shorter backed, super harsh coat on body and legs . Muscled loin,, ideally like a neater front, low set hocks. 


1)Philoma Musicman (Mr K & Mrs S Cullen)

squarely built dog, correct length of leg, balanced head piece, oval eye well set, prefers more width in chest, firm topline with correct slight slope, short loin, compact feet,harsh body coat, holds shape in profile on move, prefer a stronger rear, 

2)Tribune vom Schloss Ehrenberg at Louarne (Imp Ger) (Mrs A Lunt)

a moderate balanced dog, has length to his skull. Prefer a bit more stop and neater ears, good neck, straight forelegs, well developed ribs, harsh coat, exc topline on move, ideally like him shorter in loin


Ch Philoma One Night Only (Mr K & Mrs S Cullen)


well proportioned balanced 3yr male, flat skull, slight stop, developed cheeks but not overdone, arched neck, lovely straight forelegs with god feet , ok forechest, chest, deep , low set hocks, a little soft in topline on move, firm condition, harsh jacket, Positive mover covering the ground in profile.

Dasval Little Big Man ShCEx (Miss O & Mrs J Ellis)


strong masculine dog, lovely length of skull, ears could be neater, well placed oval eyes good bone and feet, little longer cast than 1, good croup and tailset, a little close in rear on move, firm condition, preferred proportions of 1 


Philoma Lucia (Mr C & Mrs J Clay),


3 diff shapes and types in this class, winner has a good length to her skull, level head planes. Ok neck. Nice length of leg, She needs more fill in front and a shorter loin, low set hocks, powerful positive mover covering the ground well, nice temperament 


Silbertraum Ayasha (Mr S P Matthews)

s/p bitch, stronger built bitch than 1, would like more length in foreface , flat skull, ok ears, lovely big ribs, deep chest, harsh coat and short loin, she is a little rounded in topline for ideal. Prefer better foot placement on move 

3rd Adreanas Margarita (Mr R & Mrs J Kirby)

I liked this bitches shape and balance but sadly wasnt happy on the day and didnt show well enough to place her higher.


Philoma Socorro (Mr K, Mrs S & Mrs R Cullen & Thomas)

1)feminine bitch, muscled cheeks, ears well set, flat skull with level head planes, eye could be fraction darker, arched neck of good length, has some fill in front, straight forelegs,elbows could be tighter, square in outline, level topline with good tailset, holds shape on move, well proportioned 


Adreana's Bellini (Mr A & Mrs A Price & Lowood Price

1)lovely solid robust bitch, detailed head, flat skull with ears well placed, strong neck, ex ribs, chest, loin, rear and topline. Firm bone, straight forelegs, good tailset, powerful mover, holds shape on move, liked her type, in challenge she wasnt giving her best to beat the male.

Ch Philoma American in Paris (Mr M R Veal)

2)taller stationed bitch with a square outline to her, slightly lighter build than 1, clean skull. Ears could be neater, arched neck, straight forelegs,goof feet, moderate balanced angles, firm topline, holds her shape on the move, 2 nice bitches but different types.