• Show Date: 07/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Doreen Smillie-Gray Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla



I was looking forward to judge this show with great excitement after seeing the brilliant entry and delighted to say not disappointed. The atmosphere was great and overall I felt that there was quality in the entry forward for judging.

Special Beginners – no entries. Minor Puppy Dog (1,0) – Uptons Tragus Mr Bumble Bee – 7 months and very much a baby. When settled he moved well, good angulation, good depth. Puppy ((6,1) – Good class. 1st and BP and then later Puppy Group 3 – Moss’s Ewtor Barking At The Moon – Eye catching youngster, good head and expression, good furnishings, coat one of the best. Very good angulation and moves with power and style, a bright future for this boy I am sure. 2nd Stephen’s Farnfield Pickpocket for Brightmeadow –, Another smart lad , bigger made than my winner but still a good size. Good depth to him and a gorgeous kind expression. Moves well and true and coat of correct texture. 3rd Appleby’s Pedamoak Adventurer. Junior (3,0) – 1st and RCC Beardshall’s Karndor Tamas – Good head with good neck into good shoulders, very good coat and good depth. Good angulation and very well muscled. Held his topline on the move and drove with power and style around the ring. A very sound dog. 2nd Spillane’s Belatarr Kodiak – Another quality boy and this lad and the winner will change places many times I am sure. Good head and expression, excellent depth of chest, very good coat and well muscled. Moves out with style and drive. 3rd Allison’s Mr Rhett Gabie Butler. Yearling dog (3,0) – 1st Harris’s Fitzrovia Take a Chance – A very sound dog, good head and bone, good front and depth, good angulation and muscles, moves true. 2nd Elders Enryb Pink Panther – Another smart boy who is needing time, lovely head and expression, hold his topline well on the move, good angulation, good muscle. 3rd Wearing’s Zoldmali Daru At Genlusa (Imp Serb). Novice Dog (2,0) – 1st Elder’s Enyrb Pink Panther, 2nd Morton & Camerons Ewtor Fly Me to the Moon – This young boy is needing time, good head and coat, good angulation but just needing to tighten up on movement. Post Graduate – No entries. Limit (7,2 ) – 1st Whitney’s Enryb True Blue at Whitgun – Good breed type, very good angulation and muscle, good topline and clean front. Moves well with drive, maturing on well as still a youngster. 2nd Harris’s Fitrovia Gideons Way – Similar type to my winner, good clean lines, good coat and angulation, good head and expression, just preferred movement of my winner, but a smart one. 3rd Collier’s Belatarr America. Open (5,1) – What a lovely class of quality dogs to judge. 1st and CC and BOB – Byrne’s Ch Enryb Simply Red – An eyecatching dog and he handles so well with excellent condition and muscle. Good angulation good masculine head with nice expression, good coat and moves with power and style. 2nd Sweeny’s Redrafi Mrembo Nacho – Same sire as my winner. Another quality dog who cannot be overlooked, just preferred the head of my winner. Good angulation, excellent coat and good depth, moves with style and drive. 3rd Walker’s Zoldmali Story of Lanokk. Veteran dog (1,1) – None forward. Special Beginners Bitch – no entries. (3,0) – 1st Upton’s Tragus Queen Bee – Very much a baby but had best of coats in this class. Lovely feminine head and gentle expression, good depth for her age, good topline and angulation. Moves well for her age. 2nd Newmans Morganna Anais Anais – Another baby who is needing time. Sweet head and expression, good topline and moves well for her age. 3rd Wilsons Emily’s Choice. Puppy (4,0) 1st Appleby’s Pedamoak Ambassador – Mature girl with best of coats in this class. Good depth and muscled, good front and moves really well, eyes need to darken. 2nd Moss’s Ewtor Wishing on a Star – very much a typical HWV, pretty girl, with good angulation, good head and eye colour. Needing time to body up, moves OK. 3rd Turton & Holman’s Farnfield Fur and Feather for Gingerwire. Junior (6,1) – 1st Beardshall & Gibbon’s Karndor Ada – Litter sister to my Junior dog winner and much the same comments. Good movement, lovely head and expression, good depth and angulation, very good coat. 2nd Cooper’s Hazean Donetsk to Deifstock (IKC) – Another quality girl, good size, excellent coat and good depth of rib, smart girl who moves well. 3rd Lewis’s Enryb Lily The Pink. Yearling Bitch (4,0) 1st and RCC Edminson’s Kisdon Happy Memories – Loved this very happy girl, Handles really well, good coat and the best of heads and expressions, good angulation and muscle and moves with drive and style around the ring. 2nd Cooper’s Hazean Donetsk to Deifstock, 3rd Sweeney’s Redrafi Anga Angavu. Novice – no entries. Post Graduate (6,3) – 1st Johnston’s Lovely Luna for Rosettaberry – I thought this girl to be very smart, loved her head and expression, good depth and lovely angulation. Well muscled and moves really true and with drive. Good coat. I see her mother won Limit. 2nd Walker’s Lanokk Nusi – Bigger framed girl, sound as a pound. Good head and front, good angulation and well muscled. Moved well. 3rd Heslop’s Nordic Wild Solitude at Bonisia. Limit (5,1) 1st Mir’s Redrafi Little Governor – A very sound girl, good size and an excellent coat. Good bone and loved her head and expression, good eye. Lovely angulation and muscle. Quality girl. 2nd Richardson’s Tragus Flirty Fox – Another quality girl who cannot be overlooked. Good head and expression, good size and good coat, lovely angulation. Moves really well. 3rd Byrne’s Aldozovolgyi Drotos Csermely At Enryb JW (Imp Hun). Open (5,1) – 1st and CC – Riley’s Fassfields Like a Baroness – headed up this quality class. Liked her size, good head and expression, excellent depth and muscle, good angulation. Good coat. She comes into her own on movement and delighted to hear this was her crowning 3rd CC today, well done. 2nd Upton’s Sh Ch Tragus Honey Bee – A quality girl, gorgeous head and expression, best of fronts, good angulation and topline. Good coat and a great representative of the breed. 3rd Elders Sh Ch Enryb Skye Blue. Veteran (4,0) – What a great class. 1st Summerfield’s Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc – She has the kindest head and expression, good depth and moves really well with power and style, good muscle and coat. 2nd Guest’s Bardantop Plum Duff – Another quality girl with the best of coats, good head and expression, lovely angulation and muscle and when settled moved well. 3rd Beardshall’s Zoldmali Kefir of Lanokk JW ShCM.