• Show Date: 26/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elaine Waddington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/10/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)

I would like to thank the committee for my invitation to judge, my capable stewards who kept the ring running so smoothly and the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs for me to assess.

Junior Dog (2,1a)  1st Golbourne Oh So Posh (Messrs K & R J Morgan-Stanley) Just twelve months old and in good coat this dog had a broad flat skull, dark eyes, long ear leathers and a scissor bite;  he was well constructed with round bone and good spring of rib.

Post Graduate Dog (1,0) 1st  Jameneli Buzz The Buzzard (Mrs C Kirby) I liked the size and overall balance of this dog who had lovely dark eyes, a flat skull, a black nose and correct dentition; he had reach of neck, spring of rib and moved freely.

Open Dog (4,1a) 1st Ch Jameneli Whirlwind (Mrs J Graham). This six year old dog was immaculately turned out and was in good coat which was of a silky texture. He was well constructed with good length to neck, well laid shoulders, spring of rib and rounded rump. He had dark round eyes, a broad flat skull and he moved freely keeping a level topline and carrying his tail correctly. BD & BOB 2nd  Charles Noblesa Aura of Kerrykens (Imp Cze) TAF (Mrs Mp Bicknell/Marren) This dog was bigger all through but he had beautiful eyes, large dark and round, long ear leathers, black pigment and a flat skull. He moved soundly keeping a level topline. RBD 3rd Kerryken Keir Rob (Miss J L Mcfarlane)

Special Beginners Dog (1,0) 1st  Jameneli Woody Woodpecker (Mrs C Kirby) This happy dog bounced into the ring and gave his handler a hard time. He had a flat skull, dark eyes and pigment, long ear leathers and spring of rib but I would prefer a little more length to neck. BSB

Junior Bitch (2,0) 1st  Golbourne Izzadorable (Messrs K & R J Morgan-Stanley) A pretty youngster who was a little distracted as her kennel mate was in the same class but she was of good proportions and balanced. She had a lovely head with dark expressive eyes, a flat skull and dark pigmentation; she moved freely with correct tail carriage. 2nd  Golbourne’s Bubblelicious (Messrs K & R J Morgan-Stanley) This eleven month old puppy was really playing her handler up, she was black & white, had a scissor bite with lovely clean teeth, black pigment and dark eyes. I liked her type but she had not the maturity of 1st. BPIB

Open Bitch (4,1a) A difficult decision between these two quality bitches 1st  Melcia Iolanthe (Mr M A & Mrs P Parrington) I liked the overall shape and balance of this bitch and there is nothing exaggerated about her, she has a broad flat skull, large dark eyes, black pigment and a scissor bite. She is soundly constructed and moved freely around the ring. BB & BOS 2nd Jadechar Parti Princess (Mrs M & Miss J Pascoe) Another quality bitch who was a little excitable today, she is good for type with flat skull, dark eyes and black pigment. She was short and square and moved soundly but I would prefer a little more neck. RBB 3rd  Golbourne Sweet Dreams (Mrs M Foster)

Elaine Waddington