• Show Date: 24/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Evelyn Burnside Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/12/2023

Otterhound Club

Breed: Otterhound

The Otterhound Club 45th Anniversary Show 2023

Stakes Classes

I would like to thank the Otterhound Club for inviting me to judge the stakes class for this very special breed. It was a privilege and a pleasure to be able to go over so many lovely hounds and I would like to thank all exhibitors who entered under me, I was truly spoilt for choice and impressed with the quality of the hounds shown on the day.

Special Yearling Stakes Dog or Bitch

1.Porter’s Ottaryx Vintage** ~ 7 months old, lovely hound expression and eyes long leathers, good furnishings, nice length of neck, with good shoulder, bone and round feet., nice length of body, lovely to watch on the move, well balanced for age, a lot to like about this puppy.

2.Porter’s Ottaryx Vandal** ~ 7months old, litter brother to first place, darker in colour with more coat, good head and expression, long leathers, good front and deep chest, good feet, another lovely puppy.

Special Open Stakes Dog or Bitch

1.Finch’s Conestoga and Crossroads English Dream at Otterslade (Imp USA) ~ 2.5 years old, a beautiful upstanding bitch, lovely head with good furnishings and long well set leathers, long neck well set on shoulders with a straight topline. Good chest with good front and rear angulation, well balanced standing and excelled on the move.  

2. Nelson’s Olphae Druid* ~ 2.5 year old male, good head and ear length, good front and shoulder, deep chest, nice angulation font and rear.

3. Scott and Lerego’s Tecklegarth Zsa Zsa, 5 year old bitch, Good furnishings and head, good coat, good chest and nice depth of chest.

Special members’ John Bell-Irving Memorial Stakes Dog or Bitch

1.Lewis’s Ch Olphae Charman** 5.5 year old male, good head and lovely hound expression, long leathers, deep strong chest, good angulation front and rear, looked well on the stack and on the move, well balanced and a lovely example of the breed.

2.Finch’s Conestoga and Crossroads English Dream at Otterslade (Imp USA), winner of the Special Open Stakes, hard to decide between 1 and 2, both lovely examples of the breed.

3.Ironquest’s First In All Things At Ottaryx (Imp USA) 3.5 year old bitch, shown in excellent condition after raising her litter, good head, hound expression and long leathers, good front and rear angulation, good deep chest, topline and excellent on the move, very sound.

I would also like to mention 3rd and reserve were awarded to veteran bitches, both 8 years old in excellent condition, lovely to see them both looking so well.

Evelyn Burnside (Houndseeker)