• Show Date: 15/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Garry Charlish Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/11/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Weimaraner

Darlington 2023- Weimaraners

I must start with a big thank you to Darlington committee for the invitation to judge my breed. Thanks too to all the exhibitors for their entries which were greatly appreciated with not only the cost of entries but also falling on a Friday taken into consideration. I was pleased with the quality of the exhibits and could have done with 4 or 5 CC’s.

Class 407 VD (1/1 abs)

Class 408 MPD (1/0 abs)

1st: Robsons Kalimor Washington at Robricci- 7 month old baby, great head into good clean neck and shoulder. Super body and good topline. Set on nice limbs still a little raw as you would expect for his age but I’m sure will have a good future. BPD

Class 409 PD (2/1 abs)

1st: Robsons Kalimor Washington at Robricci

Repeat of minor puppy.

Class 410 JD (5/0 abs)

1st: Cairns Lamarg Silver Huntsman- bigger type boy but in good proportion good head, neck and shoulder. Balanced and correct from start to finish, moved well, will balance out as he matures. Well handled.

2nd: Brown & Davies Gunalt Polished at Wystry really nice type just didn’t have the front of 1. Needs time, lovely masculine head in good overall proportions presenting a good overall picture. Would love to see him in a year.

3rd: Rintouls Silberstern First Edition

Class 411 PGD (1/0 abs)

1st: Isherwoods Gunalt Schweppes at Caleydene JW- my find for the day! Cracking young dog that stood out today. The best of aristocratic heads into a nice clean neck. Correct shoulder with well placed elbows, strong through the body and stabilised by an immaculate backend which was obviously demonstrated on the move. He oozed purpose and style and I can’t wait to see his future successes. Couldn’t deny him the CC today.

Class 412 LD (3/1 abs)

1st: Arnolds Gunalt Roku- Smart dog of excellent type, similar to previous class winner, good balance and presents good overall picture. Similar attributes to previous dog just missing out on RCC as front needs time to develop a bit more.

2nd: Rintouls Sireva New Kid on the Block- neat dog of different type to 1 but still presenting a lovely overall picture. Again would prefer a little stronger in front but he is in good proportions.

Class 413 OD (7/1 abs)

1st: Pavey & Evans Sh Ch Gunalt Undeniable At Joneva- Wasn’t disappointed with this class at all. Lovely big male dog of excellent breed characteristics and type. Masculine head clean neck and shoulder on a good strong frame going in to a well constructed backend. He’s a larger type dog but just comes over as prize thoroughbred. Well presented for a maturing dog and excellently handled Just lost out to youth today. RDCC

2nd: Alcorn & Ingrams Sh Ch Gunalt Hendricks- Another very worthy winner who is a privilege to go over, he is also the sire to both CC winners today. Classic overall picture with good clean head and neck, presenting good balance. Have seen him with more oomph which cost him the class today. Expertly handled as one would expect.

3rd: Kerrs Sh Ch Kalimor Hudson

Class 414 VB (2/0 abs)

1st: Reads Whitecross Remembrance- This lady is defying her years well, elegant long haired bitch well coated with no exaggeration excellent head neck and body moved well and looks to still enjoy her day out. BVIB

2nd: Bannermans Selhendo Special Edition- 7 year old bitch good stronger type pretty head onto good clean neck and shoulder good body proportions well presented and well handled.

Class 415 MPB (2/0 abs)

1st: Ingrams Gunalt Mixer- what a cracking puppy still very raw but to be expected at her age. Beautiful head, correct eye and ear into long neck and good shoulder. Great front on decent limbs, beautiful framework from start to finish. Best of body proportions, correct topline, excellent backend. Going to be an absolute stunner. BPB and BPIB

2nd: Morris’s Kalimor Tinker- another who took my eye today, great angles and balanced from start to finish. Would like to see her a bit stronger, but this will come as she matures. She lived up to her name by giving her handler a bit of work today! Will mature into a very nice bitch.

Class 416 PB (1/0 abs)

1st: Morris’s Kalimor Tinker- as MPB

Class 417 JB (2/1 abs)

1st: Murrays Silberstern Rumour has it around Rachmor- This young lady is coming into herself. Taller type girl but maturing nicely with good angles front and rear. Good length of body with decent topline and good tail set. Can’t wait to see her in a year or two.

Class 418 PGB (6/0 abs)

1st: Morris & Randalls Kalimor Dottie JW- really smart young bitch presenting great picture. Nothing over exaggerated, no sharp edges, everything just flowing into the next. Pretty head with correct eyes and earset. Clean neck, correct shoulder, decent length supported by a good sound back end. She was just a pretty, sound bitch all round and was unlucky to come against CC winner today but more than happy to award RCC.

2nd: Tierneys Gunalt Elderflower At Greyfurs JW- Another young lady to take my eye. Again nice soft angles from start to finish presenting a good strong Weimaraner. A bitch I have admired from a puppy. She just seemed a little flat today but is certain to have a bright future.

3rd: Robsons Kalimor Nancy At Robricci JW

Class 419 LB (6/0 abs)

1st: Maskells & Rayners Enjager Harmony With Brownbank JW- Another smart bitch who I have admired from the ringside. Good head, correct long ears into sound shoulders. Good length of body on well angulated backend. Pushed her handler on the move but came good in the end.

2nd: Duffys Almoor Lady Gaga- Like her name a true showgirl. Beautifully constructed bitch on good forelimbs supported by good strong backend which was all demonstrated on the move, well handled.

3rd: Cairns Lamarg Silver Showtoff

Class 420 OB (6/0 abs)

1st: Wests Sh Ch Gunalt Wavelength JW- My star of the day, have always admired this bitch from a puppy and thoroughly pleased to have gone over her. She oozes breed type and moves with elegance and purpose. The best of heads, beautiful clean neck and shoulder, well sprung rib, nice strong backend, correct tail set carried on great limbs. Elegant on the move, nothing overexaggerated just a decent sound bitch. More than pleased to award CC and BOB.

2nd: Rodgers Sh Ch Minstergate Carnival JW- Another worthy winner which was a good find. Again clean head and neck, good front, decent length and body proportion and good backend. Good overall sound Weimaraner bitch.

3rd: Morris’s Kalimor Gem

Judge- Garry Charlish (Harelferg)