• Show Date: 26/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Evan Ryan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/08/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Many thanks to the Driffield committee for their kind invitation to judge Cavaliers and Bichons. Thank you to Trevor and John for stewarding for me on the day & keeping me on the right track. I have just a few observations which I made whilst going through the entry.

Toplines and croups are not at all good; many either have toplines roaching altogether or rounding at the croup - some doing both, for me this completely spoils the dog in profile. Colour on Blenheims ranges from all shades of lemon to tan, the standard is quite clear on this point - it should be rich chestnut only. 

Temperaments were, without exception today, excellent; and this is a fundamental part of the breed. I did seem to spend most of the day battling in many ways, to see expressions and bites, treats really should not be waved in dogs faces when they are on the table as it can spoil otherwise beautiful expressions when the dogs eyes are fixated on treats. 

PD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1607 PRICE, Mrs A M Brymarden Busby for Almonroyd, classy Blen dog & the most together in this class in terms of head and carriage on the move. Excellent expression, warm & kind, good forehand with just enough angulation; firm topline & excellent tailset, carried himself well on the move to win this class. Excellent coat & colour; a dog with a good future ahead of him. 

2nd: 1578 GOW, Mrs Lindsay Grace Legolas Aldaha Gold at Lyncraeg NAF, this Blen dog caught my eye when he came in & initially I thought he would be my winner. Admired his head and eye, enough angulation in front, topline a touch unsettled on the move which was where he lost out to the winner; but he is a good type and with maturity & experience should do well. 

3rd: 1625 TAYLOR, miss Sarah Luvtayls Newsflash

JD (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1590 KOSTER-TINDALL, Mrs Lucy Harana Pinball Wizard, B/T dog who caught my eye on the first go around for his carriage & shape; excellent head and eye with room to mature even still, not at all overdone but just right for his age; good shoulder & upperarm, good for ribbing and short in loin, excellent croup & tailset; in this class I thought he was a comfortable winner and in the challenge my eye was drawn to him all the time. A young dog yet, but well deserved the ResCC in this entry & if he continues on in this vein, in the capable hands of his expert breeder, I would imagine he is destined for the upper house. 

2nd: 1618 SPALL, Mr M & CLARK, MR MATTHEW LLAPSTTAM'S SIR PRIZE, another B/T, at the moment a touch more finished in head than the winner which did give me some food for thought; not so advanced in body, well made throughout but he had a difficult task to match the winner on the move on the day. Scored over 3 here on firmness of topline & croup. 

3rd: 1584 INGLIS, Mrs Norma & INGLIS, Mr Gordon Verheyen Reacher at Craigowl

 YD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1587 JACKSON, Miss Sarah Fortunamajor Rubeus, very stylish ruby dog; most typical of his breeding. Masculine head and expression, good forehand & chest, excellent ribbing and topline, carried himself well on the move using his tail well & his fit, muscular condition was very apparent. Another who I would imagine should continue to do well as he matures on. 

2nd: 1619 SPALL, Mr M & CLARK, MR MATTHEW LLAPSTTAM'S ON YOUR MARKS, Blen dog less mature than the winner, good head and eye, but not the masculinity of the winner I thought; enough neck, could have a tad more layback, firm topline and boasts a good croup & tailset, goes with a free, steady action & was beautifully presented in a super Blen jacket. 

3rd: 1624 TAYLOR, miss Sarah Lorankas Secret Charmer

Class 801 SBD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1622 TAYLOR, Ms S Luvtayl Rave About, Blen dog who I have admired before, for his style and carriage. Well balanced head, just needs a little more time to finish & fill. Good shoulders & upperarm, enough chest & short enough in loin. He won this class on his accuracy on the move & the way in which he carried himself. 

2nd: 1592 LEAVER, Mrs Anne Revaelann Nik Nac Paddy Wak, this Blen dog was close up to the winner in many respects in terms of shape and outline; but not quite the expression of the winner however; sound on the move but just not the carriage in profile & didn’t use himself quite so well as Rave About. 

PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1614 SMITH, Mrs S Beaudale Return To Sender, very smart Ruby, who I feel is just coming into his own. Such a moderate dog, beautiful static balance, well set ears & a masculine, but not coarse, head. He is very well made and this is evidenced by the way my hands just flowed over him, with each part fitting seamlessly into the next. On the move he uses himself so well, and is so true up and back & his profile carriage is so correct. Just needs a little more time now to mature up & I would imagine Green Cards will start coming his way. 

2nd: 1615 SPALL, Mr M & CLARK, MR MATTHEW LLAPSTTAM'S HEAVENLY SCENT, another classy Ruby dog, possibly a touch more finished in head and coat than the winner at the moment; he certainly is glamorous. Well made generally, with good forehand angles & good depth to his chest, with muscular, well angled hindquarters. He is sound and free on the move, I just felt he could have put a mite more in going around in profile on the day; but another lovely one.

3rd: 1577 GOW, Mrs Lindsay Grace Lyncraeg Little Pip

Class 803 LD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1627 WALKER, Miss A Stavonga Sky Walker Kayceekay JW, Blen dog & a good winner of this interesting class. A moderate dog & not overdone in any way. Gentle expression from his head, which was well balanced and proportioned. Good forehand, enough chest & firm ribbing. Level topline, with a good croup & tailset. I moved them several times and the more he went, the better he got - particularly in profile. Will have more winning days if he stays on this form. 

2nd: 1589 KOSTER-TINDALL, Mrs Lucy Ryanmil Rococo Harana, Tri dog who was my BPIB the last time I judged the breed & I found little to dislike about him today. He has matured on from a smart puppy to an equally smart adult. Good head and eye, enough neck & chest, firm topline and neat underline. Lost out to the winner for outline on the day, just needs to lose a little weight. I edged him over 3rd here on his more settled action when moving. 

3rd: 1565 BAYLISS, Mrs K A Castlewytch Infatuation

OD (7 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 1633 WHITMAN, Mr John & TARABAD, Mr N Khatibi Bark Obama JW ShCEx VW, B/T dog at the zenith of maturity who presents a super outline when standing and moving, working adoringly with his handler at all times. Excellent head and eye, he boasts such a gentle and inviting expression; super shoulder angulation and return of upper arm; good depth to his chest & excellent ribbing. Short in loin with a beautifully firm topline and an excellent tailset. Moves with ease and accuracy up and back but it is his profile action which for me, is where he clinched this class & ultimately the CC. Head up, tail out - just off his back, wagging gently all the time. I awarded him RBD at a Club Show in 2017, RCC in 2021 & I was pleased to be able to award him the CC today in this entry, his 3rd & BOB, making him a well deserved Champion. He certainly shows the lasting qualities of our special breed. 

2nd: 1579 HAZELTINE, Mrs J P Juzandia The Shaman, Blen dog and one who I have admired previously for his style & carriage. I liked his head and eye, beautiful expression; but the winner had a better shape to his skull. Good to go over and all of a piece, he uses himself well on the move & is both sound and free moving. Excellent colour to his coat. One who will certainly carry a title & I edged him ahead of 3 here today on his colour, shortness of back and firmer profile carriage. 

3rd: 1593 LEVY. & SEDGWICK, Messrs Michael. & Mark foresetcreek im the man at pascavale

PB (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1585 IRELAND, Ms S M Charnell Songbird, very pretty Blen bitch with such a correct head and expression, just right for her age but so feminine. Very well made & beautifully proportioned, with such a well balanced shape and outline. Every time I glanced at her, she was standing in such a neat shape & using herself all the time. Moved in a slightly puppyish manner as is to be expected, but she is sound and stylish. In profile, carried herself well & looked very smart. Excellent coat colour. BPIB over the stylish young dog on her outline & ‘togetherness’ in the final run off. 

2nd: 1631 WATERS, Miss Wendy Sweetbriar Heirs and Graces, close up to the winner & she could give her a run for her money as this is another one who carries herself very well. Pretty head and expression, like the winner she has a good shape to her skull. Good quarters and she is both sound, and accurate when moving. Not in the coat or colour of the winner on the day.

3rd: 1564 BARROWCLOUGH, Mrs L Barrowlain wish upon a star

JB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1581 HAZELTINE, Mrs J P Juzandia Morgelyn, very pretty bitch just transitioning into the Junior stages of her show career. Sired by 2nd in OD & shares many of his attributes. Clean face markings & a beautiful expression. Good to go over; enough neck & firm topline, well set & carried tail and she is very attractive in profile. Can firm a touch in front & with the benefit of added coat and maturity, could easily gain her title. 

2nd: 1566 BENNETT, Mrs E Rishtte I'm Tinisha of Remmya, very smart Ruby bitch with a lot going for her. Pretty expression which still has time to mature on; good shape to her skull with well set ears. Enough neck & depth to chest, firm topline & neat underline; she used herself well on the move, carrying herself correctly and with style. Lovely colour & presentation. 

3rd: 1580 HAZELTINE, Mrs J P Juzandia MayGarland

Class 809 YB (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1617 SPALL, Mr M & CLARK, MR MATTHEW LLAPSTTAM'S EUNICE JW, B/T bitch - a doll! Classic toy spaniel, beautiful expression coming from large, dark eyes. Liked her general size & shape, balanced angulation & well made throughout. Still with ample time to mature on further, another, who I think will gain her title. Excellent presentation and coat colours. 

2nd: 1588 JARAMILLO, Miss Rebecca Conabec Lady Madonna, I thought this Blen bitch may be the winner on first glance; she is perhaps a touch more extreme in head than the winner, but she is pretty. Well made, good quarters & topline, a touch longer in back than the winner but her topline was still firm. Uses herself well on the move with good carriage & is sound. 

3rd: 1597 LIVERTON-OVEY, Miss Hope Kinvaar Sunshine in pocket for Halosey

Class 810 SBB (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1566 BENNETT, Mrs E Rishtte I'm Tinisha of Remmya, see 2nd JB. 

2nd: 1597 LIVERTON-OVEY, Miss Hope Kinvaar Sunshine in pocket for Halosey, this Blen bitch is a live wire & it was so nice to see, typical Cavalier temperament! Ultra pretty & so expressive, good forequarters and enough chest, well ribbed back and short in loin. Not quite the topline or croup of the winner which told against her; but she is true moving & accurate. 

3rd: 1586 JACKSON, Miss Sarah Fortunamajor Whirlwind

PGB (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 1630 WATERS, Miss Wendy Sweetbriar La Dee Da JW, loved this Blen bitch & on looking at her breeding I can see why. She is so classy, super head and expression, excellent shoulders and upperarm, good depth to her chest & perfect topline and tailset. Her carriage when moving is quite remarkable and she really does now just need to come back into coat to go on and do some very useful winning. 

2nd: 1620 TARABAD, Mr N Frondil Dahlia Smith, B/T bitch sired by the BOB winner & she is a very smart youngster. Correct head and eye, good neck and shoulders, firm topline & another with a super tailset and carriage. A touch immature against the winner on the day, but with the added benefit of a few months maturity, she will continue to impress many others. 

3rd: 1570 CALLAGHAN, Miss Louise & TODD, Mr Lee Callyspride Yorkshire Rose

Class 812 LB (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1582 HAZELTINE, Mrs J P Juzandia Lammann, good winner of this competitive class, very pretty Blen bitch, sister to 2nd in OD & aunt of the JB winner; admired her make and shape. So feminine throughout, correct head and eye, even if I would prefer cleaner facial markings, which cost her a green card in the final analysis; good forehand and chest, well ribbed & dead level in topline. Carried herself well here & the more I asked her to move the better she went in the class. A very stylish toy spaniel. 

2nd: 1606 NOLAN, Mrs Jennifer Jernito Winter Hope, another Blen bitch and one I have admired from the ringside for her beautiful outline and shape. Her head is correct for balance and proportions, just needs a little more fill which should come. Constructionally she is very well put together & uses herself well on the move. Close up to the winner who just was a touch more settled in the final run off & I edged her ahead of 3 here who is a glorious bitch but bereft of coat on the day. 

3rd: 1632 WATERS, Miss Wendy Byermoor Curtain Call TAF

Class 813 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1610 RIX, Mr Brian Stavonga Sea Change at Ricksbury JW, good class - I would have been happy to sign a CC for any of the first four, ultimately the winner was this richly marked, well broken Blen bitch who is so correct in all respects. Her head is beautifully put together, skull almost flat between her well set ears & her eyes are like pools! Well made in front, excellent neck & shoulders, firm topline & her tail is almost a continuation of her topline, as it is set & carried so well when she is moving. Goes in an unhurried, assured fashion with reach and drive as her construction says she might, and carries herself well in profile. I see she half sister to my BCC/BOB winner at Leeds 2021 & litter sister to the winner of Limit Dog today. Continued to impress me in the challenge & ended up with the CC. 

2nd: 1605 MORDECAI, Mrs E EC Millhill Adorable, I was pleased to make the acquaintance of this lovely tri-colour bitch again, having previously awarded her the RBCC at Leeds in 2021. Whilst judging is subjective and very much ‘on the day’, I found her very similar today as I found her then; a beautifully classical bitch full of type and quality. Her head and expression are so beautiful & her construction is excellent; she is so well knit and well made. When asked to move, she carries herself with deportment and class & it was a hard decision, but I think she was feeling the heat a touch more than the winner. When called back in for the ResCC, despite there being several rather stylish young ladies; she continued to impress & stepped it up a gear; and well deserved the RCC. 


Evan L Ryan (Judge)