• Show Date: 12/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Evan Ryan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/10/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)
Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) - South Wales Kennel Association 12th October 2023 Many thanks to you all for accepting me as your replacement judge at such short notice, and I send my best wishes to your scheduled judge. I was really impressed with the quality right through this entry. I enjoy judging the breed so much, they are real little characters and full of fun. Junior Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 1 1st) Stadmeyer Jessie’s Jorge (Mrs L Stading), three lovely puppies in this class, the winner, a blue fawn; just over six months and full of style and class. Well rounded skull, clean cheeks & eyes giving him a super expression. Good neck and shoulder, firm topline & tail well set and carried. Very good on the move, brisk and stylish and much to admire. BPD. 2nd) Arkoschi Stepin Out in Style (Mr & Mrs D M Gentle), B/F/W of ten months with lots to admire. Good head and eye, lovely ears which he used all the time and a really nice expression. Nicely made and so good to go over on the table if a mite longer in back than the winner, and he used himself very well on the move; being both sound and accurate. 3rd) Jodeschi Rocket Man (Ms J & Mr D R Ginger & Parkinson) Post Graduate Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 1 1st) Diamonchi Mr Moonstone (Mrs S & Mrs D Hunt & Fothergill), red dog just approaching his second birthday, and another eyecatcher. Very good in head and expression, lovely ears and eyes; full of himself! Good neck and chest, well ribbed & balanced in body propoertions, used himself well on the move, sound up and back and presented a good picture in profile, using his tail well. Lots to like here. 2nd) Copymear Pocket Rocket at Hollichi (Mrs K L Hollister), another red dog a few months older than the winner; liked his head and expression, good ears for both set and carriage, good forequarters, firm topline & boasts a well set and carried tail. Another who was very sound on the move in all directions, I just thought the winner pipped him slightly in profile. 3rd) Amarantos Theo (Mrs L Humphreys) Open Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 2 1st) Jorazan Top Gun Flyer JW (Mrs A Halls), cream dog coming up to his third birthday who was a good winner of this lovely class. So much to admire, excellent head and eye, super ears and good dome to his skull but not exaggerated in any way. Very well made, good shoulders and upperarm, correct chest and well ribbed; firm topline and underline and his tail is good for both set and carriage. Sound and brisk on the move, excellent head and tail carriage. Liked him a lot. BD and BOS. 2nd) Diamonchi Button Moon for Moltobello (Mrs S T J Hunt), close up to the winner and there is a lot to like about this gold dog, soon to celebrate his fifth birthday. Super eye and expression, well made in front & keeps his topline both standing and moving. Holds the eye all the time for his shape and balance, and on the move he comes to life; using himself all the time and really enjoying it. RBD. 3rd) Jorazan Roody Red Sox JW (Mrs A Halls) Junior Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 2 1st) Diamonchi Miss Sparkle (Mrs D Fothergill), precocious little cream sable bitch of just over 9 months; full of herself and nothing I found myself wanting to change at this tender age. Excellent head and eye, super balance and shape both standing and moving. Lovely to go over, so well knit & full of type. Very sound and accurate on the move with excellent footfall. It won’t be long until she is giving her older kennelmate a run for her money. BPB & BPIB. 2nd) Diamonchi Miss Beautiful (Mrs D Fothergill) very interesting to see that this gold bitch is litter sister to the winner of the class. She shares many of her attributes and is another with a beautiful head and eye & full of expression. Like her sister, she too ‘hands on’ was most admirable and holds herself well at all times. On the move perhaps not quite so settled as her sister as yet, but she has a lot to like and is full of promise. 3rd) Stadmeyer Jesslyn (Mrs L Stading) Post Graduate Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 1 1st) Copymear War Paint for Jodeschi (Ms J & Mr D R Ginger & Parkinson), I was quite taken by this lovely 2.5-year-old red bitch. Loved her shape and balance, correct head and eye, really intelligent expression. Much to admire when going over her, good forehand, firm topline and lovely tail for both set and carriage. Very sound and shapely on the move; and carried herself well in profile too. RBB, 2nd) Diamonchi Miss Moondust (Mrs D Fothergill), cream bitch coming up to her second birthday & I thought she was another lovely one. Very good head and eye, super expression, well set ears of correct size & framed her face very well. Another who was very well made & used herself well on the move; no doubt with many more good days to come. 3rd) Hollichi Ren’s Legacy (Mrs K L Hollister) Open Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 1 1st) Ch I'm A Dream Violetta in Love for Diamonchi (Imp Ita) (Mrs D Fothergill), loved this 2.5-year-old saucy little miss in perfect condition. Beautiful head and expression, correct eyes and ears & she captivates you on the table! A really lovely one to go over, excellent forehand and chest, firm topline and neat underline, well set tail and well-muscled hindquarters. On the move she is very precise up and back & really eye catching in profile. I thought she would be hard to beat, and she ended up with BB & BOB. 2nd) Moltobello Miss Myrtle of Hulawawas (Miss W J Smith), almost three years old this tri bitch earned her place in this good class on her accuracy and style when moving. Her head and eye are correct & she has a good expression. Well made quarters & in the peak of condition, well-muscled and fit. Used herself well on the move & carried herself with some style around the ring. 3rd) Copymear Cleopatra at Hollichi (Mrs K L Hollister) Evan L Ryan (Judge)