• Show Date: 07/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Portuguese Podengo

Thank you to the Officers and Committee of the show for inviting me to judge this lovely little hound breed at championship level. I had a super entry of 19. Unfortunately Mrs Judge had been in hospital and was unable to bring the 8 dogs she had entered. But, I still had some quality dogs to judge. Thank you so much to the exhibitors that showed their dogs and the lovely friendly chat we had afterwards.


1. Sampson & Brooks’ Morialta Ferreira. A lovely mature dog and a good example of the breed. Quite the showman with an outgoing temperament. Correct lean head with flat skull. Lovely expressive eyes and well placed large triangular ears. Nose protruding. Good neck. Well laid shoulders and straight, parallel forelegs. Correct length of body with level topline held on the move. Strong, muscled hindquarters, giving sound swift, light footed movement. Wire haired coat with tight fitting skin. BD & BOB.

2. Segui’s Arranbourne Faustino. Almost 8 years old and looking very well for his age. Well proportioned, lean head. Correct large, triangular ears. Nicely bodied for age. Well muscled hindquarters, with moderate angulation. Held his level topline on the move. A little high stepping in front, maybe due to age. In good coat. RBD

3. Foscoe’s Pastel De Bacalhau De Viamonte at Zenabraao.


1. Curtis’ Stormwitch Givenchy. Sociable, outgoing personality. Well balanced outline. Pretty, well proportioned feminine head, with expressive eyes and protruding nose. Tends to stand a bit wide in front, but when concentrating is fine. Nicely bodied, with good topline. Well developed hindquarters, aiding sound, swift movement. Good tail and set. Correct coat. Feet well arched. RBB.

2. Sampson’s Morialta Sesmarias. Quite a different type. Shorter in body and a little nervous on the table, being a ‘lockdown puppy’. Well proportioned, feminine head. Presented in very good condition with a good coat. Strong, muscled hindquarters. Moved very well.


1. Curtis’ Multi. Ch. Stormwitch Carrousel Tulpe WW’18. Heading towards 9 years old and what a star she must have been when she was in her prime! I heard later that she had travelled all around Europe winning loads of awards, her breeder/owner/exhibitor must be so proud of her. She plans to retire her, but she is still looking so well. I considered she was a good example of the breed with correct length to height ratio. She had a nice shaped head with good eye expression and large ears. Presented in lovely condition, with good muscled hindquarters. Nice tail, set high. Brisk gait, but I felt her front movement was a little high stepping, emphasized by her white markings on feet and legs. But at nearly 9, I expect she gets a little stiff. BB.

2. Sampson’s Odisseia De Viamonte at Morialta (Imp Port). Super outgoing personality. A shorter length of body with close fitting skin. Very feminine, well proportioned lean head. Appeared to have not such large ears, but they were large enough. Protruding nose. Very nice straight and parallel forelegs with good shoulder placement. Good hindquarters.

3. Segui’s Stormwitch Heirs and Graces at Arranbourne.

Felicity A. Snook