• Show Date: 08/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elaine Hyde Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

East Of England Great Dane Club

Breed: Great Dane

Thank you to the East of England Great Dane Club Show for inviting me to judge males at your Show. The breed is not at its strongest at the moment and I did not find much consistency of type. However I was pleased with my top winners. Best Dog and RBIS(on Referees Decision): Ch Samdice Nobody Does It Betta. Reserve Dog CC Ch. Jacqukir No Regrets.


Special Veteran Dog (1 Entry)

1. Ch Ravendane Deal me in With Elbarevol – Mrs S E Burton

Very smart and sound 6 year old Mantle that I have judged before and he has aged very well. Excellent outline, very nice transition of neck into shoulder flowing into good firm topline, correct croup. Moved well with good length of stride.


Minor Puppy Dog (0 Entries)

Puppy Dog (2 Entries)

1. Nikami Papa Smurf Atelib – Mrs EP and Mr MV Bartley

9 ½ month brindle who won this class over his brother on maturity. However, he still needs to develop in front and build up muscle and tone everywhere. Would also like more refinement in the head.

2. Nikami Fred Flintstone – Miss M Hewett

Litter brother to the winner and the same comments apply.  


Junior Dog (4 Entries, 1 Abs)

1 Murrayvhayle My Main Man – Mrs S Searle

Fawn with a smart balanced outline good lay of shoulder and correct croup. Has a tendency to stand off his right front leg leading to slightly erratic front movement but he has plenty of drive from the hindquarters and plenty of time to mature

2. Kinnegans Wasn’t Born to Follow for Carricktaigh – Mrs V & Mr I Burns

Attractive fawn with pleasing head, I preferred shoulder lay and croup of the winner but this youngster also has time on his side

3. Allours Amore Mio – Mr J and Mrs Y McGlynn


Yearling Dog (1 entry)

1. Lux Ch. Tamzdane Empower Mint JW – Miss T and Mrs L Pocock

Very striking mantle and the best mover on the day. I seriously considered him for the major award. Well made head with good proportions, very good flow of neck into withers with excellent topline and good croup. He is slightly lacking in leg length which detracts from his balance and gives the false impression that he is overlong. Lovely individual.


Novice Dog (1 entry)

1. Nikami Fred Flintstone – Miss M Hewett


Post Graduate Dog (2 Entries 1 Abs)

1. Devorin Washington Via Leamap – Mrs P Price

Nicely balanced blue, Well made head but could be more masculine. Decent shoulder slightly straight in upper arm, moved out well despite the pouring rain!


Limit Dog (5 entries, 2 Abs)

1. Culseandanes Nic Cage Via Hebrus – Dr E Maganaris

Well made and well balanced fawn. Strong but clean head, Fair shoulder lay, good topline. Good deep front, correct croup. Strode out well

2. Zefather’s Ralph Lauren – Miss Cranfield

Beautifully balanced fawn, attractive head, good topline flowing into lovely croup, well angulated. Moved very well. This was a close and difficult decision as first is slightly overdone and almost lacking elegance whereas I would like a bit more all through with 2nd.

3. Allours Bonito – Mrs S F Dunn


Open Dog (5 Entries, 2 Abs)

1. Jacqukir No Regrets – Mr M & Mr P Jacques and Kirby

All male fawn with great outline, Very good layback of shoulder good topline and croup. Well angulated behind. He moved well today Reserve Dog CC

2. Keishant Zues – Mr & Mrs J Martin

Smart fawn with good outline, Nice head, preferred front of 1st. Nice topline and croup. Moved well striding out.

3. Elitedaimos Magick Mago at Chateaudain – Miss Ferguson


Special Open Fawn Dog (1 Entry 1 Abs)


Special Open Brindle Dog (2 Entries)

1. Samdice Nobody Does It Better – Mr & Mrs J and Miss C Dyson

Very smart dark brindle, all male but with plenty of elegance. Well made head with kind expression. Very good balance, correct outline. Good front, shoulder, topline and croup. Has plenty of depth but not overdone. Strode out beautifully with long ground covering gait. I was pleased to award him the Dog CC.

2. Nikami Papa Smurf Atelib – Mrs EP and Mr MV Bartley


Special Open Blue Dog (3 Entries, 1 Abs)

1. Carsan Vincent – Mrs C Mackenzie

Very well made blue, with good balanced outline, Correctly proportioned attractive head,. Good topline and croup. He is nicely angulated behind and moved well.

2. Elitedaimos Magick Mago at Chateaudain – Miss Ferguson

Nice head shape and good expression. Moved out very well. Overly long in the loin which unfortunately spoils his outline


Special Open Black ((4 Entries, 1 Abs)

1. Zeus Nero Von Adamantium of Ranaldane – Ms J MacDonald

Nicely made head and expression, good length of neck, fairly well balanced all through. Movement was good with a good length of stride although he slightly loses his topline on the move.

2. Devorin Washington Via Leamap – Mrs P Price

3. Zebeldanes Paint it Black – Mrs M Cubitt


Special Open Harlequin (2 Entries, 1 Abs)

1. Allours Amore Mio – Mr J & Mrs Y McGlynn

Very immature and as yet unfinished. Maybe some controlled exercise would develop muscle and improve him all round.


Special Open Mantle (3 Entries)

1. Lux. Ch. Tamzdane Empower Mint JW – Miss T and Mrs L Pocock

2. Ch Ravendane Deal me in With Elbarevol – Mrs S E Burton

3. Ozzy Osboourne Di Stella Ardens – Mrs S C Kelleway