• Show Date: 16/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fiona Swan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/09/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Poodle (Standard)

Darlington Dog Show Society



Thank you to the committee for the honour to judge at this show, it’s always been one of my favourites! Thanks to my fabulous stewards Victoria & Alex for your help in keeping the ring flowing, & of course to all the exhibitors for bringing your beautiful dogs under me. I’m so happy to see such quality in this size & I was splitting hairs in several classes. Bites were all correct although quite a few had dirty teeth! Please work on this before they become worse.

VD (1)

1 Brekkerud & Mcblain’s Ch Kossab Santa Cruz. I believe the last time I judged this 8yr bl upstanding d was about 5 years ago & its lovely to see he still has that naughty glint in his eye & he has his CH title! He has a masculine head with plenty of chin. His strong neck leads onto correctly laid shoulders. His body is short & compact, albeit a little wide for me. He stands on great feet & moves out well with his young handler. BVD

PD (5,2)

1 Eburne’s Highla Not Just a Dreamer for Shirgasei. This upstanding bl d stood away in this class. He has a lovely masculine head with chiselling & a dark eye. His strong neck leads to his compact body with correct angulation fore & aft. He stands on tight feet & drives out on the move. Beautifully presented & handled. BPD

2 Aylmer’s Back to the Fushia. A pleasing ap d with a masculine head & dark eye. His outline is square with a good body & tail set. He has good drive & just needs to tighten up a little in front which I’m sure will come with age.

3 Burton’s Highla Dream Machine. I just had to mention that this livewire gave his handler such a hard time in the ring today. I see he is litter brother to 1 & I hope once he gets the silliness out his head, keeps four feet on the ground & with a tighter trim to show off his attributes, he will do as well as his brother. Good luck!

JD (2)

1 Wells’ Volgarus Alpine Getaway. This w d is typical throughout. He has a lovely headpiece with ample chin & chiselling, his dark almond eye gives that wicked expression. He is a smaller d that is short & compact with correct angulation, which keeps him balanced on the move. He has a great tail set & tight feet. His coat is dense with crisp texture which was beautifully tailored.

2 Moore’s & Speakman’s Ataraksia Blue Lagoon for Sachemic. I really liked this bl d too. He is upstanding & eye catching. I loved his head of correct proportions, long thick leathers & strong neck. He is well made throughout & was beautifully presented. I just preferred the movement of 1 today.

PGD (3,1)

1 Kendall’s Magin The Great Escape. I really loved this bl d who stood away for type. He has a beautiful masculine head with chiselling & plenty of chin. His eyes are dark and full of fire. His strong arched neck leads to laid back shoulders & a super compact body with good spring of rib & depth of chest. He is correctly angled fore & aft which enabled him to move out effortlessly on the move holding his proud carriage. He has a great tail & stands on tight feet. He is exciting and I’m sure he will have a promising future. RDCC

2 Gleave’s Ryneco Solo Secret. A 4yr old w d that is finer boned to 1, he has a pleasing head & expression with a dark eye. He has a strong neck & a good short body. His coat is dense with crisp texture. He has good angulations which on profile shows reach & drive but unfortunately, he was giving his handler a hard time today wanting to take his own lead which threw his movement coming & going.

LD (5,1)

1 Coates’ Jaspalie Ghost. This w 4yr old d stood out in this class. He has a masculine head of correct proportions with a dark eye & wicked expression. He has a great body with depth of chest, great shelf which his tail sits correctly on. He has a straight front with good bone & great feet. His hind angulation enabled him to move with drive & he holds his proud carriage. Beautifully presented.

2 Irving & Fountain’s Kertellas What's My Line at Poppymaque. I really liked this bl d too. He has a lovely head & eye, long thick leathers & he is balanced throughout with a good tail. He just tended to dip his head on the move today which spoiled his carriage.

3 Gleave’s Ryneco Solo Secret

OD (5,2)

1 O'Higgins & Knudtzen’s Ch NU Ch Smart Connection Sign of Catwalk (Imp Rus). What’s not to like? This impressive bl d stood out today. Stacked he presents the most typical of outlines. He has a beautiful masculine headpiece with plenty of chiselling in his foreface without being coarse or overdone. He has a dark almond eye which is full of fire. His leathers are long & thick. His strongly arched neck leads to the best of shoulders, his body is compact with depth of chest & correct ribs. He has well angulated fore & hindquarters & stands on excellent feet. He moves out effortlessly holding his proud carriage as he owns the ring. His presentation was flawless & he was beautifully handled. Delighted to award Him the DCC & BOS.

2 Crawford’s Exalon Apache Moon at Tussars ShCEx. This w d looks lovely stacked. His head is masculine with great pigment. I would prefer his back skull to be more refined & have a little more chin. He has a dark wicked eye & wide leathers. He is square with a strong muscular body. He is nicely angulated & moves out well on the move. His dense coat is beautifully tailored.

3 Davies’ Exalon Moon River. I like this dog a lot, but he tended to throw his movement today whilst having fun.

VB (2 ,1)

1 Wells’ Ch Volgarus Maxi Million. Pretty bl b who is in her prime at 8yr old. She has a lovely head with dark eye & sweet expression. Her neck is long & arches down to her super body. She is balanced throughout & stands on excellent feet. She has a typical outline and proud carriage which she holds as she moves out effortlessly around the ring. Her coat is beautifully tailored & she suits this trim. BVB & BVIB

PB (4,1)

1 Moore’s & Speakman’s Sachemic Mischief Managed. A beautiful bl with a pretty outline when stacked. She has a feminine head with super chin & the sweetest expression, yet her dark almond eye shows she has that typical mischievous streak. She has a good reach of neck into correct shoulder placement. Her body has depth of chest & is well ribbed. Her tail is set on high. Her hindquarters are correctly angled & she moved gracefully around the ring when she settled. Her profuse coat was beautifully tailored showing off her attributes. I shall watch her future with interest. BPB, PBIB

2 Preston’s Duanalbanach Mellow Yellow to Brooksbeauty. Another pretty girl. Much of the same attributes to 1. I just preferred the tail & front of 1 today.

3 McGouran’s Louise Little Thom

JB (4,2)

1 Patterson Rogerson & Kendall’s Magin Here to Eternity for Kamarri. This bl 13mth old girl looked lovely stacked & she holds her shape & proud carriage on the move. She has the prettiest of heads, beautifully chiselled with lovely expression. She has a dark almond eye & long leathers. She is short backed with ribs well sprung. She is well balanced throughout with perfect front assembly allowing for reach & her correct hind angles enable a positive driving action on the move. I loved her happy tail, set on high. She was lovely to go over & unlucky to meet the limit winner today. I’m sure she has a promising future. RBCC.

2 Wasowska’s Viadua Tamatoa's Treasure. Another pretty b with sweet head & expression. She is well bodied with a good fore chest. She is slightly longer cast to 1 but is balanced and moves out well. Lovely coat & well presented.

PGB (8)

1 Dawson’s Achara Girl on Fire JW. This beautiful w b was my BPIB the last time I gave CCs in this size & its lovely to see how she’s matured. She is a smaller type & so short in back & square in outline. Such a pretty head with dark eyes full of fire. She has fabulous dark pigment. Her neck is strong & leads to correct front assembly & the tightest of feet. She has depth of chest. It’s a great shame the end of her tail isn’t straight, but the set is correct. She moves out gracefully around the ring with her muscular hindquarters powering her drive. She has the densest of coats which was beautifully tailored. She stood out in this class.

2 Kendall’s Magin a Work of Art. Another pretty girl with a refined feminine head with good chin. Her eyes are full of fire & she just wanted to have fun. She is well bodied with good depth of chest & straight front. I really liked her, but she had the tendency to throw her movement today during her crazy moments.

3 Brekkerud & McBlain’s Achara Taylor Made to Kossab. I just wish this pretty girl had more confidence. She has lot of the same attributes to 1 & suits her shorter trim.

LB (3)

1 Laws & Lynn’s Magin Elizabeth Taylor JW. This stunning w girl was my star of the day. I just love when a poodle walks into the ring & looks at you with such arrogance and dares you to look away. Her attitude gave me goosebumps. She has an exquisite head with excellent chin & super dark pigment, her almond eye is full of fire & mischief. In profile she has the most typical of outlines & is balanced throughout. Her chest has depth & her ribs are well sprung. She stands on the best of feet. On the move she held her proud carriage & she moved gracefully not putting a foot wrong. Her white crisp coat was trimmed to perfection which made her the full package. I loved her & was delighted to hear it was her 3rd CC today, rightfully gaining her crown. BCC & BOB.

2 Dennison’s Labamba Made to Play. Another pretty girl with a lovely feminine head with good chin & wicked expression. She is well made with correct angulation but being picky I would give her a tighter trim to show off her attributes. Her coat had a fabulous texture. She moved out well holding her topline & carriage.

3 Adgo’s Zahariam Bonny Blossom at Dawnbloom

OB (4)

This class was my headache of the day! Four beautiful girls that should all have crowns! I wish I had four 1st places as I really was nit picking between them all.

1 Young’s Anorien Nenya. She has a lovely head with melting expression. She is really nice to go over. Long reachy neck & well-made throughout. She has fab feet & her tail set is correct. She is sound & balanced on the move, holding her proud carriage. Great coat texture, she was beautifully tailored & handled to advantage.

2 Skinner’s Afterglow Desiree. This beautiful w girl presents a typical outline stacked, with so much to like about her. She has a pretty head & expression with a dark eye showing a cheeky glint. She moved with great reach & drive & stands on tight feet. Her crisp coat was beautifully tailored.

3 Hoblin’s Kertellas Diamonds Darling JW

Fiona Swan