• Show Date: 10/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff


Judge : Mr E Forsey (Muzoku)

Puppy Dog (1)

1st, Wangdak Forrest for Callowdale TAF (Mr T D & Mrs C M Lowes), such a lovely outline to this just 6 months old black and tan youngster, Good size head in balance with overall build, still in puppy coat, well off for height at withers with good lay of shoulder and depth of chest. Sufficient bone throughout, clean underline and good set to tail. Move true in all aspects, one to watch. (RBD) (BPIB)

Junior Dog (1,1a)

Post Graduate Dog (No entries)

Open Dog (2,1a)

1st, Ch Richearon Palden (Mr R & Mr A Hollifield & Humphreys), Seven year old large impressive male, strong deep muzzle, dark brown oval eyes and well set pendant ears, clean flow to outline through neck onto well laid shoulders, sufficient forechest, good bone throughout, good turn of stifle at the rear with low set hocks which really propel this boy on the move. (BD) (BOB) very pleased to see this boy shortlisted in the adult group.

Veteran Dog (no entries)

Puppy Bitch (No entries)

Junior Bitch (3)

1st, Callowdale Midnight Star (Mr R & Mrs D Jackson), Good sized female with a pretty head, strong muzzle with defined stop and well set expressive eyes, nice arch to neck, moderate angulation at the front, large tight feet, level topline, would like a little more turn of stifle at the rear, moved true at a steady pace.

2nd, Wilsontus Xara (Mr A M C Towers), Black and tan girl in good coat, balanced overall outline, smaller in staturethan 1, well angulated front and good turn of stifle at the rear, correct chest to height ratio, tight feet, with well set tail and in good muscle tone.

3rd, Tamdrin Rinchien (Ms Gj Doran)

Post Graduate Bitch (No entries)

Open Bitch (2)

1st, Callowdale Hermione (Mr T D & Mrs C M Lowes), Beautiful clean head on this girl, broad skull, solid muzzle correct dentition and well set dark eyes. Strong slightly arched neck, well-constructed front with elbows under chest, solid bone throughout. Moderately angulated rear, with the right handler this girl excelled on the move covering the ground effortlessly without wasted effort. (BB)

2nd, Callowdale Desert Sand (Mr A M C Towers), compact tan girl, broad but feminine head, medium sized dark ovel eyes, well set thick ears, short solid neck. Well laid shoulders with good depth to chest and body height to length ratio. Short strong loin and well set tail, clean moving on the away but a little loose on the towards.