• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Flo Barker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Pointer

 LEEDS CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW - Irish Setters 28/7/2023

Enjoyable and interesting day’s judging - special thanks to my able stewards Martin and Karen Johnson and to all exhibitors for giving me the privilege of going over their dogs. Was impressed with the quality of exhibits in the older classes where competition was hot. However, I was concerned to find so many high tails amongst the dogs in particular and some heavy heads amongst the bitches. Some too were lacking balance with short legs in proportion to body and there was a tendency towards exaggerated toplines and over angulation at the hindquarters. But fronts, mouths, temperaments were good. I was looking for setters showing the raciness, and balance called for in the pedigree and was happy to find that in my main winners.

MPD 3 1 & BP Lucas’ Gwendariff Bachelor Boy. Mature for his eight months and steadiest mover in class. Happy boy with pleasing head and expression, balanced fore and aft with enough chest room, good length of neck and dark coat. 2 Slaters & Flinders’ Kerryfair Misty Morning. Not as together as one, still to drop in brisket but good width of second thigh and enjoying his day out. 3 Ozog’s Amberlove Awesome Blixen (AI)

PD 2 (1) 1 Ozog’s A Awesome Blixen only seven months and quite a large, rangey pup needing to grow into his body but kind expression and good tail set and top line.

JD 6 Some high tails and heavy heads in this class. 1 Berry & Morris’ Midsummer Night’s Dream (Imp Swe) (Swed Imp). Just 12 months but won for his balance and outline, good front and shoulders, moved with reach and drive. Classic head with dark eye set level under brows. 2 Parsons’ Quensha Thinking Out Loud at Bransett .Preferred head of one but this 15-month-old boy has excellent front, pasterns and well let down hocks with gently sloping topline, nothing exaggerated. 3 Danks-Kemish’s Alofrana Secret Love Agent.

YD 6 (1) Kolbach’s Kerryfair Zoom In On Pawsword. Sound and honest setter type, 20 months and best mover in class, carrying tail level and using it on the move. Good length of neck, strong hindquarters and balanced head with dark eye and well set ears. 2 Walker’s Gwendariff Ucant Touch This JW. Preferred movement of one but liked this boy’s shape and balance. Kind eye and pleasing head. Well presented. 3 Davison’s Bardonhill Million Reasons.

PGD 11 (2) Corless’ Swiftlark Spellbinder. This dog has the driving movement with head held high and level tail carriage I was looking for. Strong, muscular neck set into well laid back shoulders. Alert in attitude and firm topline. Third in gundog special beginners group. 2 Hemmings and Holehan-Green’s Orlanset Mandolin. Preferred movement of one but loved this dogs head and clean, flowing outline and he was close up to one.

3 Baynes’ Corranroo Celtic Storm.

LD 12 (4) Spoilt for choice in this class. 1 Davison’s Bardonhill You Don’t Fool Me. Best mover in class, with co-ordinated, effortless gait. Beautiful reach of neck, clean lines, immaculate coat. Head lean, with oval skull, dark eye and balanced flews. Just lacked sparkle in the CC challenge. 2 Brown’s Riverbrue Soldier On. Free-moving dog, went round the ring with purpose , good size, dark coat, nothing overdone. Just preferred outline of one. 3 Hemmings’ Orlanset A New Flame.

OD 5 1 Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW ,DCC and RBOB. This dog’s movement round the ring made me catch my breath - so easy and ground-covering with precision and elegance. Thought he would be my BOB but he just lost enthusiasm a bit in the challenge. Beautiful outline when stacked, coat so well prepared and cared for making a striking picture of a mature, well bodied setter. Perfectly balanced head. Worthy of the many CCs I was told afterwards he has won. 2 Russell’s Sh Ch Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli JW .Just not quite the reach and smooth movement of one but liked his type and outline, nothing overdone, balanced without exaggeration. good tail set off his back. A worthy champion. 3 Edwards Sh Ch Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie.

VD 5 1 Danks-Kemish Sh Ch Alofrana Hotter Than U’Know JW ShCEx Went round the ring as if he owned it, to win RCC. Seven years young, graceful, flowing lines, dark coat free from wave, top line not too long but gently sloping to correct tail set and well let down hocks. Narrow skull,

dark eye, presenting a beautiful picture on the stack, Great ring presence. Second in gundog veteran group. 2 Corless’ Swiftlark First Knight VW . Eight-year-old, stronger built than one, pleasing head and moved soundly but preferred overall shape of one. 3 Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli.

SBD/B 2 1 Corless Swiftlark Spellbinder. Postgraduate class winner 2 Markey’s Yokohama Lofty to Evenflow. Very pretty 14-month-old bitch, lovely chiselled head, good balance all through. Lost out on maturity as still to body up. Enjoying her day out. Promising.

MPB 2 Two pups having fun - naughty some of the time but nice all the time! 1 Chorley’s Kerryfair Misty Dawn more mature than two, all over on the move but constructed right so will move right with time. Nice spring of rib and top line, deep colour to coat. 2 Ozog’s Amberlove Alluring Dancer (AI) longer in body than one, a pretty girl full of confidence and mischief!

PB 3 1 Sloane’s Ferasheen Pop the Champers Still a baby at nine months and needs to body up but steadier on the move than two and has a lovely head and straight coat. Elegant puppy, lovely reach of neck. 2 Chorleyand Chorley-Newton’s Kerryfair Misty Rose Stronger. Playing her handler up today but a well-made pup, with rich, dark coat, good shoulders and spring of rib and correct top line. 3 Ozog’s A Alluring Dancer.

JB 6 (1) 1 Nevitt’s Joaddams Stargazer. Liked movement and elegance of this 14-month bitch. Gentle expression, lovely domed skull and dark eye, good length of neck into well laid back shoulders , nice spring of rib and strong hindquarters. 2 Markey’s Y Lofty to Evenflow 3 Leach’s Riverbrue Ophelia Jubbly.


YB 5 (1) 1 Markey’s Y Lofty to Evenflow .2 Leach’s R Ophelia Jubbly. More settled in this class, stronger built than one and needs time but liked her overall construction and everything in the right place. 3 Hardy’s Cafotaliana She’s On Fire

PGB 15 (3) 1 Hall’s Harred’s Lillie. This dog caught my eye in her first run round the ring. She outmoved all in this large class, with her stunning head carriage. lashing tail, reach at front and drive from behind. to win RCC. She’s a nice size of bitch and still only young but so balanced and has a delightful head and expression. Same sire as DCC winner. 2 Corless’ Swiftlark Illustrious well-balanced bitch with muscular neck, deep chest, good tail set and good width of second thigh. Powerful on the move, with plenty of coat, well presented. 3 Williamson’s Bluesprings A Kind of Magic at Keljaru.

LB 17 (4) Quality class. Catling’s Quensha Family Portrait for Teleri Won for her overall soundness and movement, liked her size, shorter coupled than many today. Lovely reach of neck, well balanced head, with dark eyes and kind expression, Nothing exaggerated, a lovely bitch. 2 Sturrock’s Forfarian Tickles Your Fancy Close up to one with fluent, easy gait but preferred length of body and head of one. But this is a beautiful bitch, well handled combining elegance and strength. 3 Cole’s Riverbrue Ophelia Bobby

OB 3 1 Sturrock’s Sh Ch Forfarian Soo Lush JW What a showgirl! Her tail never stopped wagging all the time she was in the ring and her racy, but precise movement won her CC and BOB so she had a lot of running round to do! Such a pretty bitch, and so feminine and demonstrably affectionate! Lean skull, perfectly proportioned muzzle, dark eye, well set ears then a balanced body with gently sloping top line, excellent tail set and well led down hocks. Just the right size and proportions to please my eye. 2 Crocker’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Gloriana Have done her well in the ring in the past but just felt today she was a little bit heavy and lacking enthusiasm on the move. But loved her head, rich dark coat and elegant neck, a sound bitch on the move. 3 Catling’s Sh Ch Teleri Indian Summer (AI) JW.

VB 2 1m Holehan’s Loganrish Jacquart. Nine-year-old who went round like a youngster and is a credit to her owner. Lovely shape, good reach of neck, excellent hindquarters. gleaming coat. Getting some white hairs on her face which only adds to her appeal! 2 Jones’ Alofrana In A Hot Storm Over Wenflaen. Preferred head and overall shape of one but this was a happy seven-year old in good fettle, enjoying her day out.