• Show Date: 05/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elaine Waddington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Papillon

I would like to express my thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge, the stewards for all of their help and the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs for me to assess. Overall I thought that the quality was good but I was disappointed with the front movement on so many of the dogs.

SBD (1,0a)

1st: 4413 MEACHAM, M/S Ann Jayberry Cheekie Chappie in Khanor. This two year old tricolour had large ears with fringing, a scissor bite, dark eyes and pigment; he was in reasonable coat and he moved OK but I would prefer finer bone. BSB

MPD (5,2a)

1st: WHITEHILL, Mrs M Amicae Top of the Class. A promising tricolour puppy, just 6 months old who had a pleasing head with a finely pointed muzzle, rounded skull, scissor bite, correct tail set and carriage and a silky coat which is coming in nicely. He moved freely and was the best mover in the class.

2nd: HECTOR, Mrs Angela Amber Beauty Valentino at Taisett (Imp Pol) NAF Almost 8 months old, this tricolour had a silky coat, fine bone and well placed ears but lost our to 1st place on movement.

3rd: MILROY, Mrs K Lafford Inspector Lewis At Farthinghall

 PD (3,0a)

1st: KEOWN, Mrs Mandy Keomandi Fly Me to the Moon. I liked the size and bone of this 10 month old dog who had a rounded skull and a well defined stop. He had a good turn of stifle and a silky coat.

2nd: HEADLEY, Mrs Christine & HEADLEY, Mr Tony R Yeldaeh’s Mr Chizlewick. This ten 10 month old had large fringed ears, a finely pointed muzzle and an abundant coat, but I preferred the movement of 1st place

3rd: MILROY, Mrs K Farthinghall Candy Man

JD (10,2a)

1st: LEES, Mrs Carol Lafford Black Onyx This young dog looked good in profile and had a rounded skull, defined stop, large ears, sweet expression and a black nose, He was well made, had hare feet and a long tail with fringing. I liked his size and breed type.

2nd: MORRELL, Mrs Sue Melangel Magic Mix A 14 month old dog in abundant flowing coat with well fringed tail and profuse bib, he had an attractive head with defined stop and nice breed type but I preferred the size of 1st

3rd: HOLMES, Miss Mandy Kasper Margenis NAF

YD (5,0a)

1st: HECTOR, Mrs Angela Odyssey Elite Pillango at Taisett (Imp) Quality dog with correct head, rounded skull and dark eyes; he was well balanced with good body proportions, medium length of neck, layback of shoulders, turn of stifle and he moved freely and positively.

2nd: ANDERSON & ANDERSON, Mrs ,Miss Liz & Karen & ANDE Northlyte Ring of Brodgar Large mobile ears set well back on rounded skull, dark eyes, good coat with well fringed plume, would prefer more length to body.

3rd: URQUHART, Mr Gordon J Blackpark Aramis

ND (1,0a)

1st: QUINN, Mrs R Magic Sunrise Imperator Son (IMP LV) This four year old was in good coat, with flaring ears and rounded skull but unfortunately it was impossible to assess his movement as he refused to lift his nose off the carpet, a shame.

GD (2,0a)

1st: URQUHART, Mr Gordon J Blackpark Bastille Quality dog of good make and shape, slightly longer than tall, he had large ears, dark eyes and a pointed muzzle. He was in flowing coat with a profuse bib and hare feet.

2nd: MASKELL & WALLER, Mrs & Miss K & M Kazkell Cracker Joke A black & white dog who was a little lacking in coat today but he had finely pointed muzzle, dark eyes and a scissor bite.

PGD (4,0a)

1st: WELLS, The Rev'd Kirsty & BROWN, Ms Amanda Skyvana Caught at Metamorphic I really liked this dog with his rounded skull, large flaring ears, finely pointed muzzle and sweet expression, He was in good coat with a profuse frill on his bib, well fringed tail and silky coat. He moved well keeping a level topline.

2nd: TURNER, Mrs Susan Feyetas Mighty Atom Smart dog who moved freely and was shown in profuse coat with long well fringed tail. He had dark eyes and pigment, fine bone and he moved freely

3rd: HOLMES, Miss Mandy Elfuago Booyah

LD (8,0a)

1st: GRIFFITHS, Dr & Dr M L & E A Manawyddan Victor Hugo This dog was of good breed type with an attractive head, fine muzzle, large heavily fringed ears, dark eyes, black pigment and scissor bite. When ever I looked he was always stood four square and he moved freely and soundly keeping a level topline.

2nd: ORCHARD, Miss Susie Nightfire's Be Unique In Style at Panspayon (Imp Deu)JW Another dog with good breed type and similar in type to 1st, he had large mobile ears with fringing and dark eyes and pigment, but I preferred the overall proportions of first place.

3rd: WALSH, Ms Helen Purepixie Red Admiral

OD (11,0a)

1st: RYAN, Mrs K F & RYAN, Mr E L & ROOSENS, Miss K Ch U Knock Me Off My Feet Daydream Believers with Feorlig (Imp Bel) This two year old tricolour impressed me as soon as he entered the ring. He was well balanced and looked good in profile being slightly longer than tall, with good neck and shoulders and he moved lightly but soundly keeping a level topline. He had an abundance of coat with a silky texture, fine bone and a full plume. Although he did not have a white blaze this did not detract from his expression and he had dark sparkling eyes, large fringed ears and was full of breed type. CC & BOB

2nd: VANDERMOLEN, Mrs Elyse & STEMLER, Ms S & WINTERS, Am Ch Clearlake MGL-Isle Nestle Quik Of VW I liked the make and shape of this four year old dog with his heavily fringed ears which were set back on his rounded skull, finely pointed muzzle and dark eyes and pigment. He was well presented and in full coat, but I preferred the size of 1st place.

3rd: DAVIDSON POSTON, Mrs J Dual Ch Sky Butterfly Elven Cron Prince Spinillons

VD (4.0a) A lovely class

1st: DAVIDSON POSTON, Mrs J Ch Ir Ch NL Ch & Int Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW This twelve year old dog oozed breed type and his age did not stop him from covering the ground freely and soundly. He had good body proportions with length of body being slightly longer than height, good neck and shoulders and level topline. He has a quality head with large mobile ears with fringing, defined stop and an alert expression, loved him. RCC

2nd: LETCH, Miss C Conysluck Master Pip It was hard to believe that this dog was 14 years old as he strode positively around the ring carrying his tail high; he had a sweet expression, dark kind eyes, dark pigment and was in good coat.

3rd: THOMPSON, Lady Jane & AUSTIN, Mrs S Melangel Highland Vogue at Jhanakia



MPB (6,0a)

1st: ROBB, Mrs Irene & ROBB, Mr Glenn Gleniren Oops I Did It Again Sunshoo This beautiful baby was only 8 months old but already she fits the breed standard to a T. She has a beautiful head with a slightly rounded skull, large mobile ears with fringing, dark rounded eyes and black pigment and a scissor bite. She is well constructed with a straight front, turn of stifle and a level topline, high set tail and she moved lightly and soundly and had wonderful breed type. RCC & BPIB

2nd: WHITEHILL, Mrs M Amicae Bright Spark Just 6 months old and another promising puppy, she was soundly made with a straight front and a level topline which she kept on the move. Her head is not as finished as 1st but she has large ears, well set back, finely pointed muzzle and sweet expression.

3rd: MILROY, Mrs K Farthinghall Wizz Away

 PB (6,2a)

1st: HALE, Ms Amanda Dance by Candlelight I liked the size of this black & white phalene who had a rounded skull, black pigment, fringed drop ears, hare feet and had a good coat for her age. She moved soundly and positively and carried her well fringed tail correctly over her back.

2nd: KEOWN, Mrs Mandy Keomandi ICanFly Only 8 months old, this tricolour was a bit apprehensive, but was good for type with an attractive head, but she  needs time to mature and grow her coat.

3rd: NICHOLLS, Mrs Carolyn Dancing Destiny Mulan Sings at Cazarno

JB (5.2a)

1st: RYAN, Mrs K F & ROOSENS, Miss K & GOESSENS, Mr J Uppercut Daydream Believers with Feorlig (Imp Bel) This little bitch has such excellent breed type and was in good coat. She has a pretty head with ears set back on her rounded skull, dark sparkling eyes and black pigment. She is soundly made with a good turn of stifle and she moved freely keeping a level topline.

2nd: WALKLETT, MRS JUDITH Angullyon Enigma’s Secret Large ears with fringing, defined stop, pointed muzzle and attractive expression. She was not in full coat today and would benefit from a little more weight.

3rd: WHITEHILL, Mrs M Feyeta I’m on Fire

Class 1961 YB (3,0a)

1st: GRIFFITHS, Dr & Dr M L & E A Manawyddan To A Wild Rose Large fringed ears framed a pretty face and she had dark eyes and pigment and a finely pointed muzzle; she was well constructed with reach of neck and layback of shoulders and she moved soundly. Good for type but today not in her best clothes.

2nd: HECTOR, Mrs Angela Polaris Plyus O’nika at Taisett (Imp) Lovely silky texture to the coat of this young bitch who had large well fringed ears and of good breed type, however I would prefer more neck for balance.

3rd: MORRELL, Mrs Sue Aurora vom Schwabenhof for Temelora (Imp Deu)

NB (1,0a)

1st: ATKINS, Mr M & Mrs A Sempefidelis Felicity for Vlinder This tricolour was not happy on the table but she had nice fringing on the ears, dark eyes and pigment and a level topline on the move.

GB (1 Entries) Abs: 1

PGB (5,0a)

1st: ORCHARD, Miss Susie Panspayon Natasha JW Lovely neck and shoulders on this dainty tricolour who had large heavily fringed ears, dark eyes and pigment and finely pointed muzzle. She had a long fine silky coat and moved freely and soundly.

2nd: WHITEHILL, Mrs M Amicae Belle of the Ball Another quality bitch similar in type to 1st, in good coat with profuse bib and plume and a pretty head; she moved soundly but I would prefer more neck .

3rd: WELLS, The Rev'd Kirsty & BROWN, Ms Amanda Metamorphic Flyte

LB (7,2a) This was a lovely class and a pleasure to judge

1st: WELLS, The Rev'd Kirsty & BROWN, Ms Amanda Metamorphic Vista JW I liked the size and outline of this quality bitch who had a well proportioned head with dark eyes, good earset, black pigment, scissor bite and defined stop; she was in good coat with profuse bib and tail, and was good for type.

2nd: SLATER, Mrs L Lafford Golden Nugget Slightly bigger all through but still a typy bitch with a rounded skull, lovely fringing on the ears and intelligentexpression; she was a happy girl and moved out well showing off her lovely plume,

3rd: MORRELL, Mrs Sue Athene vom Schwabenhof for Temelora (Imp Deu)

OB (6,2a)

1st: ROBB, Mrs Irene & ROBB, Mr Glenn Ch Gleniren Daddy's Starmaker A lovely bitch turned out to perfection, a real showgirl with her large heavily fringed ears set at the back of the rounded skull, dark eyes and pigment and a lovely expression. She has a straight front, good neck and shoulders, hare feet and moved well. I considered for the RCC but her younger sister had the edge for me.

2nd: MATTHEWS, Mrs A J Berestead Haute Couture Another quality bitch who excels in head qualities, she was in good coat with lots of fringing, hare feet and she moved lightly but soundly. I would prefer more neck for balance.

3rd: DAVIDSON POSTON, Mrs J Multi Ch (3) Ari De Pari Eadlin Daryln Spinillons

VB (2.0a)

1st: WALSH, Ms Helen Jorgealin Moon Star At Purepixie I loved this 7 year old beautiful bitch who oozed breed type, she looked good in profile with medium neck, well sprung ribs, level topline and turn of stifle and this enabled her to move freely and soundly. She was in good coat with profuse bib, well set on fringed tail correctly carried and hare feet. Although she does not have the desired but not essential blaze, this does not affect her sweet expression and she has large mobile ears complete with fringing, finely pointed muzzle, definite stop and dark sparkling eyes and black pigment CC & BVIB

2nd: GEARY, Mrs Gill Fedelta Angelica at Taliesyn This 8 year old was a little out of coat today but had dark eyes and pigment , large ears and a long fringed tail correctly carried.

Elaine Waddington