• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elaine Waddington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/10/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Italian Greyhound

My thanks go to the committee of SKC for giving me the opportunity to judge this lovely breed for the first time with CCs. I would also like to thank my stewards and the exhibitors for giving me the privilege of going over their dogs. Although the entry wasn’t large it was a quality entry and it was interesting to learn afterwards that all my main winners (DCC,RDCC, BCC & RBCC) were all sired by the same dog.

PD (1,0)

1st: STEWART, Miss E K Arran boy This 11 month old red and white really caught my eye, he had a long narrow skull, dark eyes, rose ears, slight rise over the loin, well bent stifles, low set tail and he moved with drive BPIB


LD (2,0a)

1st: LEE, Mrs S & Mr P Artmeis Jokers Wild. What an elegant dog this was I loved him. Fawn and white, he had a beautiful head with long narrow muzzle, rose shaped ears set well back, long arched neck, chest deep and narrow, good tuck up, back slightly arched over the loin, well bent stifles and he moved freely with lift in front. I understand that this was his3rd CC so I was delighted to have made this handsome dog up. DCC & BOB

2nd: BRUNDTLAND, Ms Ingun Miwell Alex McQueen. Balanced dog with dark eyes, deep narrow chest and turn of stifle, well presented in glossy coat he moved freely.

OD (1,0a)

1st: CHAU, Miss Christine & STEELE JR., Mr James R Ch & US Ch Jaros Ferazi Et Tu Brute At Sfizimio Black and white dog of quality with well proportioned head, dark eyes and pigment, long arched neck and deep narrow chest. He was playing his handler up a bit today and wanted to skip around the ring but once settled he moved freely and soundly.

VD (1,0a) Abs: 0

1st: AMSEL, Mrs J B Ch Florita Tavalino Fawn and white 9 year old dog with attractive head, good length to the muzzle, dark bright eyes, and rose ears; he has a straight front, depth of chest, rise over the loin and correct rear angulation. He moved well with lift at the front. RBD

SBD (1,0a)

1st: BRUNDTLAND, Ms Ingun Miwell Alex McQueen BSBIB  See 2nd in Limit Dog – I was delighted to see him win the Special Beginners Group – well done.



JB (2,0a)

1st: HARDIE, Miss R M Albalevriero Corriebeg This 17 month old bitch has strong fine bone, an elongated skull and dark eyes; she has the correct topline and well bent stifles. She is still only young but would benefit from a deeper chest, she moved freely and with drive and had good breed type.

2nd: BRUNDTLAND, Ms Ingun Velvethound Lily. A 16 month old bitch with rose ears, lovely dark bright eyes and length to the muzzle, however I would prefer stronger bone and more width all through. This bitch was not showing to advantage today as she was tending to move with her head down.

LB (1.0a)

1st: HARDIE, Miss R M Rivertoy Red October at Albalevriero Fawn and white bitch of good breed type with, dark bright eyes, dark nose and length of muzzle; she has a deep narrow chest and low set tail and moved soundly.

OB (4,0a) – A lovely class

1st: LISTER, Miss H M Revillo Campanella Well balance fawn of quality with fine strong bone, reach of neck, deep narrow chest, rise over the loin, long well muscled thighs, hocks well let down and low tailset. She had an attractive feminine head with rose ears, long narrow skull, dark eyes and pigment. She moved elegantly with lift at the front. BCC

2nd: AMSEL, Mrs J B & RISHWORTH, Ms Helen Ch Artmeis Raise The Stakes Another quality bitch, fawn and white, with arched neck, slight rise over the loin, hare feet and good angulation all round; she has a feminine expression, a black nose, well placedears but I preferred the narrower muzzle of 1st. She moved with drive and lift at the front and had good breed type. RCC

3rd: AMSEL, Mrs J B & RISHWORTH, Ms Helen Artmeis Three Card Trick

VB (2,1a)

1st: LISTER, Miss H M Ch Florita Tueletta A 9 year old fawn and white bitch of classic breed type; feminine head with good length to the muzzle, well placed rose ears and large dark bright eyes; she has depth of chest, tuck up and low tailset and moved freely BVIB


GCB (1,1a)