• Show Date: 04/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/11/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Irish Wolfhound

 PD (3,2)
 1st Sumner’s DUKESARUM MURPHY. Smart, dark brindle boy who has such a lovely head with correct planes, big nose, good in underjaw. Very nice ribs already. Good bone, nice feet. Balanced and proportionate. Super in the quarters with good development of first and second thigh. He is of a nice type and moved really well on the around. He has great carriage and put on a good performance to win himself the BPIB & RCC today. 

 PGD (1,0) 
1st Evans’ KILLOUGHERY RICOCHET WITH BRAEWISAN. Very good head properties, long with good strength in skull and foreface. Big nose, plenty underjaw. A shade light in eye. Has good bone and is pretty well put together with superb shoulder, deep well sprung ribs. Strong, muscular loin. Good over the quarters. Super length of croup. Moved well and very soundly.

LD (1,0) 
1st Gregory & Warwick’s CAIRNSTORM RENEGADE. Brindle. This dog was put down in the absolute best of muscle which capitalises in some areas where he is not so good – well done for such great management. He has a pleasing masculine head, well-proportioned, with dark eyes and good pigment. He has good bone but not as true in front as I might like. He has plenty of substance and strength. He is deep and long in rib. Has good enough quarters, a shade long in rear pastern and not quite as moderately angulated there as is my preference. 

 OD (1,0)
 1st Amoo’s CH SADE PARIS Impressive hound who is very muscular and powerful. Has great strength and is very commanding in appearance. Super head, balanced, proportionate and with good expression. Strong, well-muscled, arched neck. Straight, strong boned forelegs. He has the most excellent shoulder. Complimentary upper arm. Super fill in forechest, he fills the hand well there. He is deep with well sprung ribs that are long and lead to his strong well-muscled loin. He is excellent in hindquarter with good width over first and second thigh. Sufficient bend of stifle without excess and in superb muscle tone. He comes together so well on the move. Has great presence on the go round with long reach and great propulsion from the rear. Strong and positive in footfall. Correct in coat texture, harsh and rough. Surprised, yet delighted, to hear this win gave him the breed record cementing his place in the history books. Many congratulations DCC & BOB.

SBB (2,1)
 1st Bennet’s HYDEBECK IZZIE WIZZIE Wheaten girl with nice head and superb ears of correct rose shape, in fact the best ears of the day. A shade light in eye but has dark pigment. Good in shoulder although a shade wide in front. Straight in front. Good depth and length of rib. She is good in the quarters. Just a shade untidy away but has some nice qualities. BSpBIB

PB (2,0)
 1st Sumner’s DUKESARUM NIAMH. Light brindle who has a superb shoulder, straight enough in front. Deep long ribs. Good in quarters. Pleasing head with darkish eye. A shade close behind on the away but very light on her feet on the go round. Just needs a bit of time to settle.
 2nd Sumner’s DUKESARUM TALLULAH This dark brindle bitch was a good mover on the around. Just a shade close behind but okay coming towards. Level back. Good bone, a shade straight in pastern. Good width over first and second thigh. Has a very good shoulder. Just needs to fill in front. Pleasing head piece.

JB (1,0)
 1st Amoo’s SADE PRELUDE Ai Another quality exhibit from this well-known kennel. Yet again they have produced the goods. So typey, well put together. Good in proportions and a really lovely mover. She excels in her super reach and drive and she’s quite captivating up close. Well-proportioned head with good carriage. Long neck, arched, strong and muscular. Superb shoulder, and complimentary upper arm. Tight elbows. Good bone. Large, round feet with well arched toes, strong nails. Already well-developed in ribs. Still more to come in second thigh on this junior girl but that’s okay. Good harsh coat. So commendable on the around. RCC

YB (2,1)
 1st Sheppards’ GAELMARQUE TREASURED BY GOLDSWIFT JW. A most impressive feminine hound, who has an abundance of substance, yet retains a degree of elegance for her size. She is a class act and I’m totally sure she has a glittering career ahead. Super head, so well balanced. Enough strength in back skull, yet clean. Good in foreface with plenty underjaw, super strong big teeth and correct bite. She totally flows under the hand right from her neck to her well placed tail. She has complimentary angulation front and rear, fills the hand well in front. She is also well muscled behind. She has the best of ribbing and strong, muscular and powerful in loin with slight arch. I particularly liked her on the move. For such a strong powerful hound she is so light on her feet, yet positive and with big reach and drive. Super over the pelvis both in length and width and correct tail set. This top quality Wolfhound will surely trouble the best within her group. BCC. Diane Stewart-Ritchie

 Class PGB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
 1st : Gregory: KILLOUGHERY REDEMPTION: Brindle. This houndy girl was a good mover on the around. She is straight and true in front and stands on good feet. She has deep, strong ribs that go way back to her arched loin. I liked her strength through the loin. She is good in topline and is strong and powerful in the rear. Good in hindquarter. A good mover. Good head proportions, would prefer a darker eye.
 2nd : Wilkinson: RAINSTER EILEX AMONG HUNACRES: Straight front, decent in forehand. Pleasing head. Flat ears. A bit round in eye. Decent ribbing. Muscular loin and good width to quarter. Moved okay.

Class LB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
 1st : Wallis: CAIRNSTORM RESOLUTION: Lovely wheaten girl who presents a very nice picture on the stack. She is honest and unexaggerated and has great appeal. She is very stylish on the move and is good on the around maintaining good shape and carriage. Very nice head with good oval eye shape and dark pigment. Strong, quality bone. Good feet. Long neck, strong and muscular leads into good front assembly. She is very pleasing in the rear. I liked her in hindquarters a lot. Shade long in rear pastern but to be honest this didn’t detract. Harsh, thick coat. She had much appeal.

 Class OB (4 Entries) Abs: 2
 1st : Heather: CH WHITEORCHARD AD ASTRA JW: Top quality girl of good type and ever so sound. She is very well made, unexaggerated and a good tidy mover. She has a super head, excellent in expression with dark oval eyes. Stands on strong, quality bone and good feet. She has great depth throughout and I liked her balance. She has the best of shoulder, good in upper arm and plenty fill in front. She excels in ribbing and has enough width of first thigh and sufficient bend of stifle. She has a very nice topline and is curvaceous. Absolutely excellent mover. Yet another quality girl in today’s entry. I liked her very much. 
 2nd : Sumner: CH DUKESARUM CHIARA: Upstanding girl who moves well and is nicely developed in quarters. Good through first and second thigh and sufficient bend of stifle. She is deep in rib which are well sprung, just a shade long in loin. She has a pleasing head I’d just like a little bit more in underjaw. Correct, harsh coat. Moves well.