• Show Date: 17/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)


17TH JUNE 2023


Thank you to the committee of Border Union for this invitation. I was very pleased with the quality throughout my entry. The majority of exhibits were presented well and in fine muscle which was extremely pleasurable to see. This is a very important aspect for me. It gives such a contribution to the overall soundness and performance of our dogs and of course it tells me much about their personal life at home when not being a show dog. I always believe a quality life is first and foremost for our show dogs. On evaluation and comparison of this entry compared to last time I judged, it seems a number were from the same kennel, by the same dogs or bitches or indeed had won or placed highly under me previously. I was looking for overall balance, type and construction, whilst being fit and sound. I found this in abundance in my winners. Thank you so much for bringing your lovely girls for my assessment and for accepting my decisions with grace and sportsmanship. I had a lovely day with you all. 


1st: - Mandley. MALTQUDOS ENCHANTED. Tidy puppy who is well grown on and with super balance. She has complimentary good angulations front and rear. I liked her body depth to leg length proportions, as well as her height to length proportions. Really pretty with dark eye and lovely expression. She is good in foreface and with enough stop and already enough chiselling throughout. She is nicely ribbed and carries herself really well on the move, already a well-schooled performance – she does it with delight and looks so eager to please. Would prefer ever so slightly a smaller ear but her head is yet to finish so there is time for it all to catch up. She is still rather moderate in stifle which is advantageous for her at this point when moving. She is a cracking little package. Most interesting to note when doing my report, I see she is sired by the Billy Elliot dog whom I gave his first CC to from a graduate class. Best Puppy Bitch and in full agreement with my co-judge – Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd: Neil. GAYTONWOOD LONG LOOK. What a little poppet. A quality puppy not quite 7 months old and just looking ever so much the baby in this class, but she’s a great package, who is really well put together in all departments, pretty as a picture with the most delightful expression and moves out with great enthusiasm. She carries herself well and is ever so eager to please. I found her most enchanting. She is all quality. 

3rd: Martin. Garline Guarding Lola.


1st: Mandley. MALTQUDOS ENCHANTED. See Minor Pup report

2nd: Neil. GAYTONWOOD LONG LOOK. See Minor Pup report

3rd: Mccormack. FLYNGALEE BUSY BOO 


1st: Ewart. PARLICKVIEW BLAZE OF GLORY OVER BEAUPIPPIN JW. Mid gold of nice type and correct proportions. I liked her balance, her moderation, her pretty head and overall soundness. She is a very honest girl with appealing construction. She is not as glamourous as some but that’s not a failing, just an observation. She has all the essentials and her balance and moderation is so appealing. Her footfalls are good. She is sound out and back and pretty effortless on the around. Super in front angulation and strong solid and wide in pelvis.

2nd: O’Neill. STRATHLON APRIL BONNIE LASS. A bit fuller than 1st but she stands on good bone and feet. Really lovely in forehand. Excellent quarters. From hock to heel is short and strong, just how it should be. Well laid back shoulder with complimentary length of upper arm. Good ribs and width over the pelvis and solid through the rear with enough bend of stifle. Well presented. She has a pretty face and most lovely expression.



1st: Carlton. FHAIRMHOR MOONLIGHT SONATA. Beautifully balanced girl with cracking headpiece, well chiselled and balanced, gorgeous eye with fabulous expression – she really pulls you in. Balanced with correct proportions all through. Not overdone in any way. Complimentary angles front and rear, good ribbing. Really excels over the pelvis. Smart mover.

2nd: Hill & Smith. MEGARVEY DEJA VU JW. Lovely mover with very nice footfalls out and back. Pleasing enough on the around, although occasionally carrying her tail. She has the greatest reach in front and is extremely light footed. Pretty enough and her general make and shape is good and she is appealing in head with good eye and expression. Stands on good bone and feet and enough substance throughout.

3rd: Williamson. SANDTI TIKI TAKA JW 


1ST: Mandley. MALTQUDOS ENCHANTED : See Minor Puppy report

2nd: Neil. GAYTONWOOD LONG LOOK : See Minor Puppy report


1ST: Bradley. Ceilcaesar Ben Avon. I loved her for her overall size and correct proportions and balance. She is not overdone in any way but honest and true and although having to change handlers she was unfazed and really gave of herself at all times. Moving with great carriage and showmanship yet purposeful and light. She has excellent front construction. Well ribbed, strong and solid in the quarters. Has plenty depth throughout and stands on quality bone and good feet. She has a most appealing headpiece. She has an old fashioned look about her, but that’s a good thing. She showed a clean pair of heels on the away, straight and true towards and good on the around maintaining her topline at all times. I was rather taken with her classic look. For me it was a real joy to see such balance. Interesting to note she won Yearling under me in 2021

2nd:Carlton. FHAIRMHOR MOONLIGHT SONATA : See Yearling report



1ST: Bradley. CEILCAESAR BEN AVON : See Graduate report

2nd: Hill & Smith. Megarvey Clementine JW. Another quality girl whom I see won under me previously in her Minor Puppy class. I had alluded to her potential then and how nice to see she did attain her junior warrant and here in this Post Graduate class she, once again, appealed. Well put together in all departments with the best of topline and tail set. Complimentary angles front and rear. Super ribbing. Very pleasing proportions. Well balanced throughout. Pretty head with dark eye. Sound positive mover and really excels from the rear. Much to like. Well presented with excellent muscle.

3rd: Middlesmiss. HARMARJOY FREYA


1st: O’Neill. LINIRGOR MISTY MORNINGS AT STRATHLON JW. I have judged this girl before and have always found her to have great appeal. Her overall shape I find fills my eye. She is really well angled but without excess. She is full and deep with well sprung ribs. Good in the loin and excellent in topline and tail set. She has a quality rear and short from hock to heel. This gold bitch is very light of foot and shows effortless movement on the around with her easy reach in front and well propelled from her powerful rear. In order to seriously contend for the big cards, she could do with losing a pound or two. This girl is, however, fit and well-muscled and groomed to a really high standard.

2nd: Crookes & Jenkinson. QUAKERHALL FLARE BY PANDORA. Pretty girl. Good expression with plenty chiselling and nicely balanced. Moderate ears, strong neck. Excellent angulation in front. Well sprung ribs carried back to short loin. Good bend of stifle and short from hock to heel. Level back. Good coat. Very nicely presented in super muscle. Not as good in croup as 1st. Strong powerful mover who has good carriage and plenty of style.



1st: McShane. RIGERIN RESPECT. This girl had attracted my attention on my first look around the ring. This was a strong class with some real quality girls but she had that little something extra. Having gone over her, I was hopeful she would be as sound on the move to really complete her picture and she didn’t let me down. What a great mover. This mid gold bitch has a pretty head with good proportions and great expression. Correct topline and tail set. Good in upper arm, pleasing enough in shoulder. Well ribbed up, strong and muscular in loin. Really nice in the quarters with correct bone. Neat, tidy feet. This one is a real contender in my opinion. Today winning the RCC but she really pushed the Open bitch hard. A girl of this quality will surely gain further top awards.  

2nd: Nelson. CADWST ETERNAL FLAME. Another cracking girl in this quality class. Such an attractive picture on the stack. Pretty hard to fault constructionally and a sound, positive mover. Not quite the headpiece of 1st but she has a good expression, good pigment and well-placed ears. She has much to commend and is a very pleasing package.

3rd:Lane & Lane-Ridyard: Kulawand Sky with Diamonds 


1ST: McCormack. SH CH FLYNGALEE TIPTOES JW. CC Winner. Mid Gold. Such a great moving bitch, full of type and of correct proportions and has pretty much all the essentials. Pretty face, balanced, dark, expressive eye, well placed ears, enough stop and with good definition throughout the head giving that stamp of quality. Moderate, muscular neck leading into her well-placed front assembly. She is balanced through her scapula and humerus, correctly angled. She fills the hand with ease and is correct at elbow. Deep and long in rib. She is well proportioned throughout. Short in couplings and superb in width across the first and second thighs with well bent stifles. Delightfully short in rear pastern. She has strong, quality bone and tight, cat-like feet. Her tail set is bang on and perfectly carried when on the move. Strong, thick coat in full bloom. I particularly liked her length to height ratios and her overall shape. She is most delightful on the move with easy long strides, an abundance of reach in front and a real powerhouse from the rear. Her soundness greatly appealed. Quality girl who was so complimentary in style to the CC winning male - my co-judge and I liked them both a lot. Delighted to award this girl the CC in this quality entry in Scotland almost 30 years after awarding Flyngalee Mity Nice Girl the Best of Breed in an entry of 91 at Land O’Burns Open Show in Scotland, on my first occasion judging Golden Retrievers! Mrs Denise McCormack created a super kennel it seems.

2nd: Youngson. SH CH LINIRGOR TEACHERS PET AT TREEVEVILLE JW. Stylish, cream girl. I see she is titled and very worthy indeed. Super topline, really nicely developed in the rear. Excellent layback of shoulder, super in ribbing. Short, strong muscular loin. Quality bone and good feet. Plenty fill in front, good length to height proportions. She is most delightful in head. Correctly balanced foreface to back skull with sufficient depth and strength in muzzle and so well chiselled throughout. Enough stop, well placed ears of moderate size. Dark eyed with good pigment. Her expression really pulls you in. She carries herself well on the around but today just couldn’t match the front extension of the winner. I did like her make and shape and overall style very much. She was a real contender today.


1st: Cuthill. MOUSSEGLEN MARISKA (AI). Yet again from the same mould as my other winners. Leg length to body depth and overall proportions being spot on. She has a nice style about her and is in great condition for her 10 years. In fact it was quite joyous to assess her condition and realise her age. Good front assembly, good bone and feet. Plenty in forechest. Strong well sprung ribs of good length. Wide and powerful in hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Pleasing in muscle. Good tail set. A very nice open reach on the around. Most appealing, pretty headpiece with dark eye and good expression. What a delightful pair this brother and 

Sister made when challenging for best veteran in breed. Congratulations to their owner keeping them in such wonderful condition. Best Veteran In Breed.

2nd: Williamson. THORNYWAIT ATOMIC BETTY FOR SANDTI. Gorgeous head and eye. Good stop, good strength in foreface. Moderate length of neck. Good length to upper arm. Well ribbed. Powerful strong quarters and short from hock to heel. She is of a very nice style. Has an attractive outline and moved well.

3rd:Ewart. Beaupippin Dusky Lilac VW 

Diane Stewart-Ritchie (Judge)