• Show Date: 26/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elizabeth I. Dawson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Borzoi

Midland Counties Canine Society Ch Show  October 28th 2023

Borzoi Critique Judge: Elizabeth I. Dawson (Stubbylee)

Sincere thanks to the Committee of Midland Counties for their kind invitation to judge Borzois, also thanks to my two stewards, Hilary Norbury and Preston Haffenden who helped to keep the ring running smoothly. I had a numerically super entry and some gorgeous dogs to go over, however there were many with dirty teeth which is a health concern. Coats in the majority were silky, clean and well presented and temperaments good. This breed is a hunting dog and should be fit for original purpose, working over a variety of ground, exhibits with pitter patter movement were therefore penalised. Some lovely dogs lost places due to flat or incorrect feet, without good feet their ability to do their job is brought into question. Some exhibits were narrow without much lung/heart room, not acceptable in a running hound. In my opinion, our breed is not in a good place at the moment and I feel we are in danger of moving away from the breed standard, losing the correct construction and movement that our blueprint calls for. Handling needs improving to show your dog to the best advantage, be aware of where the judge is at all times.

I was just a little sad that the ring allocated was not really large enough for our breed to really get into their stride and show what they can do and some of the larger classes had to be split for the initial ‘go around’. Hopefully this can be addressed for the future; I did mention this to the Show Manager at the end of judging.

1198. Borzoi - Minor Puppy Dog

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    3960 - Go Go Bolshoi Casino Royal (Imp Hun) (Mr P & Mrs C Raczka) A very handsome white youngster with red markings. Attractive head, with the desired veining and of correct proportions, a good neck set on decent sloping shoulders with a nice return of upper arm giving adequate reach of forelegs, he has plenty of bone with some knees left to give him a touch more height to come. His depth of chest was very good for his age and he has a nice gently rising topline and plenty of length of loin. The fallaway was not too steep and his tail correctly set and carried in a lovely low sickle shape on the move. Feet both fore and aft were correctly shaped and well knuckled and he moved straight and steady, covering the ground well. Overall a nice puppy and showing much promise for the future. BPD

1199. Borzoi - Puppy Dog

Entries: 2    Absentees: 1

1ST    3976 - Mischran Tokala at Dagosho (Mrs S Wright) White with grey markings, quite tall and very much at the naughty big gangly teenager stage, playing his Mum up on the move! Lovely dark eyes and pigmentation. A well muscled body, his chest needs to drop a little more and he needs to broaden as he is a touch narrow as yet. He has adequate bone and is of good length throughout and stands over plenty of ground, his angulation is reasonable front and rear and gives plenty of drive and power. Good tight feet on this happy young chap, he just needs time and to learn his job.

1200. Borzoi - Junior Dog

Entries: 3    Absentees: 1

1ST    3972 - Rosskaja Ashes to Ashes (Mr C & Miss R Webb & Bates) Red and white with a nicely proportioned head, beautiful veining and dark pigmentation. Neat ears folded back.  Good length to neck and nice shoulder placement gives decent forward reach. Elbows well under him and bone is reasonable, pasterns have the required slight slope when viewed from the side although do need to tighten when coming towards the judge, feet are correct for size and shape both front and rear.. He needs to drop in chest yet; his topline is a gentle curve as is the fallaway and he moves with a lovely light extension with plenty of drive. To be picky, I would like a little more bend of stifle. Lovely silky coat, not quite as profuse as second but acceptable at this age..

 2ND    3935 - Palamedees Arian Khrysos at Keanver JW (Mr K & Mrs A Dover) Another striking red and white presented in excellent coat and condition. A pleasant chiselled head and lovely expression but I preferred the stronger underjaw of 1st. Shoulders were reasonably constructed and bone is adequate, chest is of good depth. He is a little short in loin and his fallaway a touch steep for me, resulting in a shorter stride than 1st when studied in profile. His front feet are too long and he has a tendency to turn in his front left inwards. His rear feet however, are fine. Tail is well set on and carried low.

1201. Borzoi - Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 12    Absentees: 1

1ST    3921 - Mischran The Witcher (Mrs A & Mr H & Mrs S Baker & Baker & White) A fabulous class won by this rich self red with dark mask, white ruff and chest. His head is of good proportion, well chiselled and delicate veining, correct scissor bite, his eye is dark as is the pigmentation of this dog. Neat ears and a muscular neck set on sloping shoulders with a decent return of upper arm giving plenty of reach in profile. He has a gentle but correct rise of topline, he can look a little short in loin, partly due to his profuse coat and he does need to stand with his rear feet a touch further back. The chest is deep and he has strong and straight legs and correct tight feet. The tail is set just right and carried low. He is not the ‘flashiest’ or biggest  dog although well within the standard, in excellent condition throughout and has a well muscled rear giving plenty of power and the most super daisy cutting straight action with reach and drive which won him this fabulous class. Well deserved DCC & BOB.

2ND    3922 - Takatori Barnum (Mr Birmingham) A big white and light red boy who really strikes you as a hunting dog. A lovely but masculine head with beautiful pigmentation and dark eyes, strong and well set on neck and good shoulder placement giving plenty of reach. A deep chest and good spring of rib, his topline is correct and fallaway not too steep, tail is well set and of a good length. He has plenty of bone and correct feet. His pasterns are slightly sloping but, due to the weight of this large young man, need to tighten as they are a little loose on the up and back, this just needs time, maturity and patience to come right.  A beautiful silky coat immaculately presented, gave a lovely picture of an old style Borzoi.

1202. Borzoi - Limit Dog

Entries: 8    Absentees: 0

1ST    3955 - Sukeshi Baryshnikov (Ms Y Odell) Another great class headed by this white male with black markings and black head, beautiful dark eyes and pigmentation. Neat ears kept well back and good length to neck, he has nicely set shoulders which give plenty of reach on the go without too much lift and he has a reasonable amount of bone. Feet are tight and well padded but to be picky, I would just prefer the rear to be a tiny bit longer. He has a lovely depth to chest and his topline is correct and keeps his shape well on the move. Well muscled, he has plenty of drive and good extension and is well coated and presented. This is an honest type of dog that you could visualise working, but one to have hands on to appreciate his qualities. RDCC.

2ND    3920 - Mischran Spirito (Mrs A & Mr H & Mrs S Baker & Baker & White) Well presented white and red male sporting a  silky coat. I liked his head and expression and his head and neck are of correct proportions. He has a good depth of chest, the topline gently rising and he keeps his shape well on the move, loin is of reasonable length. Tail is of good length and carried well. Good feet front and rear and he is a very straight mover with adequate extension in profile. Shown in good muscular condition, for my taste I would just prefer a touch more bend of stifle.

1203. Borzoi - Open Dog

Entries: 2    Absentees: 0

1ST    3973 - Mischran Luther (Mrs S & Mr G White) A very impressive black and white standing over plenty of ground, shown in great coat and condition. His head has a lovely aloof expression is masculine without coarseness and evenly marked. His ears are kept neatly folded back and he has a strong neck set on good shoulders with nice amount of return of upper arm. Forelegs are strong, straight and well under him, feet are correctly shaped front and rear, depth of chest is excellent and he has a good length of body and loin. I would like a touch more shape to his topline on the move. He carries his tail nice and low and has strong quarters which give plenty of drive. His coat is silky and beautifully presented.

2ND    3942 - Cavallierik Nektarino (Imp Rus) (Mrs P Gardner) immaculately presented white and cream in full coat. A lovely elegant head with super pigmentation for a light dog. He has a strong neck, flowing topline but a slightly steep fallaway for me. His return of upper arm is a little upright therefore compromising forward reach but he does have adequate bone. His front feet are ok but the rear need to be longer, saying that, they are well padded. He has good depth of chest and is well muscled throughout although I found him narrow and lacking width front and back on the move, he does however, carry his tail nice and low on the move.

1204. Borzoi - Veteran Dog

Entries: 1 Absentee: 0

1ST    3952 - Harropine Odin at Padztar (Mr R & Mrs A Jackson) Red and white with a lovely head and expression, dark eyes and good pigmentation. He is a little upright in shoulder but has a good depth to chest, topline is ok but a little short in loin resulting in a steeper fallaway than I would prefer. Feet are tight and well padded but the rear ones could be a touch longer. His coat is not profuse but silky and presented in excellent condition. Sympathetically handled to get the best from this vintage gentleman. BV

1205. Borzoi - Special Beginners Dog

Entries: 2    Absentees: 1

1ST    3976 - Mischran Tokala at Dagosho (Mrs S Wright) Overall critique in PD but a change of handler improved his behaviour in this class a little.

1206. Borzoi - Minor Puppy Bitch

Entries: 2    Absentees: 0

1ST    3956 - Sukeshi Tsarina Alexandra (Ms Y Odell) A delight  to judge these litter sisters at their first show and they are so similar that my remarks are applied to both. Understandably a little hesitant at first, they soon relaxed and had fun moving with their handlers. They have very pretty heads with lovely expressions, neat ears and well set necks. Reasonable depth for babies and their white silky coats presented in good condition. Angulations both front and rear give a fair amount of ground coverage on the move. Toplines are correct and fallaway fine, nice long happy tails, the only thing I would prefer is that the rear feet could be a trifle longer. First just stood over a little more ground to give her the edge over her sister, I look forwards to watching the progress of these beautiful little girls in the future and am sure that they could change places as they mature.

2ND    3957 - Sukeshi Tsarina Elizaveta (Ms Y Odell)

1207. Borzoi - Puppy Bitch

Entries: 5    Absentees: 0

1ST    3919 - Mischran Freydis (Mrs A & Mr H & Mrs S Baker & Baker & White) A striking dark sable and white, very old style Borzoi presented in excellent silky coat and condition. Beautiful feminine head very evenly marked and nicely veined. Neat ears and good strong neck. Her shoulder placement being correct gives her plenty of reach and she carries adequate bone. Depth is good and she has a lovely topline which is held well on the move. Loin is a decent length and the fallaway not  too steep, tail well furnished and carried reasonably low. She has good width throughout, well muscled and moves with drive and purpose. I would perhaps, like her back feet to be a little longer to be picky, despite this, a very worthy BPB & BP.

2ND    3918 - Mischran Aiyana (Mrs A & Mr H & Mrs S Baker & Baker & White) This white with black markings youngster is of good size and has a pleasing and evenly marked head. Dark eyes, neat ears carried well back, head and neck of good proportions. She has plenty of forward reach from correct shoulders, good depth and width for her age and plenty of bone. Low, gently sloping pasterns, very good correctly shaped feet, front and rear. She has a good topline retained on the move, well muscled rear with low hocks. She has excellent movement but did give her handler something of a hard time.

1208. Borzoi - Junior Bitch

Entries: 3    Absentees: 1

1ST    3919 - Mischran Freydis (Mrs A & Mr H & Mrs S Baker & Baker & White) Critique as previous class.

2ND    3929 - Palamedees Aneira Demeter (Dr M J & Mr L M Collins) White and sable presented in excellent condition.  I liked her head and expression, neck is of good length,  I would like a better return of upper arm, bone is sufficient but her front feet are too long and she can turn her front left in at times. Depth is adequate and topline ok with reasonable fallaway, tail well feathered and not carried too high.  Rear feet are ok and she has good drive from the rear. Well handled.

1209. Borzoi - Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 5    Absentees: 1

1ST    3969 - Chalksville Katerina (Mrs F J Turner) Another old style white with sable markings, coat presented in lovely silky condition  A very attractive head and  veining, aloof expression, ears could be a touch smaller and kept folded back, good length of neck, shoulders ok as is bone. I would like a little more slope of pastern. Depth is ok and topline reasonable, she could do with a slightly longer loin for my taste, tail is of good length and carried well. Just enough bend of stifle gave nice, straight and steady movement.

2ND    3963 - Dziewanna Moj Fantazmat (Mr Rober Sawulak) White and red coated girl presented in good condition. A little taller than some, beautiful feminine head with adequate veining and dark pigmentation. Good shoulders and depth of chest, her topline could stand a bit more of a rise and loin is of good length. She has enough bone and good angulations front and rear. Tail is carried nicely, feet are also correct for size and shape. She could do with a little more width as she can move a little close, although steady on the move with reasonable extension.

1210. Borzoi - Limit Bitch

Entries: 12    Absentees: 2

1ST    3934 - Takatori Madam Butterfly at Saringa JW (Miss J Dove) Quite a big girl , red and white immaculately presented . A lovely head with dark eyes and pigmentation.  Neck of good length and set on decent shoulders giving plenty of reach. She is well off for bone but slightly loose of pastern at the moment which should tighten with time. Nice depth to chest, Topline gently rising and loin is good. Tail is nicely set carried long and low. Feet are fine and well padded, movement is very easy with ground covering stride. She just needs time to mature and tighten throughout.

 2ND    3968 – Mischran

 Asherah at Mournebrake (Miss H L Thomas) Self black with beautiful head and expression, good reach of neck and nice shoulder placement , a slightly rising topline and reasonable body length. Steady fallaway and nice amount of muscletone. Tail well set and carried low, she has correct feet and although a little hesitant at first, has a really easy stride. Coat was in good clean condition and I feel that she will be even better with maturity.

1211. Borzoi - Open Bitch

Entries: 4    Absentees: 0

1ST    3933 - Serenefol Alicja (Ms M & Mrs J Donnelly & Devereux) Some lovely girls in this class but was headed by this white and brindle with an evenly marked head, just enough veining and of good proportions, neat ears, neck of good length. Well angulated shoulders giving plenty of reach, a nice deep chest with plenty of width, topline could stand a little more rise and a touch more loin length to be really picky but overall was acceptable. Tail was nicely set and carried and she has low hocks and pasterns, she has adequate bone and her feet are correct and tight. She is well muscled and has a steady easy stride.  Just coming back into coat which is dense but silky and beautifully presented. She is not the biggest girl but within the breed standard and has matured well, I was pleased to award her the BCC,.

 2ND    3949 - Ch Lynx Jennifer Juniper (Ms E Jonsson) Red and white with very pretty well veined head, dark eyes and pigment, neat ear set and reasonable length of neck. Good shoulders and a deep chest, decent length to body and loin, tail nicely set and carried. Preferred shape of front feet of first although her feet are well padded. She has good reach and drive on the move and watches her handler all the time, in good muscular condition and coat was of correct texture and immaculate. RBCC.

1212. Borzoi - Veteran Bitch

Entries: 1    Absentees: 0

1ST    3930 - Quarenta's Life's First Love at Enolam (Ms A V Conroy) This white and red lady will be ten in November and is in really good condition considering her age. The most beautiful and feminine head with delicate veining and excellent dark pigmentation.  An elegant neck and super shoulder construction, deep chest, she has lost her topline a little but still acceptable, fallaway is not too steep and she still has good muscletone. Her feet are correctly shaped and padded.  This vintage lady was presented with a lovely silky coat which could not be faulted. She does move very steadily and only lost overall best veteran as slightly more loose in pastern than the dog and feeling the effects of a long day.

1213. Borzoi - Special Beginners Bitch

Entries: 3    Absentees: 0

1ST    3969 - Chalksville Katerina (Mrs F J Turner) Critique as PGB and pleased to hear that she was shortlisted in the Special Beginners Hound Group.

 2ND    3944 - Barnesmore Cinderella at Sunnymeadow (Mrs G A Giblett) This white girl has lovely head and expression with good veining for her age. A strong neck well placed on good shoulders, although she needs to drop in chest as yet, her body is good for length; tail is nicely set but can rise when she gets enthusiastic on the move. A touch straight in second thigh for my taste, her feet are well padded but too short on the rear ones. Overall, she needs time to mature in body and coat.