• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elaine Waddington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/10/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Many thanks to the committee of SKC for the invitation to judge this breed without CC’s; my thanks go to the stewards and also the exhibitors for giving me the honour of going over their dogs.

PD/B (4,1a ) 1st: CRAWFORD, Mrs Elizabeth Anne & CRAWFORD Mr Robert Trayshellin's Tinkerbelle at Adamton. This 9 month old bitch has a dark steel blue coat which is coming in nicely, dark sparkling eyes, round feet and she moved soundly and with drive. BPIB 2nd: WILLIAMSON, Mr G Joanglez Just The Way You Are At Dunsapie. I liked the topline on this 8 month old bitch who had small ears and dark pigment but today she wasn’t moving as well as 1st. 3rd: GORDON, Ms C Tarkus Faith

PGD/B (5,3a) 1st: ROBERTS, Mrs M Shawhills Paws for Thought. Attractive head on this 13 monthold bitch with her dark eyes, black pigment and scissor bite; her coat was steel blue and she moved freely. BB 2nd: SHARP-DIXON & REYES, Mr K & J Queenslake Ring of Power. I liked the make and shape of this dog and he moved well keeping a level topline. He had small ears, dark eyes but I would prefer a cleaner face. RBD

OD/B (4,0a) 1st: SHARP-DIXON & REYES, Mr K & J Ch Queenslake Lord of the Ring. He came into the ring shouting “look at me, here I am”, certainly not one to be ignored. In full coat of dark steel blue, he had good ear set and carriage, scissor bite, dark eyes and he moved so well keeping a level topline. BD & BOB 2nd: ROBERTS, Mrs M Ch Shawhills Winner Takes All. This bitch had lovely rich tan, fall on head long, dark eyes, black nose, scissor bite and a feminine expression; she moved soundly but tended to lose her topline a little on the move. RBB 3rd: CAMPBELL, Mrs R Chevawn Royal Acclaim for Stemarie Res: EILBECK, Mrs Ann Cherimae Another Vision

SBD/B (3,1a) 1st: KAY, Ms M T Trayshellin's Thistle at Auchenrowan. This young bitch is a little lazy on the stand and can lose her topline, but on the move her topline is firm and level. I liked her size and her dark pigment but would prefer richer tan BSB 2nd: GORDON, Ms C Tarkus Faith. This bitch was just 6 months old and was full of fun, but this made it difficult to assess movement. She had dark eyes and black pigment but I hope she doesn’t grow on anymore.