• Show Date: 18/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gary Shirt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Bullmastiff

Border Union Agricultural Society

Championship Show

Sunday 18th June 2023


Judge: Mr Gary Shirt

Thank you to the Border Union Agricultural Society for my appointment and I would like to thank all exhibitors for entering and allowing me the opportunity to go over their dogs. On the day the standard was very high and all were in excellent condition which made my job very hard at times, especially when awarding CC’s and BOB.

On the day I was happy with my decisions.

One observation from the day is that bone and substance is improving in the breed but I feel we should keep an eye on the length of leg and mouths.

PD. 2(0) 1. Nicolson’s Karmicly the Botanist. Very nice 8 month old Red, well constructed for age, moved with drive which showed level topline and good tailset. Nice broad muzzle, level bite. Will look out for in the future. BP.

2. Scott’s Karmicly Bay Breeze. Brindle, lovely expression when alert. Moved well, good bone. Less confident and maturing slower than litter brother above.

JD. 4(0) 1. Aston, Aston & Pavesi’s Angels Phoenix Ron Weasley Astonpride (Imp Ita). Excellent young dog, very compact and well balanced with strong front, good depth of chest and tight feet, very good strong rear and level topline which showed on the move lovely to watch. Nice broad head, correct ear set, nice level bite.

2. McGroarty’s Ardhub Love it in Black. Also an excellent young boy, lovely construction with lots of width and depth of chest, strong thick legs and nice feet, moved really well with good reach. Strong head with broad muzzle.

3. Bigham’s Daisonville I’m Your Man.

4. Taylor’s Nannahboozoo in the Wind at Karismar.

YD. 1(0) 1.Latter’s Stoneglad Casanova. Lovely clear colour, well balanced, glided round the ring with drive and maintained a good topline, good bone and in proportion. Shame there was no competition but would have took something exceptional to be beat.

GD. 2(1) 1. Simpson’s Pleats Reign of Klaus. Would have liked more size from this 2 year old but a good all round example of the breed, in proportion, nice head, good ear set, nice dark muzzle and lovely nature.

PGD. 2 (2) 1. Thomas & Bull’s Phoria’s Seventh Heaven. A very well balanced male with evenly proportioned muscle, not over exaggerated in any way but powerful in presence, good topline. Inquisitive expression, good level bite.

2. Beal’s Emsuart Rocketman JW. Smaller than 1st but still a well balanced and nice bone, moved with ease and grace showing off an excellent topline, expertly handled.

LD. 4(0) 1. McGroarty’s Ardhub Ethan. Typical Ardhub male, powerful all round presence, excellent type. Lovely depth and width of chest, correct length of muzzle complimenting large square skull, correct ear set. Moved with grace and drive showing so much potential as only 16 months. Very hard decision when awarding top awards. RDCC

2. Robert’s Joybull Mr Sandman. Another excellent example of our breed similar age to 1st, very clear colour with good pigmentation, correct ear carriage, gentle expression and nice level bite. Moved well with soundness and good balance, I have no doubt he will mature into something special.

3. McMenemy’s Cairnmount Tamdhu

4. Garratt’s Marchmanor Played a blinder.

OD. 3(2) 1. Myers’s Optimus Douglas. Even though slight weight loss due to seasons in the Optimus Kennel, I still cannot speak too highly on this boy. Approaching 3 with large square skull, correct ears with good length of muzzle and excellent level bite. Lovely powerful muscular shoulders with a deep and wide chest with strong set apart front legs and strong pasterns. Powerful neck leading to a straight topline which has greatly improved with age. On the move he glides and shows tremendous drive from the rear hindlegs. DCC

VD No Entries

PB. 2(0) 1. Taylor’s Karmicly Banama Mama. 8 month old brindle girl. She moved lovely round the ring with level topline and correct tailset. Has a lovely expression, correct pigment. Nice deep chest, all round nice pup showing plenty of potential.

2. Aston’s Saphira De Terras Lusitanas (IMP PRT) NAF TAF. Still very young but showing lots of potential. Nice head very nice overall lovely compact baby whom I’m sure has a good future ahead of her, moved very well and showed lovely for her handler, well done.

JB. 4(0) 1. Latter’s Stoneglad she’s a rebel. Very compact, well muscled, strong and evenly balanced. Well developed front and nice deep chest. Lovely head, correct ears and nice gentle expression. Glided round the ring with grace but still maintained drive. Quality girl, will follow her progress.

2. Wilson’s Ardhub Nice and Spicy Braeaaron. Very nice brindle with lovely head and correct ear set, dark eye with good expression. Good bone and substance and nice topline which showed well on the move, nice tight feet.

3. Fascione’s Fowlerheights Azra Fasden.

4. Murphy’s Nanahboozoo Catcha Poacha.

YB. 3(1) 1. Latter’s Stoneglad She’s Just My Style. Another quality compact girl from this kennel, excellent bone with nice angulation showing well on the move, powerful front, good depth of chest with strong legs. She has a beautiful head with a lovely expression.

2. Reader & Bown’s Sundabish Belle Amour JW. Another lovely girl, not as much substance as 1 but still excellent construction with lovely, sound movement. Very nice expression, correct ears, nice mouth, very difficult decision in placing on the day.

GB. 3(0) 1. Marshall & Tankard’s Omfero Princess Audrey at Verosa JW. Very nice clear fawn. Good size and well boned. Dark in eye with correct ears and wide jaw with excellent bite. Good depth of chest and well up on her toes. Moved very well round the ring and excellently handled.

2. Simpson’s Pleats Tru Dreamz. Smaller all round than 1st but still in proportion and well balanced, very gentle expression and nice mouth, moved well but playful in the ring.

3. Murphy’s Nanahboozoo No April Fool.

PGB. 3(1) 1. Garratt’s Marchmanors Dark Side (AI) Lovely brindle with very nice expression, good ear set. Nice front, stood square. Very good topline and tailset with good angulation, moved well around the ring.

2. McMenemy’s Cairnmount Glenlochy. Well boned red, nice broad head with nice expression, nice movement but hard to study as she was in a playful mood today.

LB. 6(0) 1. Guerts’ Joybull Miss Dynamite. Beautiful clear fawn, everything about this girl portrays quality, very evenly balanced all round. Very good front with deep chest and up on her toes with straight legs. A lovely head with an excellent expression, correct length of muzzle and correct ear set with good bite. Excellent movement showing good angulation nice spring of rib, a level topline which remained while on the move and in sync with her handler at all times. RBCC.

2. McArdle’s Rosco’s Girl At The Bar In Monascreebe. Very nice well balanced with lots of substance, solid strong rear which showed on movement. Stunning head with inquisitive expression, correct ear set, lovely girl.

3. Down’s Optimus Mulberry.

4. Marshall & Tankard’s Safety Of Flatland You Are My Destiny at Verosa (Imp Hun).

5. Fascione’s Jadanelle Jessie Moon.

OB. 4(1). 1. Myers Ch. Paris De L'arche Des Loups Anges avec Optimus (Imp Fra) Where do I start! This girl is a true reflection of the breed standard in every way, I realised that when observing from outside the ring you cannot get a full picture of how beautiful she is. Her square skull with broad underjaw, good mouth and correct ears in line with eyes stand out. Well arched muscular neck leading to a well let down chest, straight well boned legs and cat like tight feet. She moves with a sense of purpose, very well balanced with drive which shows strong muscular hind quarters. I could not find one fault and in my opinion she is the best specimen of our breed I have come across in a long time and worthy of achieving much more success. Handled to perfection BCC & BOB.

2. Garratt’s Priambulls Dreams of Magic with Marchmanor. Good size, solid girl with nice broad head, good depth and width of chest and strong legs. Good strong rear and moved well.

3. Murphy’s Valhalla Hunter Upsy Daisy at Nanahboozoo (Imp Hun).

VB. 1 (0). Lindley’s Ch. Hyerdunscar The Big Tease. I was honoured to go over this beautiful girl, she is excellent in every way and deserves everything she has achieved in the past. Even now at the age of 8 she still has all the attributes of a younger dog. Lovely strong head, correct ear set, she has a nice broad muzzle and gentle expression. Lovely width and depth of front with straight legs and up on her toes. She glides round the ring with a sense of purpose and totally balanced on the move. A fantastic example of our breed and a true ambassador. Congratulations to her breeder, owner and handler. BV

Gary Shirt