• Show Date: 08/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Evan Ryan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Dog - East of England 2023 

Thank you to Hazel & Bob for stewarding and to the exhibitors for entering, I thought the ring was a good size for the breed and I very much enjoyed going over your lovely dogs. 

Pyrenean Mountain Dog - Puppy Dog

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST) Kalkasi King of Hearts (Mr I & Mrs Y Baverstock), a very promising young puppy just approaching 8 months, correct head and eye, enough strength without being coarse, and a good expression. Good to go over, all of a piece even at this tender age & on the move he is very collected for one so young & carries himself well. Whilst he still has ample time to mature, he presented a good picture. Typical coat & texture, well presented. BPIB.  

Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST) - Madrasleibhe Croaghaunb (Mrs K Thompson) difficult to sort 1st & 2nd as they both had virtues where perhaps the other failed; I thought this dog had a very typical head & was good to go over, standing presented a balanced picture, could perhaps be a touch more accurate on the move, but he carried himself well in profile & used his tail all the time, his coat was a good texture too & he was well presented and handled. 

2ND) Pyrcot Spirit of Hanai (Mrs T & Mrs P J Kennedy) completely different shape to the winner, good head with strength & an intelligent outlook; firm in topline & went with enough accuracy but not quite the profile of the winner I thought, and coat not quite the texture of the winner but it was presented beautifully & he was handled with ease and professionalism. 

Limit Dog

Entries: 4    Absentees: 0

1ST) Vis’kali’s Hazuki del Avantgarde (Imp Swe) (ai) (Mrs D L Shepherd) stood out for me in this class for his balance & shape, liked his head which did have strength, particularly in skull which I admired, enough neck & firm in topline, very powerful on the move which was virtually effortless for him & in profile he carried himself well & used his tail; I thought he was an admirable sort of dog, RBD. 

2ND) Lisjovia Flaming Drambuie for Willmac (Miss S Mcbain), quite a classy dog & he projects a good picture when standing, I did mull over between him and the winner who I felt had a touch more leg and was firmer in topline on the day; won this place over 3 as he had more strength to his head, but he could have used himself more on the move. 

3RD) Shanlimore Marvin (Mr & Mrs M Challinor)

Open Dog

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST) Ch/swiss/ir/multi/int Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror JW ShCM ShCEx Cw19 (Lady S Reilly) imposing dog as his static balance is eyecatching & admirable; liked his head and expression, good strength to skull, good to go over, well muscled & fit, uses himself well on the move & wheeled his tail just enough, fit and impressive. He was, I thought the Best Dog here today; and ended up with BOB too. Put down in first class order and handled in a quiet, easy fashion. 

Special Beginners Dog

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST) Shanlimore Marvin (Mr & Mrs M Challinor), 3rd in Limit, he does present a good picture standing & in profile, very typical & a good silhouette; I would prefer a touch more strength to his skull; could be a touch more accurate up and back but in profile he is admirable and projects himself well. 

Junior Bitch

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST( Kalkasi Star of The Stage (Mr I & Mrs Y Baverstock) lovely young bitch with a lot going for her, excellent head, being both strong and feminine, good to go over & very well made, classy & in good coat of correct texture. Uses herself well on the move, BB and I would imagine a Ch in the making. 

Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST) Kalkasi Star of The Stage (Mr I & Mrs Y Baverstock) repeat of Junior.  

Evan L Ryan