• Show Date: 09/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Cesky Terrier


1. Halling & Atter’s Ridley Atticus. Nice overall type with all the breed essential requirements. Longish head, slightly arched skull, expressive eyes and well-set triangular ears. Good mouth with large teeth. Good neck, straight front legs, good shoulders, medium length back, rising slightly to well-arched loin. Well muscled hindquarters with good tail set. Moved well when settled. Coat needs attention. RESERVE BEST DOG.


1. Tobijanski’s Janski O’Rolox. My notes say – a beautiful specimen in every way. Presented and handled to perfection, which is expected from this kennel! An absolute delight to go over, presenting a lovely outline. Masculine head of correct length and proportion, slightly arched skull with expressive eyes and triangular ears, set well. Slightly arched neck, flowing into well laid shoulders. Straight, firm fore legs. Correct topline which characteristically rises to a well-arched loin. Cylindrical body with ribs well sprung. Strong, well-muscled hindquarters. Super propulsive movement, with plenty of drive. In beautiful coat. BEST DOG.

2. Ellison’s Placido Proper Player. Not the same quality of presentation as the above and did not present the same outline either with very little rise over the loin. Balanced head with correct skull. Good mouth. Eyes and ears OK. Has all the main breed features, but perhaps could be a little longer in body to improve the overall outline. Coat in good order. Moved OK.


1. Tobilanski’s Janski Yamizzabi Witch. Another outstanding puppy. Not so outgoing as some, but still quite young, with time to mature. Very feminine but had enough bone and substance. Correct shaped and proportioned head, good teeth, with expressive eyes and lovely ears. Just enough neck. Well laid shoulders and straight fore legs. Lovely topline with slight rise to well arched loin. Cylindrical body with ribs well sprung. Strong hindquarters, good tail set and carriage. Very well presented in excellent coat. Super propulsive movement, with drive. Would not want her any shorter in back or head. BEST PUPPY.


1. Tobilanski’s Janski Storm Padfoot. Litter sister to the Junior Dog winner. Another that scored for type. Well-proportioned head, with slightly arched skull. Good expression, super ear shape and set on. Neck in proportion, with nice front. Cylindrical body with slight rise to slightly well-arched loin. Muscled hindquarters. set on good. Presented in correct coat. Exceptionally good mover. Again, appeared a little short in head and body. But very lovely. RESERVE BEST BITCH.


1. Ellison’s Palcido Oriana. Nice overall shape. Pleasing feminine head, with a kind dark eye and well-placed ears. Good length of neck and straight fore legs. Cylindrical body shape, of correct length. Nice topline rising slightly to well-arched loin. Strong muscular hindquarters. Moved well. Tail set and carriage detracts from the overall picture.

2. Halling’s Wherrypoint Gloria. Well-proportioned head with kind expression. Carrying too much weight, losing the cylindrical body shape. Topline was OK with slight rise to well-arched loin. Presented a nicely balanced outline. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved OK.

3. Dukes & Rodgers’ Runiks Akreepa of Dragons.


1. Dukes & Rodgers’ Placido Musical Miracles at Runiks. A really lovely bitch, not ‘ flashy’, but a good honest sort. Super proportions and outline. Feminine long head of strength, with dark expressive eyes and well-set ears. Elegant neck, flowing into well laid shoulders. Straight front legs. Super cylindrical body with correct slight rise to well-arched loin. Strong, muscled hindquarters, with good tail set, carried well. Moved like a dream, with typical Cesky propulsion. Brisk and vigorous with plenty of drive. Excellent coat, presented and handled well. I had judged her earlier in the year and gave her the Terrier group and I was pleased to hear later she is now a well-deserved champion. BEST BITCH & BEST OF BREED.

Felicity A. Snook