• Show Date: 21/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fiona Clarkson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

My thanks to the society for their invitation, to my cheerful stewards, and to everyone who entered their girls. I felt so honoured with the sheer size (reminiscent of pre-Covid numbers) and depth of quality today, but sad that so many worthy bitches I liked had to leave unrewarded. I try not to fault-judge but with this entry I was afforded the luxury of eliminating those with characteristics I particularly don’t care for, and I was very happy with all placed bitches and my eventual line-up. There were several bitches carrying too much weight, and surprisingly, some who were not very well presented - this affected my decisions.

It cannot be left unsaid that our rings were disappointingly small for the size of our entry and this undoubtedly affected some bitches’ ability to perform with their usual enthusiasm

Minor Puppy (22, 4 abs) What a super class of promising babies! 1. May’s Cherrygold Storytellen. From the moment I spotted this outstanding 6m old puppy she thrilled me and I was almost afraid, having gone over her, to ask her to move in case she disappointed! Her conformation is absolutely spot on in every way, her footfall perfect, I just loved her. She could not be denied this class and eventually in agreement with my co-judge, BEST PUPPY. 2. Zecchin’s Olvinglay Faloria So unlucky to meet the winner, this darker bitch has a stunning, eyecatching outline and is another surely destined for the top. Balanced, with perfect angulation, straight limbs, correct amount of bone, level topline and moved accurately and with style, she pleased my eye enough to win the following class. 3. Strobel’s Terra Di Siena Tokio Blues.

Puppy (28, 10abs) 1. Zecchin’s Olvinglay Faloria. 2. Loverock and Waldron-Smith's Thornywait Starstruck with Lovissa JW. One I have admired greatly from the ringside, similar in virtues to my winner and just splitting hairs to choose between them today, this rising 1 year old is so well constructed and presented, a credit to her owners and breeder. 3. Rains’ Bencoe Lost in Time with Gunhills.

Junior (32,11 abs) Fabulous class. My notes say at least three bitches I loved had to leave unplaced. 1. Harper’s Tullochmohr Shooting Star at Gynerva JW. This glamorous cream b is certainly having a stellar career and one can see why. I judged her recently in Puppy at an Open show and thankfully she is continuing to develop along the right lines and shows no sign of “going off”. So well made and balanced, with nothing to jar the eye, and she moves stylishly to top it off – I shall watch her career with interest.            2. Smith’s Goldmarker Luminess (AI) Rich golden girl who I had not seen for quite some time and I was pleased to see how she has blossomed into a lovely example of the breed. Lovely angulation and balance, with the sweetest of heads and dark pigment, she beat another favourite of mine who was out of coat today 3. List’s Haydengold Gossip Girl JW.

Yearling (27, 10 abs) 1. O’Gorman’s Berrymeade Kinvara JW SGWC. I simply could not take my eyes off this gorgeous darker gold b, so correctly made throughout with everything I look for, shown free with an ever-wagging tail, she did not put a paw wrong, just loved her. 2. Maddison’s Jaymardy Sweet Caroline JW. Super example of the breed and one I have long admired, this cream bitch is now looking great having shed the puppy fat, really pleases the eye with her super construction and balanced outline. 3. Monteverde’s Olvinglay Varenna.

Graduate (21, 6 abs) 1. Wooden’s Catenae Candy Floss at Salako. Super quality light gold b with a beautiful head and expression, correctly made and balanced all through, looked really super on the move, another surely with a great future. 2. Hill and Smith’s Megarvey Clementine JW, a favourite of mine, so unlucky to meet my winner, this quality exhibit was presented to perfection, with the sweet head typical of this kennel, and she moved soundly and accurately. 3. Cruttwell and Carter’s Ashbyglen Enchantee. Completed a lovely trio.

Postgraduate (22, 8 abs) 1. Strobel’s Pearly Irresistible Dust du Bois de La Rayere. What a stunning girl this is, caught my eye very quickly and was given further consideration in the challenge. The combination of excellent construction, full bloom, expert handling and perfect presentation certainly made her irresistible, and her stylish and accurate movement won her this excellent class where I loved all my placings. 2. Bufton and Riley’s Phoslas Polly Polly Flinders. Loved this cream bitch especially for her super overall balance, a sweet head and the best of forehand construction, found nothing at all to dislike, a top quality girl. 3. Foreman’s Ambersun Heart of Gold.

Limit (26, 10 abs) So many of my favourites in this class which gave me a real headache to judge. Several overweight bitches helped me to reduce the choice a little but again all my placed bitches and more besides were worthy of a red card 1. Russell’s Rosinante Morwenna. I absolutely loved this bitch and everything about her. Had she been in better coat she would have been a contender for going further. So well made and quietly handled, nothing flashy or overdone, just sound and honest with the loveliest of heads enhanced by great pigment, possesses desirable features in abundance and moved to perfection. 2. Falconer’s Contemporary Beguile Again via Siatham JW Beautifully made gold bitch in full bloom and presented in super condition, she has great ring presence. Shown to advantage on a loose lead with a wagging tail, her correct construction is easy to see, she has all my “must haves” and is definitely out of the top drawer. 3. Robbins’ and Rowark’s Brekswood Lady Eleanor.

Open (21,6 abs) 1. Monteverde’s Olvinglay Hallelujah. How can I describe in words this wonderful bitch? I simply could not take my eyes off her, she is perfection. Glamorous and elegant, mature cream bitch in top condition, she has fabulous angulation without being overdone, she is just so balanced, and this enabled her to move with style, reach and and drive despite the limitations of our ring size. I had great pleasure in awarding her the CC today in the best of company, congratulations! 2. Zubair’s Sh Ch Thornywait I Spy (AI) This truly lovely bitch is one of my all-time favourites, I am so glad I got the opportunity to judge her and she did not disappoint hands on, she really is as fabulous as she appears. I didn’t expect to find anyone to beat her today, she was simply unlucky to meet my winner on a day when she was, I think, hampered by the small size of the ring. However, I had no hesitation in awarding her the RCC in strong competition. 3. Vermander’s Amilone Legend of the Stone.

Veteran (8, 2 abs) 1. O’Gorman’s Ch, Pl Ch Rathcloon Hunter in Pink for Berrymeade. This sweetheart has eyes only for her owner, and her tail never stops wagging. Well made all through, she is in great condition for her age and she moved soundly. 2. Ewart’s Beaupippin Dusky Lilac JW. I have always admired this bitch’s wonderful movement, she is correctly constructed too but was not in her best outfit today. I particularly noted her lovely straight and parallel forelegs with strong pasterns, wish there were more like that. 3. Sondervan’s Zampanzar Zsa Zsa Zsu I was so disappointed that this lovely bitch was not entirely sound in rear action today, I suspect the long journey didn’t suit her advancing age, but her lovely type, head and construction deserved her placement.

Special Beginners (9, 3 abs) 1. Layland’s Applecote Love in Disguise Such an appealing outline on this pretty mid gold b, most attractive head set on a reachy neck, she lost out in an earlier class due to lack of coat but thoroughly deserved this win, liked her very much. 2. Bell’s Hoaaloha Ahyoka. Scopier cream bitch with a lovely outline and pleasing construction throughout, nothing to offend the eye, moves well when she gets into her stride. 3. Trafford’s Wynrita Misti Daze at Astleyfold

Fiona Clarkson (Judge)