• Show Date: 24/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Flo Barker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Pointer



June 24, 2023

Thank you to my very capable steward and to all exhibitors for making this such an enjoyable day.


The breed has changed since I last judged before COVID. The predominant colour now appears to be orange and while I know colour is only a part of the picture that makes a pointer, I feel we are in danger of losing beautiful liver and lemon colours and the deep, rich orange shade that add such beauty to the breed.

Today, I found a number of dogs that seemed heavy, particularly in the shoulders and lacking the elegance and strength so characteristic of the breed. Quite a few carried their tails high, spoiling the outline on the move. However, teeth and temperament seemed good in all exhibits and I was spoilt for choice in the upper bitch classes in particular. Congratulations to the owner and handler of my best of breed for winning fourth place in the well-filled gundog group.


Minor puppy dog 7

Movement difficult to assess in this class as it was quite breezy and understandably, some of these young pups were unsettled and excited on their day out.   

1 Gerrard & Bell’s Carmandine Oh C’mon Then: o/w, 7 months, well balanced for his age, moved steadily enjoying himself. Pleasing head and expression, lovely reach of neck, well-set shoulders, strong hindquarters. Very promising. 

2 Gordson’s Hawkfield Witch Doctor: blanket-marked liver/w 7 months, smaller and more compact than 1 and not as mature but liked his overall shape. Good spring of rib, well balanced head. Striking pup. 

3 Heaton’s Freebreeze On Location at Brackenstyle

Puppy dog 5 (1a)

1 Whithams’ Sedgekirk Ever Been Had: BPD Upstanding o/w 9 months Beautiful head and type and he moved steadily with drive, good tail action and head held high. Still to grow into himself but lots to like. Just preferred bitch’s overall construction in BP challenge.

2 Matthews and Adam’s Carofel Wings of Hope: Just preferred head of 1 but this 11 month o/w is very well constructed and mature for age. Moved with good ground-covering action ,well handled.

3 Adderley’s Freebreeze Fellini

Junior dog 5 (1a)

1 Blake’s Vadkartya’s Snipe: b/w, just 12 months b/w, immature but liked his elegance and he moved well. Appealing well-chiselled head, pleasing reach of neck, good shoulders. Will be 

interested to see how he grows up. 

2 Webb’s Ten Shilling Jimmy Mack: preferred length of 1 but this 16-month o/w moved out with easy stride driving from well-made hindquarters and is balanced all through,. 

3 Mennen & Sweeney’s Joneva Just Imagine

Yearling dog 8 (1a)


1 Morrison’s Raigmore Greatest Day: b/w who moved with style and good reach. Balanced head with kindly expression, good top line and size, well sprung ribs and neat tail. 

2 Stilgoes’ Glenariff Mojito over Teisgol : Smart b/w, slightly longer than one but similar shape and clean lines, correct hindquarters with well let down hocks and sweep of stifle.

3 Trueman’s Bradleypoint Floki

Graduate dog 6 (1a)

1 Collins’ Collholme Balthasar: Mature o/w, flowed round the ring with easy stride. Beautiful head, with skull and muzzle perfectly balanced, soft expression. Good bone, shown in lovely condition.

2 Baker’s Mattiboo Bohemian Rhapsody: lemon/w, moved concisely round ring, rangier than 1 and still to grow up, liked his length of neck and shoulders. 

3 Bush’s Piasharn Garrick

Postgraduate dog 3

1 Mennen & Sweeney’s Lundgarth Wild Yarrow: Nothing exaggerated about this b/w boy, a sound honest pointer, with handsome head, pleasing top line and outline. Moved with style to take the class. 

2 Walkling & Siddles’ Wilchrimane Kinsphere with Kiswahili: o/w shorter coupled than 1 and front construction not as good, neat tail which he used on the move, firm topline, muscular neck. 

3 O’Driscoll’s Fowington Hurricane Fly 

Limit dog 7(2a)

Interesting class with different types

1 Westaway’s Teisgol Keep On Going via Penwest : DCC lemon/w who could not be faulted against the breed standard, moved strongly with reach and drive from strong hindquarters, gentle expression and kind eyes. Still young, just under two years, and should have a bright future . Just preferred bitch’s sparkle in best of breed challenge

2 Charlish & Brigden’s Braithwaite Love in the Air: liver/w disappointed this dog wasn’t available to challenge for RCC. Old fashioned type with gorgeous head and expression, powered round the ring, using his neat bee sting tail combining elegance and strength.

3 O’Neill’s Ten Shilling Biscuits 

Open dog 6 (1w/d)

1 Philo’s Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist: RCC perfectly balanced and elegant o/w who covered the ground with ease and enthusiasm. Beautiful head and flowing lines with strong topline and deep chest, good tuck up and well-angulated hindquarters. 

2 Henshaw & Goodchild’s Sharnphilly Vice Versa with Peteshe: preferred movement of 1 but love this b/w dog on the stack. He is moderate size with enough spring of rib, sloping pasterns, attractive head and well muscled.

3 Jamieson, Macara & Blackburn-Bennett’s Kanix Peri Peri with Glenfinnan

Veteran dog 4 (2a)

1 O’Neill’s Sh Ch Tenshilling Home Alone: o/w 8 years typical of this kennel, good head and kind expression ,strong top line, moved like a youngster, in great condition. 

2 Critchley, London & Heaton’s Shadybrook J Hoover at Whipspan (imp USA): Liked the head and elegance of this 8-year-old who is also in excellent condition and a credit to his owner.


Minor puppy bitch 2(1)

1 Nellis’ Freebreeze Special Effects BPB & BP: Loved this o/w eight month pup’s type and style - clean outline, series of graceful curves, moved well enough for her age. Sweet expression and pretty head, and she should grow into an elegant bitch. 

Junior bitch 7(2)

1 Eames’ Vadkartya’s Lapwing: b/w 12 months lovely shape and mature for age. Best mover in class when settled. Neat ears, soft lip and balanced head. Won over her brother for BJ.

2 Dolmans’ Grangerayana Golden Wonder: o/w 17 months moved well when settled, liked her typey head, reach of neck, deep chest, good spring of rib and neat tail.

3 Blake’s Vadkartya’s Pipit

Yearling bitch 5

1 Eames V Lapwing

2 ) O’Neill’s Tenshilling to Sir with Love o/w with clean, flowing outline, neat feet and pasterns and handled well. Just preferred front of 1.

3 Oddie’s Sharnphilly Sugarplum

Graduate bitch 10 (1)

Disappointing number of high tails here; some bitches that looked good stacked disappointed on the move.

1 Booth’s Lundgarth Everest: o/w strode out well, used her tail and looked a picture going round the ring. Stacked, she is a series of gentle curves.

2 Collins’ Collholme Angelique: o/w similar in shape and outline to 1, just a bit longer and taller. Correct topline which she held on the move but just preferred hindquarters of 1.

3 Rayner, Spinks & Pringle’s Spinray Songbird.

Postgraduate bitch 4 (1)

Three good bitches

1 Booth’s Sharnphilly Ginger Fizz at Lundgarth loved this o/w bitch with her dark pigment and markings. Good tuck up and shapely hindquarters. , Pretty head, with well-defined stop, lighter boned than many here today and athletic. On another day, could get top honours.

2 Wilkinson’s Stocksfell Shockwave b/w reminds me of bitches from the past. Attractive, refined head , well placed shoulders, deep chested and well let down hocks.

3 Udale’s Dowbiggins Goldie 

Limit bitch

Excellent class - needed more cards here.

1 Radcliffe’s Sniperay Edge of Glory : BCC BOB and G4 in strong gundog group. o/w bitch who caught my eye as soon as she came into the ring and did not disappoint on the move. At one with her handler, she didn’t put a paw wrong and moved round the ring like a champion which I am sure she will be one day. Moderate size, so balanced all through, a series of graceful curves, nothing exaggerated. Soft eye and melting expression. Beautiful bitch.

2 Blowers’ Fowington Lar Ti Dar at Deadaway: o/w just preferred head of 1 but this is a quality bitch and she moved out with effortless, fluid stride, scenting the air and using her tail. Similar shape to 1 with plenty of heart room and strong hindquarters.

3 Dunn’s Caithpoint Kora at Meadowpoint

Open bitch 7(1)

Good class of top rate bitches

1 Gerrard & Bell Sh Ch Chesterhope C’Mon over to Carmandine (Imp NZL): RCC o/w loved this bitch’s elegance combined with strength and not too large, balanced all through. Enjoying her run round the ring, keeping her handler on her toes! Worthy champion but had to give way to the younger bitch today for top honours.

2 Tibbs’ Raigmore Worth the Wait: o/w love this bitch’s type and elegance but not quite the condition of one. Delightful head and expression, compact and well-muscled. Her day will come.

3 Perkins’ Sh Ch Brent Cheap Thrills

Veteran bitch 3

Three lovely ladies

1 Sh Ch Droveborough’s Miss Marple: BV liver / white, a favourite of mine who seems to improve the older she gets and went round the ring like a youngster although nearly eight years. Close up for RCC but just not quite the construction and sparkle of the younger bitches. A worthy show champion.

2 Nelis’ Freebreeze Easy Virtue: b/w 7 year old, another easy moving bitch. Liked her type, and body shape and in great condition, unlucky to meet 1.

3 Mason’s Freebreeze Curtain Call