• Show Date: 09/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Parson Russell Terrier


1. Bigland’s Heythrop Tamar. Nice wedge shaped head, with flat skull. Almond shaped eyes and good ear set. Correct length of neck, widening into well laid shoulders. Strong, straight forelegs, elbows close to body and moderate width between forelegs. Spannable, with good pelt. Lovely flowing lines, in good overall condition and shape. Nice hindquarters. Moved well, but not that animated. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST DOG.

2. Rimmer’s Plunkett Woody at Kylini. A good type, but not showing himself off to advantage. Lovely head, with flat skull and well-set ears. Straight front, but wider between forelegs than the above. Lovely free-striding, ground covering movement. Presents a good outline, with correct tail set and carriage. Good coat and pelt. Hope he matures on.


1. Bigland’s Heythrop Toptag. I fell in love with this chap and will watch his progress with interest. In super condition, with the desired wedge-shaped head. Good ear carriage, dark eyes and keen expression. Straight narrow front, spans comfortably, good hindquarters, with well set tail. Moved very well, covering the ground. My notes say – Just lovely! BEST DOG & BEST OF BREED.

2. Aspell & Dixon’s Scapegrace Echo. Not similar to the above. Head OK and moved OK.


1. Woods & Boorman’s Fox Fur Newark. More the hunt terrier type, with shorter legs. Would prefer him a little more masculine. Head OK. Presented in hard condition and a good rough coat. Spanned well. Moved OK.


1. Bigland’s Heythrop Tivy. A shame she did not show well, as she has a super outline and there is a lot to like about her. I hope she will improve with maturity. She has a lovely feminine head, good ears, keen dark eyes and correct bite. She is spannable with a good pelt. Nice front and tail set. Moved well, holding her topline.

2. Woods & Boorman’s Vixenview Gypsey. Quite nice bitch, with plenty to like about her. Good pelt and moved well.


1. Bigland’s Heythrop Taranna. Another lovely Parson Russell Terrier from this kennel. Bold and friendly temperament. Very feminine wedge-shaped head, strong muzzle and flat skull. Good eyes and ear carriage. Good length of neck, flowing into long, sloping shoulders. Straight, narrow front legs. Moderate depth of chest and spannable. Muscled hindquarters, with good angulation and bend of stifle. Super double coat and loose pelt. Moved well. BEST BITCH.

2. Woods & Boorman’s Vixenview Talia Shire. Another with a good wedge-shaped head. Correct size, coat and pelt. Won her place on movement.

3. Chaffe’s Mollilli Simply Zelda.


1. Rimmer’s Ir Ch Kylini Mona Lisa JW Vww22. 9 years old and must have been a ‘cracker’ when she was young. Super type and still a showman, making life easy for her owner/handler. Catches your eye with her total focus and commitment, free standing. Feminine head with good ear set. She had one tooth missing but had a really lovely bite. Correct length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders and lovely straight front legs. Well bodied, good spring of rib, with excellent jacket. Good bone and feet. Strong hindquarters, with good angulation. Moved very well for her age. RESERVE BEST BITCH & BEST VETERAN.

Felicity A. Snook