• Show Date: 08/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Doreen Smillie-Gray Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Pointer


What a wonderful entry and quality dogs which made it a memorable day for judging this lovely breed. Great atmosphere ringside and my Stewards were excellent. Delighted that my BOB won Group 2 and my Best Puppy was shortlisted in a quality puppy group.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,0) – 1st Isherwood’s Wilchrimane Let’s Be Frank – 7 month old. Best of heads, good neck into good clean shoulders, held his topline well on the move, good angulation. 2nd Gordon’s Hawkfield Witch Doctor – Another quality youngster, liked his expression and clean lines, good bone and moves well for his age. 3rd Lewis’s Kanix Snapdragon at Fallowfield. Puppy Dog (3,0) – 1st Matthews & Adam’s Carofel Wings of Hope – This quality boy stood out in this class, well handled to get the best out of him. Very good condition, good head and expression, clean neck into good shoulders, good depth and angulation. Moves well BP and shortlisted in Puppy group. 2nd Keaney’s Flinthill Hot Mail – Loved this boy’s head and eye, good expression, good depth and angles, but needing time to see the best of him. 3rd Blake’s Vadkartya’s Snipe. Junior (5,2) – 1st Webb’s Tenshilling Jimmy Mack – Mature boy, good pointer type head and expression, good depth and very well muscled, moves soundly. 2nd Hazeltine, Razzell, Drake & Welsh’s Clamerkin Jubilee Fly Past for Corotine – He is still very much a baby and carrying some baby fat. Liked his size and head, good depth and angulation, moves well but needing time. 3rd Mennen & Sweeney Joneva Just Imagine. Graduate (9,0) – 1st Walking, Siddle & Siddle’s Wilchrimane Kinsphere with Kiswahili- This boy caught my eye when he came into the ring, he has presence. Solid muscle, lovely head and expression, nice size, lovely lines and moves out in a good stride. Certainly built to do a days work on the moor. 2nd Bowen-Brooks Tenshilling Here I go Again – Another smart boy of similar stamp to my winner, moves with purpose and drive. As my winner good head and expression, good topline and well muscled. 3rd Hazeltine, Razzell, Drake & Welch Clamerkin Jubilee Fly Past for Corotine. Post Graduate (7,1) – Martin’s Sunhouse Banged to Rights – You cannot overlook this smart boy, best of movers. Loved his head and expression, good clean neck into good shoulders, lovely depth and good topline. Good angulation and muscle. 2nd Welch’s Hookwood Starman – Another smart youngster, on the day preferred the overall appearance of my winner but similar type. Good depth and balance, moves well and good lines. Good muscle and moves out with an easy stride. 3rd Lowe’s Lowsmoor Crazy For you. Limit dog (17,2) – Wow what a class, just wished I had more prizecards. 1st and RCC Blair’s Twinhoe Vittorio – Outstanding dog with good breed attributes, best of heads, good size, excellent depth and gives a balanced outline. Excellent angulation and moves as a pointer should covering plenty of ground with a good even stride. I see he is sire of my Best Puppy. 2nd Newberry & Phillips Manchela Make My Day for Giulia – Another smart lad and handler really gets the best of him. Excellent pointer head, good conformation, lovely depth and angles and good muscle which enables him to move around the ring with power and style. 3rd Philio’s Tenshilling It’s My Party for Salmonmist JW OSW ShCEx. Open Dog (9,0) – Well I thought the previous class was of fantastic quality absolutely delighted that this continued through into this class. 1st and CC – Oddie’s Sh Ch Sharnphilly Boondoggle – He handles beautifully , good head and expression, well balanced outline, good size and well muscled. Excellent angulation and shown to perfection. Moves on such an easy powerful stride, no doubt why this boy is such a great ambassador for the breed. 2nd Oliver, Stilgoe’s Teisgol Love is in the Air – Another quality boy with good confirmation, good depth and size, holds topline well and moves well. Well presented by his handler. 3rd Philio’s Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist JW ShCM OSW ShCEx. Veteran Dog (2,) – 1st and Best Veteran Jamiesons, Macara and Blackburn-Bennetts Sh Ch Kanix News Flash at Glenfinnan – A great favourite of mine and considered for top honours today. I love his movement could watch him all day, he moves so effortlessly, gorgeous head, excellent depth and lovely angulation. Quality. 2nd O’Neill’s Sh Ch Tenshilling Home Alone Jw ShCM – Another quality boy of different type to my winner. Really fit and good angulation, moves well. Another quality dog from this kennel.

Bitches – Minor Puppy (6,3) – 1st Siddle’s Wilchrimane Frankly M’dear – What a little cracker. Beautiful head and expression, good bone and confirmation and well muscled. Moves really well. 2nd Cardiff’s Freebreeze Pixar at Prosperity – A good honest type of Pointer puppy, good angulation and moves well for her age, very much a baby. 3rd Masson & Glover’s Millpoint Waggle Dance. Puppy (9,3) – 1st and best puppy bitch Earl, Wheldon and Jones’s Flinthill Some Like it Hot at Caithpoint – She has great movement and catches your eye on the move. Lovely angulation front and rear, good muscle. Feminine head with good expression, quality girl. 2nd Guy’s Carofel If I had Wings – a very smart girl, moves very true and with drive. Another with a good head and expression and well muscled, little sister to my Best Puppy. 3rd Hinton, Luke & Leman’s Fleurfield Black Caviar. Junior (11,3) – 1st and RCC O’Neill’s Tenshilling to Sir with Love JW – A quality girl with excellent muscle and moves so true and with power and style, lovely angulation and good depth. Well handled and delighted to award her RCC. 2nd Oddie’s Sharnphilly Sugarplum – another quality girl who cannot be overlooked, so smart with a lovely head. Moves effortlessly around the ring, another I am sure we will be seen winning top awards. 3rd Burke’s Alcazar Eternal Liaison. Graduate (11,2) – 1st Collins’s Collholme Angelique – First and second were very similar type of girls, just felt that my winner was the more finished. She moves really well with good drive and holds her topline well, good angulation and muscle. 2nd Booth’s Lundgarth Everest – Smart youngster, good angulation and moves well, just needing time to tighten up on front. 3rd Perren & Welch’s Evaluna Chasing Rainbows with Hookwood. Post Graduate (8,2) – She caught my eye on the first move around the ring. Lovely girl so understated but quality. Best of heads and lovely depth and angulation, good size. Could watch her move all day. 2nd Norbury @ Adams’s Heartbury Northern Lights JW – Good honest type of pointer, good head and front and good angulation, moves out well. 3rd Lowe’s Lowsmoor Half a Sixpence. Limit (8,2) – 1st Siddle, Siddle and Medeiros’s Wilchrimane Frankly Darlin – Another quality bitch from this kennel, moves well with style and power, good depth and angulation, good size, well handled. 2nd Matthews’s Sonham Chasing Rainbows – Different type to my winner but cannot be overlooked, her movement is effortless and with power and drive, best of heads and lovely angulation. 3rd Pearson’s Millpoint Jolly Good Show at Millpoint. Open (4,1) – Maybe not many forward but quality throughout. 1st Siddle’s Sh Ch Wilchrimane Frankel (ai) BCC and BOB and delighted to see she was placed Group 2. When I last judged I awarded her Best Puppy in Breed and she has certainly fulfilled her potential. When she moves it is on such an easy powerful stride she covers the ground, great topline, best of heads and expression, clean front and good depth with excellent angulation. A delight to judge her again, thank you. 2nd Webb’s Sh Ch Tenshilling The Wanderer – Another quality girl who cannot be overlooked. Good head and expression, excellent angulation and quality throughout. 3rd Sherwood’s Tyremy Samaroli at Lambleaze Sgwc. Veteran (6,2) – What a lovely class f quality girls. 1st Lowe’s Lowsmoor Shiralee – Moves very well for her age, sound and keeps her topline well. Good head and expression, good depth, smart girl. 2nd Flint’s Wynbury Golden Chalice by Fleurfield – this girl is 10 years old and certainly carries her age well. Still well muscled, good angulation and moves really well. 3rd Stilgoe’s Alcazar Amazing Grace.