• Show Date: 27/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Doug Bedford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Leonberger

Bath Canine Society Championship Show

27th May 2023


Judge Doug Bedford – Chateaunewf

I would like to thank the committee of Bath Canine for giving me the opportunity to judge Leonbergers today and award my first set of CC’s in this breed. I was pleased to find some excellent examples of the breed and there was healthy competition for top honours and some very promising youngsters. There was a lovely atmosphere around the ring and the exhibitors were in good spirit and accepted my decisions with great sportsmanship. Here are my placings and my opinion of those placed high enough for a critique.

Veteran Dog (0/0)

Minor Puppy Dog (2/0)

1. Leosrus That Will Do (Miss K L Rushby) 6month of very good size with plenty of bone coming, lovely expression with clean well-shaped eye, correct bite, good neck leading to a very well angled front, held forelegs straight, good topline, well set long tail and enough turn of stifle, showed some clean movement just needs a bit of time to come together on the move, when he does, should have a bright future.

2. Jantonely Zinagalong Baloo (Mrs H Sharkey) 7month of good size, good clean muzzle, correct in bite and eye, front angles just a tad up, held front legs straight, well ribbed for age, back level, nice long tail. Going away, left rear was a little turned out making him look a little close, moved better in profile.

Puppy Dog (4/0)

1. Alfross Tulabo Beaumaris (C E & J Lear-Schofield & Schofield) 11month, very promising, well developed youngster of good size and in good proportion, shown in good coat and well furnished. Head has strength coming, good depth of clean muzzle, well shaped eye, correct bite, well angled front with good depth of chest. Needed to hold his front right straighter in stack, good in topline, enough turn of stifle, low in hock, was clean going and held his topline in profile. BPD.

2. Morwinas Othello of Brynarian (Ms E L Baldwin) Another promising youngster of 9 months, lovely expression from well-proportioned dark clean muzzle and good well shaped eye, front angles OK, if forelegs come up a tad it will balance his topline which was a little high at rear as stifle was good. Showed clean steady movement all round.

3. Alfross Tulabo Montgomery (C E & J Lear-Schofield & Schofield)

4. Dragongardens Turn It On at Billboos (Imp Swe) (Mr A P & Mrs P A & Mr W Simmonds & Simmonds & Crawley

Junior Dog (1/0)

1. Amathus Karmer (Mrs S M Thomas) Liked this 17month a lot and considered him for RCC in the challenge. Good size and very well proportioned, presented very well in good coat. Well tapered yet strong muzzle with dark mask, correct in bite and well-shaped eye, good ear set, his angles were just a little up front and back, good depth and enough width to chest, held forelegs straight and there was good length to foreleg, nice and close in elbow, back level just a slight rise over loin, good tail set and length, OK going, clean coming and excelled in profile showing some good reach and drive.

Yearling Dog (1/0)

1. Alfross Romabo Harper (C E & J Lear-Schofield & Schofield) 22 month of good size and with bone and substance to compliment, I thought him just a little long in body, Good strong clean head, with nice balance between muzzle and topskull, enough neck to OK angled front with good, close fitting elbows, level in back and good through croup, tail just to hock, moved well coming and going and had a long loping stride which showed some nice rear extension.

Novice Dog. (0/0)

Post Graduate Dog (2/0)

1. Nexgen Apache Chief (Mrs S Tratt) 3 year old of good size, with plenty of bone to match, liked his head, well tapered but strong muzzle with typical roman shape, good in eye and bite, good transition through stop to enough topskull, front angles were OK, with good fitting elbows, forelegs held straight with good pasterns but forelegs need a little more length to balance his rear angle and good length of second thigh, so although level in back he rose a little too much over loin. Tail set was OK, but he curled it on the move too much which spoilt the picture of his steady clean movement

2. Sherwayleo Apatite (Mr C & Mrs V Wakefield) Medium sized 4 year old with abundant coat, pleasing in head with good expression enhanced by well-shaped eye and well-proportioned muzzle, front angles OK, like 1 needs more length to foreleg to balance, little heavy in body and front pasterns showed a little too much angle, back level, another who curled his tail on the move, although clean enough going away and coming he was a little stilted on rear left in profile.

Limit Dog (6/2) (1x W/D)

1. Teffills Zalman (Imp Rus) (Mr A P & Mrs P A Simmonds) This 3 year old came out on top in an interesting class based on his very good construction, he was very well presented, had a very appealing head, not the strongest here today but correct in balance, with good eye and correct bite, enough neck to very well laid shoulder and very good angle of upper arm, nice and straight in foreleg with good balance of length to hind legs, a level topline above a well ribbed body, good croup and tail of plenty length, his movement was unfortunately not as spot on as his construction as he was a little untidy going and overreached with his footfall in profile, both which for me, meant although this class winner he couldn’t challenge further today.

2. Cleon Armchair Honey Bear at Morwinas (Mrs M J & Mr J Amesbury) 4 year old of good size, a little longer than I prefer in body, had a very good head, strong muzzle, tapering with roman shape, correct in bite with well-shaped eye and good stop to enough top skull, front angles OK and another who might benefit from a little more foreleg length, and could hold them straighter, good depth to chest, little too much tuck up spoilt his profile picture, Ok in stifle and tail, he moved steadily throughout, just lacked that sparkle to take the class in a close call.

3. Ivan Leo vom Zarendorf (Imp Rus) (Mrs C Frances)

Open Dog (4/1)

1. Ch Corleone Navigator at Kalizmar (Mr L Studholme) This 3 year old male stood out today, very well presented and fits the standard well, He has enough size and is so well balanced throughout, appealing head with soft but masculine expression, dark mask, good depth of tapering muzzle, good bite and well-shaped dark eyes, moderate in stop to enough top skull and well set ears of good size complete the head picture, enough neck to well laid shoulders, with very good angle of upper arm, straight forelegs with just enough length and firm pasterns, well ribbed body and a very level topline, which he holds on the move, strong over loin, without the rise that so many in the breed have, he has good length of 2nd thigh to low hocks and the correct amount of turn of stifle to balance his front. He comes to life on the move, being very picky I could take him a tad wider going away, he was very clean coming and excelled in profile where those correct angles allowed him to reach and extend with lots of drive covering the ground so well with minimal effort. CC and BOB

2. Ch Sulandi Bring Me Sunshine (Miss Z Alexander) Another dog of great quality, 4 years old of lovely size and proportion. Impressive head, strong well tapered muzzle with roman shape, correct bite and very good well shaped eyes, strong in topskull with good transition through stop, plenty of neck, well laid shoulder, forelegs straight with enough length and strong pasterns, level in back with just a slight rise over loin, good tail set and length, enough turn of stifle and low hocks, moved very well, clean coming and going and steady balanced and correct in profile. RCC

3. Brynarian Balilaika (Ms E L Baldwin)

Special Beginners (0/0)

Veteran Bitch (1/0)

1. Simbalions Molly Malone (imp) (Mrs K D Griffin) 7 year old of nice size and well proportioned, correct in head, good strong muzzle and dark eye, well angled front and deep enough in chest, forelegs could be held straighter, held a level back, nice turn of stifle and low hocks, she moved steadily and cleanly just lacking a little drive.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2/0)

1. Leosrus How About That (Miss L Hope) just 6 months old but already showing well, well balanced throughout, clean in head, good well shaped dark eye giving a pleasing expression, plenty of neck to well laid shoulder with correct front angles, nice and straight in foreleg, level in back and enough turn of stile to balance her, moved cleanly coming and going and correct footfall in profile and I liked her enough to award her BPB and BP.

2. Leorus Thats Amore (Mr L Studholme) Litter sister to 1 and similarly well-constructed, lovely head and expression, she is the stronger of the 2 at the moment, well boned and full bodied, while back is level she is a little up over rump which today spoilt her profile, she maybe needs a little time to firm up in muscle as on the move she was a little unsteady.

Puppy Bitch (3/0)

1. Morwinas Ophelia (Mrs M J & Mr J Amesbury) 9 months old and coming along nicely, well proportioned and of good size, clean in muzzle, good eye and correct bite, plenty of top skull, good neck, front angles just a tad up at the moment, good length to foreleg and depth of chest, held a good topline just needs to settle over rump, little close going but steady and correct in profile.

2. Leorus Thats Amore (Mr L Studholme) See above.

3. Simberger Perfect Blend (Mrs L Simpson)

Junior Bitch (3/1)

1. Benellieson Time in Motion (Mrs L C Cleary) 17month of very good size, head strong, well-shaped eye and good bite, correct stop and very well-set ears, front angles OK needs a touch more length to foreleg to balance, well ribbed and well angled croup, enough turn of stifle moved cleanly coming and going and correct in profile.

2. T’lurla De L’arche De Caux at Starlake (Mrs F L Parry) 12month of medium size but well proportioned, muzzle clean, good bite but eye could be better shaped, good earset, like 1 needs a little more foreleg length, good over croup and tailset, moved a little untidily going away but clean coming and steady in profile.

Yearling Bitch (0/0)

Novice Bitch (2/0)

1. Simberger Salata De Icre (Mrs L Simpson) 2 year old who I liked a lot, good size and well balanced, lovely head with sweet expression, strong muzzle with roman shape, good eye, well angled front with straight foreleg, but pasterns could be a touch stronger, held a good topline to well rounded croup, good length of tail, good stifle, just little long in foot, moved well coming and going and showed some nice drive.

2. Fieldshouse Sunflower (Ms M A Jephcott) 3 year old of good size and well bodied, nice dark mask, good eye, bite fraction over, good ear set, front angles just a tad up, good depth of chest, back level but rise over loin spoils profile view, clean going away and steady in profile with good footfall.

Post Graduate Bitch (5/1)

1. Nexgen All Eyez On Me (Miss C Osborne). Really nice balance to this 3 year old, good depth to muzzle, correct bite and well-shaped dark eye gave her a pleasing expression, she has enough top skull and good ear set, a well laid shoulder with good angle to upper arm, straight forelegs with enough length to balance her, plenty of bone and good feet, level back and strong over loin, tail to hock and correct turn of stifle, she moved cleanly and showed good reach and drive covering the ground well, pleased to award her RCC today.

2. Morwinas Torrinsdottir (Mrs M J & Mr J Amesbury) Nice size to this 2-year-old, good head, clean in muzzle bite and eye, with good transition through stop to enough top skull, could take just a little more lay to shoulder, held forelegs straight and level in back which she held on the move, clean enough coming and going but tail carried high on the move spoiling the profile picture.

3. Fieldshouse Sunflower (Ms M A Jephcott)

4. Fieldshouse Sun Dancer (Mrs J & Mr D Wescomb)

Limit Bitch (3/0)

1. Lionscourt Juno It Had to Be (Ms S Springel) Well-presented 4 year old in excellent condition, very attractive head, clean with roman muzzle, well-shaped eye, correct stop with plenty of top skull, ok in neck, shoulders well laid but upper arm a fraction up, chest deep, with good width, close fitting elbows and well bodied, held her topline very level standing and on the move, strong over loin, enough turn of stifle, very clean coming and going and balanced in profile.

2. Davenheath Gin and Frolic (Mrs H & Mrs G Niall & Rothery) 2 year old who pushed 1 so close, liked her size and proportions, very good expression from clear, well-shaped eye and correct stop, very good wedge shape to head, good neck, liked her front angles just could take a fraction more foreleg to balance as she was a little up over loin but back was level, moved cleanly and showed some nice footfall in profile.

3. Brynarian Ballikissangel at Fieldshouse (Mrs J & Mr D Wescomb)

Open Bitch (4/0)

1. Ch Davenheath Gipsy Girl to Brenaljay JW (Mrs B Brown) At coming up to 3 years old this female is very well put together and has a very good balance throughout, excellent shape to her head, clean muzzle of correct depth, straight in flew, correct stop, very good dark well shaped eye, enough reach of neck to well laid shoulder and correct front angles, chest deep, close fitting elbows and straight in foreleg, held her topline level, strong over loin and good angle to croup, correct in stifle and low hocks, well presented and showed that she could move freely and cleanly with good drive from her rear. Very pleased to award her the CC today.

2. Ch Skjaergaadens Riding The Cribbar (Imp Nor) JW (Mr R & Mrs J Bailey) A quality female so correct in head and muzzle, correct in bite, well-shaped eye, good in neck I could take just a little more lay to shoulder, straight forelegs with good bone, to strong pasterns and neat feet, well bodied, held a good topline and was strong over loin to well angled croup, enough turn of stifle and low hocks, I could take a her little more parallel going away but she moved cleanly coming and well in profile showing good drive.

3. Velikty Medved Angara Hug Kalizmar (Mr L Studholme)

4. Ch Averkate Kassandra with Simden (Imp Rus) (Mrs J Cole)