• Show Date: 06/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/11/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Borzoi



BORZOI Judge: Mrs D Stewart-Ritchie


My thanks to the Committee for offering me this appointment to judge Borzoi for the first time. It was an appointment I had been looking forward to for some time. The weather was kind which allowed the dogs to be totally relaxed and maintain their individual shapes, both on the stack and on the move. My thanks to the exhibitors for their entry and for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner.

 SBD (2,0)

1st: Umfreville’s BARNESMORE BETELGEUSE. Pleasant shape with good enough topline and underline. Has a pleasant head and dark eye with very nice expression. Just a shade wide in front but stands on good bone, slight slope to pasterns. Deep enough in rib, needs some more development. Good in rear and moved okay. Silky coat.

2nd: Maxweil’s SIMPLE OBSESSION PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. This black does have some style but today was rather erratic on the move. He is good in hindquarters with width and strength and moderately angulated. Has some depth and length of ribbing but still rather flat. Steep in shoulder and upper arm.

PD (3,1) Litter brothers heading this class and at different stages of development.
1st: Dawson, & Dawson’s MISCHRAN THE SEQUEL FOR STUBBYLEE. Super puppy with so much potential. He has the most gorgeous head and eye with keen, alert expression and so full of mischievousness. His overall shape and proportions are good. He is straight and true when viewed from the front. He has a slight slope to front pasterns. Stands on good feet. Deep enough already with a good length and spring of rib. This boy is good in topline, underline and is in great puppy condition. I liked his characteristics and style. He has much to commend and already moves with some positivity and carriage. Most appealing and one to watch. BPIB.

2nd: Wright’s MISCHRAN TOKALA. A more rangier lad at this point in development. He has, however, got a good shoulder and is sufficient in upper arm. Decent bone but a shade soft in pastern – needs a bit more strength. Ribs coming along nicely, loin okay and quarters good for age. As we know, all long legged dogs develop at different rates and breeding lines too can play a part. I found this boy to have some potential but he needs more time. His handler tends to hold him back on the move so it was difficult to truly assess his movement on the around and see him stretched out and showing what he’s got. I’d be interested to see him again. He has a lovely dark eye and expression and is good already in coat.

PGD (3,0)
1st: Logvinenko’s RYAZAN VLADIMIR. This boy is a very elegant mover. He has good footfalls and moves with a style and grace. I liked the overall style of this dog. He stands on good bone and oval, well knuckled feet with slight slope to his front pasterns. Straight and true in front with correct bladed shape bone. Pleasant head with good balance. Would prefer a darker eye. Moderately long, well-muscled neck leading into good shoulder and sufficient upper arm. Deep in rib and with enough spring of rib. Muscled loin and super width of quarters. Well-developed across first and second thigh and moderately angulated. Good length and width to croup. Good tail set and carriage. Pleasing topline and underline.

2nd: Umfreville’s BARNESMORE BETELGEUSE. See Sp. Beginners report


 LD (2,1)
1st: Baker’s MISCHRAN MELCHIOR. This red boy with white trim stood alone in this class. He is fit and well-muscled and is good enough in bone and with slight slope to front pasterns. He has a decent topline and underline. Head okay, has good eye pigment and shape. Some veining evident. A shade steep in shoulder and lacking upper arm. I’d prefer a bit more balance all through. Moved okay.

 OD (5,0)
1st: Sellin & Edland’s BORSCANA SING A SONG (ATC) Impressive boy for shape, type and size. He is all male whilst still retaining elegance, strength and power. I could easily imagine him hunting. He has a definite appearance of suppleness and agility. He is fit, well-muscled and put down in the best of order. Still young, with more to come. His stature is impressive too. Appealing headpiece, balanced without excess, good rose shaped, well positioned ears of good size. Strong, well-muscled neck leading into the best of shoulder angulation. Good enough in upper arm. Straight legs, quality bone, slight slope to pastern with tight, oval feet. Deep and long in rib with enough spring and plenty heart room within. Broad, strong, loin area through to the best of rear assemblies. Full and deep, with plenty width of first and second thigh whilst strong and moderate in stifle angulation. He has a flowing topline leading through to great width across the pelvis of sufficient slope to croup with good tail set and carriage. He moves with long easy strides, open, effortless and is good coming and going. No dog is perfect and whilst I recognise his very few failings – his virtues are many, subtly demanding to be noticed for his delightful overall appearance, type, style, condition, presentation, shape and showmanship. I was pleased to award him the CC, just pipping another top drawer boy to the top spot by a whisker.

2nd: Pinkerton & Cattoni-Sarman’s Ch & Int Ch KORSAKOV RADOST POWER OF LOVE MENIGMA ShCEx. Top quality boy, put down in the best of order with super muscling all through and so well presented. He is a nicely balanced hound who moves on long easy strides, with plenty power behind and is good out and back. He has a very nice head with keen eye, good alert expression and well positioned shape to the eye too. Correct, rose shaped ears. Balanced and with good underjaw. Well-muscled, strong neck leads into a really nice front assembly. He is straight and true in bone and straight when viewed from the front. Oval, well knuckled feet, tight and with strong nails. He has deep ribs of good shape and length. Strong and muscled in loin. He has good width across the first and second thigh and is moderate in angulation there, as is required. Pleasing enough in underline. Would prefer a shade more typiness to the topline. Presented and handled well. Another good example from today’s entry.RCC.

3rd: Pinkerton & Cattoni-Sarman’s Ch RYAZAN VICEROY OF RADOST AT MENIGMA ShCEx

SBB (4,0)

Today carrying a shade too much weight. Sufficient in hindquarters with moderate angulation. Pleasant shape. Ribs deep and going well back to muscular loin. Would prefer a more curvaceous topline. Has decent angulation in front. 
2nd:Collins’ CWMCOED POLKA. Not as straight in front as I would prefer, but has a decent topline. Lacks condition and muscle tone and is slightly down on pastern. Eye colour ok and good pigment. Long and lean in head.

PB (3,0) Two very nice girls – lots to like about both.
1st:Baker’s Mrs & Mr & W MISCHRAN FREYDIS. There is little to separate these two smart puppy girls – both having got all the essentials to make a promising start to any puppy career. I don’t usually do critiques together but I felt there was little to separate these two and similar remarks apply to both. Both are made well, move well and have many of the desired breed traits. This winner has the very best of feet, great ribbing and stands over a good amount of ground. Excellent in hindquarters, whilst maintaining moderation. She has a very nice head of good proportions and balance. Moved well.

2nd Baker, Mrs & Mr & Wh. MISCHRAN AIYANA. A smart girl who has all the essentials and such a gorgeous head and expression. Well put together and so typey. Much to like.

JB (3,1)
1st Baker’s Mrs & Mr.& Wh. MISCHRAN FREYDIS. See Puppy Report. 

2nd: Haywood’s Mx. ROSSKAJA LADY IN RED OF STERRENNACHT. Moderate girl with moderate angles fore and aft. Enough bone, long, lean head. Well-placed ears. Moved okay.

YB (2,0)
1st: Dove’s TAKATORI MADAM BUTTERFLY AT SARINGA JW. Most lovely head with superb expression, dark eye of correct shape, well placed and with good pigmentation. Correct ear set. Long lean head. Pleasing in shoulder, needs a bit more fill in front. Not as true at elbow as I would prefer. Just a shade level in topline. Has good moderate hindquarters with some muscle. Moved well on the around.


PGB (5,1)
1st: Dean’s SOKOL KALVADOS FIVA (IMP RUS) (AZ1). This bitch is so moderate and understated yet so well made and very correct in her construction. She was very nice to go over. Pleasing head planes, long and lean but I’d prefer a darker eye and better expression. She does have good dark pigment. Straight and true in front with correct bladed bone and very nice feet which are well knuckled up, tight and oval in shape in the front and typically slightly longer in toe in the rear, but again tight. She excels in shoulder line which goes way back, has a decent return of upper arm and has some fill. I liked her depth and spring of rib, also its length. She has plenty of heart room. Strong well-developed, in rear with moderate angulation. Gentle slope to croup and has a good enough rise over the topline too. She’s a free, easy mover and has good footfalls out and back. Nothing excessive, just an honest, well made, girl.

2nd: Turner’s CHALKSVILLE KATERINA.See Sp.B. report



LB (5, 2)
1st: Fricker’s RYAZAN VANESSA FOR BORZDAC. I see she too is by my RCC dog winner – he certainly makes an impression and on this one she has just gained bit on the topline, but many of his other fine attributes are on display, too in her. She is a bit refined in head for my preference and I would prefer a darker eye, but she is good in ear shape and has good body proportions and overall balance. I liked her leg length to body depth as well as length to height proportions. She presents a picture of balance, elegance and has some style too. She is good in front and rear assemblies and is good in ribbing and loin. She has plenty strength and power in rear. Both topline and underline are good. Good enough width across her pelvis. Well-placed tail, carried correctly. She is a good sound mover who put on a nice strong performance.

2nd: White & White’s MISCHRAN ELVINA. This nicely muscled girl moved well with some decent footfalls and carriage. She is a good shape and has enough bone and substance. A shade wide in front, the bones are straight and of correct shape. Decent shoulder. Good depth of rib, arched loin. Good development in rear and pushes off strong rear pasterns well. Pleasant head with correctly placed ears.


OB (4,0)
1st: Sellin & Edland’s BORSCANA WT ADVANTIC. (ATC) Glorious, typey hound, so full of breed type, stature and ever so sound. This girl was a joy to go over. She is so well made, has strength and power whilst retaining elegance. She is classy and has a definite air about herself. Long, lean head with good eye and expression. Correct proportions and well placed rose ears. Strong and full in underjaw, super big teeth and correct bite. Straight front, correct shaped bone and neat tight, well knuckled feet. Slight slope to pasterns. Tight and true at elbow. She has the very best of shoulder and good return of upper arm. Deep, well sprung ribbing which goes way back to her strong arched loin. Well developed in rear with excellent muscling throughout and plenty width of first and second thigh, good bend of stifle whilst maintaining moderation there. Pleasing arch to her strong, well-muscled neck which leads cleanly through the shoulder line into her firm, strong, gently arched topline and long well angulated croup. Good width across the pelvis. Her lines are soft, curvy and moderate. Super presentation and here today she was in full, silky coat. She comes together beautifully on the move with her long easy strides, pushing easily from the rear and with no effort on display. She keeps a great topline on the around too. She is eye catching for all the right reasons, nothing in excess and just pure quality. BCC & BOB. Even more thrilling for me , was to see her win the Hound Group today under Hound specialist Mr. Jeff Horswell – really well done!

2nd: Hall’s CH JANSAMS KILLER QUEEN. Another gorgeous girl whom I really admired. She truly was just unlucky to meet this winner on such form. I really rate this girl and she, too is from the top drawer with many hallmarks of the breed on display. She is presented in fine coat and condition and giving such a great performance. She possesses a most gorgeous head and eye – so balanced and correct with good head planes, correct shape and length, well placed ears of rose shape and with super expression. She has a strong neck into excellent front assembly, straight and true when viewed from the front with correct bladed bone, well knuckled tight feet and slightly sloping front pasterns. She has deep ribs with good length and spring. Well arched, strong, muscular loin, leading into a strong well-muscled, correct rear. She has a smooth, slightly arched, unbroken topline and is in the best of coat. Her conditioning and presentation are exquisite. This quality girl is so feminine and correct for type and construction. She is a very good mover with good footfalls. I liked her so very much. RCC.


Judge - Diane Stewart-Ritchie