• Show Date: 03/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)


3RD JUNE 2023


Minor Puppy Dog

Entries: 4, 0

1st : Mrs D & Mr A Bayliss - WILANORAH WE WILL ROCK YOU. BPIB Dark blue minor puppy who presents a nice square picture on the stack. He has a very appealing head and expression with correct width across the skull and corresponding foreface. He is balanced and proportionate in head and square finish to foreface. I particularly liked his excellent front assembly. He is long in rib with plenty of spring and depth. Level topline. Good tail set. Good bone, tight feet well knuckled. Tidy little mover who carries himself well. Well-presented and already in good muscle. Pleased to award him Best Puppy In Breed.  

2nd : Ms L D Beddows - GLOWHILL STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. Well put together in front assembly with good topline, big ribs already and short at loin. Developing hindquarters. Very good muscle. Appealing head piece with correct ear set. Dark eye and good expression. Moved okay.

3rd : Miss S J M Ellison - WITHIFLOR TOUCHSTONE 

 Puppy Dog

Entries: 5,1

1st: Mrs A P & Mrs J Hackett & Sheridan - LINDRIDGE STAR ATTRACTION. Light blue, with the most beautiful face. Loved the proportions in head and the head planes. Plenty chiselling throughout with dark eye and good expression. Clean in lip good in underjaw. Correctly set ears, fine in leather, with correct length and carriage. Pleasing front assembly and developing well in rear. Nice little mover.

2nd: Mr A E G, Misses L D & S J Clarke - HARBETHOL LOOK MAGICAL TYME. Well-muscled young man with good ribbing. Pleasing shoulders and a good body. Good bone and feet. Decent layback of shoulder and good in quarter. Just a bit strong in head for me. Moved happily.


Junior Dog

Entries: 5, 0

1st : Mr B & Mrs B Sinclair - CLARAMAND MERCURY RISING AT DUCLARUS. Blue roan with pleasing head and expression. Dark eye with good pigment. Balanced and proportionate. Okay in shoulder and decent in upper arm. Super ribbing and what a lovely tidy rump. Has good bone and feet. Would prefer a shade freer in elbow, but he appealed greatly through the ribs and rear to win this class. 

2nd : Mr M K Wildman - OKTUMI MAJOR PLAYER. Absolutely delicious expression with correct dark eye and pigment. Has plenty chiselling throughout with good stop. Very nice foreface, clean and with enough underjaw. Presented here today in the best of muscle and groomed to perfection. Good in forehand and really big ribs. Moved well.

3rd: Mr A E G, Misses L D & S J Clarke - HARBETHOL LOOK MAGICAL TYME 

 Graduate Dog

Entries: 9,1

1st : Mrs D & Mr A Bayliss - SHIREPARK SIR FRANCIS DRAKE BY WILANORAH JW. Smart, blue teenager who has all the essentials. Really well constructed throughout. He had much appeal and I definitely rated him. So much in fact, I was pleased to give him the Reserve CC today. He possess a really lovely head with good proportions. Square finish to foreface with big full nose. Dark tight eye. Good pigment. Lovely expression. Clean in cheek and nicely chiselled throughout. Correctly placed ears of good length and fine. Moderate length of neck which is strong and well-muscled. Very nice lay of shoulder, clean and refined. Straight and true in front. Good length of upper arm with plenty fill in forehand. Good bone, tight feet, also well padded. Full in ribcage. Strong with nicely developed loin. Muscular, well angulated hindquarters bearing good bend of stifle, also short and strong from hock to heel. Correct level topline. He is compact, typey and has some style. Sound, out and back, with correct footfalls and an easy open reach on the around with plenty drive from behind. In excellent condition and well presented. An exciting prospect.

2nd : Mrs J Sheridan - OKTUMI MISCHIEF MAKER JW Bel Jch. Well presented, put down in good muscle. Good bone and tidy feet. Pleasing forehand. Okay shoulder. Just a shade long in body for my preference, so not my ideal shape but has ample quarters. Really nice expression, dark eye. Good in topline . Would prefer a shade truer in front. Good spring and depth of rib. Very nice tail action on the move.


Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 4, 1

1st : Miss J K Pop - CLARAMAND COSMOPOLITAN. Good head properties with big nose, full and square in foreface. Good stop. Good ear set and length. Excels in ribbing and pelvis. Great strength over the rump. Very nice hindquarters. Good shoulder and upper arm. Level topline. Moves with great action, with correct tail carriage.

2nd : Mrs S J Hutson - STOBYTILL AFTER THE STORM. Longer caste than 1st. Very nice head and foreface. Most appealing head proportions. Enough stop and work throughout. A shade steep in shoulder, okay in upper arm. Good bone, well-padded feet. Super quality over the ribbing and rump which I particularly liked. Moved okay.

3rd : Mrs J L Kitchen - ANNILANN BHAMA MAMA 

Limit Dog

Entries: 8, 2

1st : Mrs G M Birkenshaw - GILCAR MIDNIGHT DREAM. Top quality blue boy who took my eye on initial assessment of the class. There was just something about him and I was more than delighted during his assessment. He is typey, so well-constructed and most pleasing on the move. He has all the essentials to be a top winner and I was truly thrilled at the end of the day to hear I had now given him his fifth CC and that I had given his mum best puppy in breed the last time I judged. He is most appealing in head piece with good head planes, teamed with a super expression. His head is well balanced, with plenty of chiselling throughout whilst devoid of excess. He has correct ear set, length and placement. Slight arch to neck leading into good shoulder. I particularly liked him through his upper arm and fore hand. He is straight and true when viewed from the front. His elbows are tight but free, fitting neatly around his ribcage. He has lovely big ribs with excellent, spring depth and length. Strong and compact. Well-muscled loin. Powerful rear, which was complimentary to his front assembly. Strong solid topline with good tail set and carriage. He is sound and true out and back and so pleasurable to watch on the around. Presented in the very best of order with excellent muscle. Still only 2 and a half, I’m sure he has a very exciting future ahead. He had gotten right under my skin and I knew he’d be hard to beat. Today none could match him. I was delighted to award him the CC. I will definitely watch his progress with a keen interest!

2nd : Ms Y Cassidy - MANCHELA SPEECHLESS AT CASSOZ JW. Another quality boy vying hard for the top spot. He too has much to commend. I liked him a lot. Excels in breed type. Super big ribs and I loved his whole rear assembly, with particularly good width across the pelvis. Very appealing head with correct balance and plenty work therein. Good in stop, eye shape and colour, with enough chiselling. Nicely angled front and rear. He is a tidy mover. Has so much to commend. Another interesting prospect.


Open Dog

Entries: 5, 0

1st : R & G Maguire & Sugden - BENCLEUCH BEFORE THE STORM. This beautifully presented dark blue boy is so fit and strong and he has so many breed attributes to commend. Particularly his big ribs and hind assembly. He has a dark eye with good pigment. Just a shade strong in back skull for my preference but the proportions are good and he has enough stop and chiselling. Big nose, good in under jaw. Moderate and well-muscled neck. Just a shade steep in shoulder but good in forehand with plenty fill in front. He is straight and true when viewed from the front with quality bone and well-padded feet. Excellent topline. Particularly excels in ribbing. Short, strong loin. Good width over first and second thigh with good bend of stifle. Just a shade softer in croup for my ideal. He is positive and true out and back and puts on a good performance on the around. Very cockery, a lovely type.

2nd : Mr & Mrs. Williams. SH CH WILMERELLA OUTLANDER. Well-presented Blue, worthy Show Champion who excels in topline and tail set. Just preferred the head of 1st, although this boy has a very nice expression I’d like him a little cleaner in foreface. He has good ear set, placement and length. Complimentary front and rear assemblies, with good depth of brisket and very balanced in proportions. Good bone and tight feet, well padded. Moved soundly and carried himself well. Nicely presented.  


Special Beginners Dog

Entries: 6, 1

1st : Mrs W Grist - KASORDON FIRESTARTER. Pleasing black boy, presented today in good condition and really nice musculature. He is short and cobby with super spring of rib, deep and carried well back to muscular loin. Really nice through the rear end and particularly pleasing rump. Very nice head proportions and a very appealing face throughout. Moved well. 

2nd : Mrs M Robinson - WILMERELLA PERFECT STORM. Very good shoulder line, really nice in upper arm. Good bone, tidy feet. Nice square package. Really excels in ribs and rump. Head okay , would prefer a darker eye. Moved okay

3rd : Mrs J L Kitchen - ANNILANN BHAMA MAMA 

Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Entries: 6, 0

1st : Mrs J Griffin - GRIFFIAL MAKE IT COUNT. Really typey, super shape and a great little mover. Lovely in hindquarter. Super rump, width across the pelvis, excellent ribs. Pleasing head, clean in foreface, no exaggerations. 

2nd : Mrs C A West - SHEIGRA SUPER SPECIAL JW. Black, in full coat. Level topline, good tailset . Okay in upper arm and fills the hand well. Really nice spring of rib with great depth. Good bone and feet. Well presented. Moved okay.


Special Beginners Bitch

Entries: 7,1

1st : Mrs P Taylor-Kistner - BLACK LORD WILDEST DREAM AT FRIELJOANIPA (Imp Hrv). Best Special Beginners in Breed. See Graduate report. 

2nd : Messrs G & R Green & Brain - CACHEL POP THE QUESTION TO MELONERAS JW. Super mover with excellent topline and tail set. Big ribs. Nicely put together all through. Such a fabulous head piece. Loved her. Moved well with good showmanship. Pushed the winner all the way.


Minor Puppy Bitch

Entries: 5, 1

1st : Mrs S J Terry - SHAGGYLANDS SEXY AND I NO IT. Well developed in ribbing and with good head properties. I liked her finish and squareness to muzzle and her big nose and head planes. She’s good in upper arm and has nice quarters. Loved her ribbing and width across her pelvis giving her that strong rump. Her shape is nice and she’s a good mover. There’s no denying she needs some work on her presentation but under the coat there is a sturdy, solid little package. She moved well.

2nd : Misses A & S Kettle - LUJESA LAURELLAKES ANGEL WHISPER. Groomed to perfection, as one would expect from this experienced breeder. This black baby girl is still so raw being just 6.5 months. She has the darkest of eyes with good pigment and is particularly pretty. Level topline, good croup. Well ribbed back with good depth. Pleasing in shoulder and rear. Very much the baby of the class. Still learning what it’s all about. She moved okay today.


Puppy Bitch

Entries: 4, 0

Two litter sisters heading this class and with many of the same commendable qualities. I liked them both for type and style and with cracking little personalities. Both showed well and certainly appeared to be enjoying their day. They brought a smile to my face.

1st : Ms F Glendinning - PLAIGLEN YOU'R MY SUNSHINE. Super classic head. Correct in back skull with complimentary foreface. Pleasing stop. Kind expressive eye and plenty chiselling throughout. Enough in under jaw. Good topline and tail set. Very nice front assembly. Good in ribbing. Good width over the quarters with enough bend of stifle. Just needs to strengthen a shade in rear. She is such a lovely type. B.P.B.

2nd : Mrs H Randall - PLAIGLEN SUNSHINE. Another classic bitch with good head properties, moderate length of neck leading into good front. Nicely ribbed back and she is good in rear. Well-proportioned throughout. Just needs to settle into her job a bit more but she has good appeal.

3rd : Miss G Boam - JEMIMA PUDDLE DUCKY 

Junior Bitch

Entries: 7, 1

Two exciting girls who pushed each other all the way and both with great qualities.

1st : Mr M J & Mr M F Masters & Dott - MANCHELA LITTLE TEASE. BJIB. Cracking blue youngster. She is stylish but cobby with the most lovely head and eye. She has quality bone and tight well-padded feet. I liked her for size and her overall shape. She’s good in topline and tail set and already with ample ribbing. She has superb shoulders with complimentary upper arm. Plenty fill in front and her elbows fit tightly around her rib cage without impeding. A great wee mover. She carries herself well with great tail action. She’d really caught my interest from the moment I put hands on her. Very pleased to award her Best Junior In Breed and later watch her gain Junior Group 3 under renowned all-rounder Francesco Cochetti from Italy.

2nd : Mrs C & Mr A Stokes-Harrell & Harrell - CLARAMAND ONE VISSION. Orange and white . Classic bitch with very nice body shape. She is solid and compact with a level topline and correct tail set. Another with a beautiful shoulder line. Good in upper arm and fill in front. Correctly proportioned. Big in rib. Good width over the quarters and very solid over the pelvis. She has a lovely expression and a very balanced head piece. Just a shade too much in dewlap. Goes well, maintaining her topline all the way.


Graduate Bitch

Entries: 13, 2

1st : Mrs P Taylor-Kistner - BLACK LORD WILDEST DREAM AT FRIELJOANIPA (Imp Hrv). Black bitch. Very well presented and in good musculature. She is short and cobby. Nicely ribbed up. Good width across the pelvis. Pleasing bone and feet. She has an appealing head with dark eye, tight rims and good pigment. Correctly proportioned head piece, clean and without excess. Moderate length of neck and pleasing shoulder just a little tight at elbow. Sound away and carried herself well on the around using her tail well.    

2nd : Mrs C A West - SHEIGRA SUPER SECRET JW. Red girl of nice type. Pleasing eye colour and pigment. Her head is balanced with enough chiselling and stop. Full in nose and clean in lip. Good in upper arm. Pleasing ribs and good hindquarters. She has a number of quality attributes and moved well.

3rd :Mrs C Stokes-Harrell - WHINBURN PRAIRIE GROUSE 

Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 7,1

Strong class with a number of particularly nice girls. The first two girls appealed greatly for overall size, shape and style and both very attractive on the around. I was totally nit-picking when separating them for the final placings.

1st : Mrs T A Lewis - HARADWATER VANITY FAIR AT PENMARTAN (Imp Prt). This blue girl is a quality package. Excellent in topline and tail set. Very nice lay of shoulder and upper arm. Her whole front assembly is good. Full ribcage. She has great depth in brisket and her ribs go way back to her short, strong muscular loin. Full and rounded across the first and second thighs and rump. Moderate bend of stifle and is short from hock to heel. Pleasing mover out and back. Good on the around with very nice carriage. She has an appealing head piece, lean and clean with sufficient stop and good chiselling throughout, just lacks a shade in expression.

2nd : Ms F Glendinning - PLAIGLEN COFFDROP. Blue.Pushed the winner all the way. She too is of excellent type and has all the essentials of construction. Good bone, tidy feet and the best of ribbing throughout. Excels in front assembly. Solid and full in hindquarter. She is powerful through the rump. I liked so much about her and she has appealing head properties. Truthfully, I would prefer a darker eye but she has so much to commend and easily attained this high placing courtesy of her type, construction and movement. 


Limit Bitch

Entries: 13, 0

1st : Miss J, Mrs L & Mr M Ray & Challands - ANNILANN MISS MERRY BERRY JW. Typey, blue girl with the most appealing shape. She presents well under the hand, with good bone. Level topline with complimentary angles fore and aft. Very pleasing in ribbing. Short in loin. Very nice forehand. Balanced head, dark eye good pigment. Clean in cheek, well chiselled with correct finish to foreface. Ears well placed. She is a very tidy mover and had to be to win this strong class. Just needs that little extra conditioning to push her on to the next level. 

2nd : Mr M J & Mr M F Masters & Dott - ADRIANA SUNFOREST SOUL WITH MANCHELA (Imp Ukr). This smart blue bitch has so much to commend. She appealed greatly on the first run round and she is so very attractive on the move. Solid and strong in topline and tail set. She has a very attractive head piece of correct planes and good eye colour and pigment with enough stop. She is well chiselled throughout her head and good in lip. Nicely angled fore and aft and fills the hand well in forehand. Just a shade tight at elbow. Very nice ribbing. She is compact and cockery. I liked her moderation in hindquarters but still with lots of power. Well-presented and in good muscle. Moved extremely well on the around.


Open Bitch:

Entries: 8, 0

The two bitches who headed this class, were in my opinion, from the very top drawer. I hate that cliché, “wish I had two first prizes”, but in this instance really I did and in fact I’ll take it one step further and say I wish I had two CC’s. Both girls oozing quality, type and showmanship. It was the final run around that sealed the placings. This really was a hair splitting decision. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to assess your beautiful girls, both of whom were presented to me in immaculate condition and musculature. They are a true credit to you breeders, owners, handlers and indeed the breed itself. 

1st: Mr I & Mrs S Hillier - SH CH COEDCERNYW CALENDAR GIRL JW. It would be foolish of me to say I have never seen her before - of course I have. She had some appeal then, just from ringside but it’s truly when one gets up close and personal with this bitch that her constructional qualities and stamp are to be appreciated. This beautiful red bitch has a dark eye with appealing expression and good pigment. Enough stop, clean in cheek, good finish to foreface and clean in flew. Reachy neck leading into superb shoulder line. Good in upper arm and she fills the hand well in fore chest. Her elbows fit tightly around her ribs but she is free, straight and true without interruption there. Correct bone and feet, tight and well arched. Excellent spring of rib. Length and shape also excellent. Strong, short loin of good muscle leading through to her super hindquarters with excellent width over the first and second thigh and enough bend of stifle. Her topline is solid and strong with correct tail set. She is devoid of excess. Short, cobby and so typey, correctly proportioned. As honest as they come out and back. On the around, reachy with plenty of drive and that true cocker bustle that is so hard to find these days. It was this on the final run around that pushed her to first place over her equally fabulous competitor. Delighted to award her the CC, then ultimately Best of Breed.

2nd: Dr P G & Mr M K Collin & Wildman - SH CH OKTUMI OPALESCENCE. She too is quite the package. Most beautiful head on this blue bitch, with correct proportions and no exaggerations. Correct ear set, length and placement. Clean in back skull, good in foreface and enough stop. Plenty chiselling throughout and so appealing in expression. Well-muscled neck leading into super shoulder line. She has an excellent front assembly and once again totally true through elbows and fore chest. Big ribs of correct shape, spring and length. Short in loin which is well muscled. She is compact and deep in brisket. Strong muscular hindquarters with good bend of stifle and short from hock to heel. Level topline with correct tail set. Excellent bone, tight, well-padded feet. She optimises the standard requirements for temperament. I loved her merry action whether on the table or on the go around. She is a really nice mover and put on a great show today. She has so much to like and so very few failings. She too is a rather special girl. Not the CC today but only by a whisker - Reserve CC


Judge: Diane Stewart-Ritchie