• Show Date: 09/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Manchester Terrier


1. Williams-Wegmann & Wegmann’s Talanors Typically Trouble for Essvana. Still quite young and needs to mature. Well-proportioned head with flat skull. Correct eyes. Ears OK, set correctly, I hope they will drop more with age. Nice neck. Correct body shape and topline. In excellent body condition and gleaming coat. Correct feet. Moved OK. Will be interested to see him when he has matured.

2. O’Boyle’s Ruffagga I’m the Man. Unfortunately, not at his best today. Quite a nice head, body OK, but could not assess his movement.


1. Davies & Brown’s Wystry Dempsey’s Tipple. Correctly shaped head with well set ears and good eyes. Very good mouth with strength of jaw. Fair length of neck. Well sloped shoulders, with forelegs straight and correct width apart, set on well under dog. Developing fore chest nicely. Well-proportioned body developing well, with correct markings.


1. Goodwin’s X-Pected Dine Mites Doc Holiday at Holtaire (Imp Nor). A very nice type in every way. Super, well-proportioned head with correct eyes and ear set. Nice, crested neck, flowing into good shoulders. Straight forelegs, set on well under dog. Correct depth of chest with nice fore chest. Short backed with well sprung ribs, arched over loin and cut up behind ribs. Well-marked. Lovely shiny coat, in super condition, handled well.

2. Davies & Brown’s Wystry Dempsey’s Tipple. See Above.


A super class of top-quality mature dogs.

1. O’Neil’s Megellan Artemis Argentis. Very smart, handsome, balanced, mature dog showing a super outline, with a lovely shiny coat to finish the picture. Super balanced head, level and wedge-shaped. Flat and narrow skull. Dark, sparkling eyes, giving keen expression. Small, V shaped ears, set on well. Fairly long, clean, crested neck into well laid shoulders. Short body with well sprung ribs and arched over loin. Strong, well muscled hindquarters with well bent stifles. Presented a lovely outline and was alert and on his toes. Moved well, with reach and drive. BEST DOG.

2. Knight’s Ch Talanors Typically Elite. A very worthy champion and a delight to go over. Presents a lovely picture stood and moved true for this breed. Super wedge-shaped head with flat skull. Dark almond shaped eyes and correct ear set. Excellent mouth. Nice, crested neck into well laid shoulders. Good body shape, with a slight arch over the loin and cut up behind the ribs. Strong, muscled hindquarters, with well bent stifles. Moved very well. Expertly handled and presented, with gleaming coat and rich tans. RESERVE BEST DOG.

3. Spain’s Ch Talanors Diamond Tornado.

4. Plant’s Plantocracy Bold Bruce JW.


1. Hebb’s Paucelin Falster JW. Looking very good for a 9-year-old dog, presented in hard condition, shiny coat and paling tan markings. Excellent mouth and teeth, so still capable of doing his job. Correct head shape and eyes with well set ears. Good neck and well-balanced body, of correct shape. Good tail set. BEST VETERAN.


1. Plant’s Spring Wren at Plantocracy. A promising puppy, providing a nice well-balanced outline. Correctly proportioned wedge-shaped head. Ears appear a little large at present, but I expect she will grow to them. Nice neck, flowing into good shoulders. Good body for age, with nice hindquarters and tail set. Semi- hare feet. Gleaming coat. Moved well. BEST PUPPY.


1. O’Neil’s Magicus Silvestris Sweet Bonnie at Megellan (Imp Nor). A very nice-looking bitch, with a lovely, elegant outline. Attractive, wedge shaped head, scissor bite, dark almond eye and super ears. Strong, arched neck, flowing into good shoulders. Straight forelegs, set on well under her. Well bodied with spring of rib, slightly arched over the loin and cut up behind the ribs. Strong hindquarters with well bent stifles. Moved well. Gleaming coat. Tail appeared set on correctly, but I wish she wouldn’t carry it so high, as it spoils the outline on the move. RESERVE BEST BITCH.

2. Spain’s Nespoli You Are My Sunshine. A smaller version, who appeared a bit nervous on the day. Not having the outgoing personality, tends to spoil the whole outline and movement. Correct head with good ears. Nice length of neck. Good markings with dark tan. Moved OK.


1. Knight’s Ch Talanors Typically Special. What a lovely bitch, with everything flowing into each other. A very worthly champion, who I was delighted to judge. Feminine and elegant, but with plenty of substance. Well-proportioned, wedge-shaped head, flat skull, sparking, almond shaped eyes and super ears. Lovely arched neck, flowing into well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest. Straight forelegs, set on well under her. Presented in excellent hard condition and glossy coat. A natural showman and her movement says it all. As per the breed standard – straight, free and balanced with good-reaching forequarters and driving power in hindquarters. I was delighted to award her BEST BITCH & BEST OF BREED.

2. Westwood’s Eaglespur Guilder Rose. A very nice bitch. Super well-proportioned head, with good eyes and lovely ears. Well bodied, strong, muscular hindquarters with well bent stifles. Moved well. Just outshone by the winner today.

Felicity A Snook