• Show Date: 12/11/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/12/2023

Northumbria Poodle Club

Breed: Poodle (Standard)

Northumbria Poodle Club Championship Show

12th November 2023

My thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge at the Club’s last show as amalgamation beckons in 2024 and l wish the new Club every success going forward.

Today was somewhat marred by absentees however, one’s own health and that of our dogs must come first but thank you for your entries. I was pleased with the overall quality of those standards present and there were some very close decisions. My two stewards kept things running smoothly thank you.

Standard Poodles

Veteran Dog (1)1 Ch Tianola Touch of Class JW ShCM VW It is easy to see why this boy carries so many titles. for his attitude and presence belies his eight and a half years. So well put together, compact, body in firm condition with good reach of neck providing good outline when stacked. Pleasing in head and eye, refined and without coarseness yet with masculine expression. Well angulated rear which he used to advantage, moving with plenty of drive, keeping his outline and was positive in both directions. A justifiably proud owner.

Minor Puppy (2)1 Isherwood, Gadsby & Lynn Afterglow Atticus Finch I did not expect to find such a stunner in only the second class. Absolutely commands your attention at all times. Stood four square without any positioning on the best feet I saw all day. Tight well knuckled with thick pads and short nails – super. Pleasing head with dark eyes and should develop to a handsome boy with maturity. Good body in firm condition, straight front and super angulation on the rear. Ice white coat which did not hide anything. Excellent tail set and carriage. Accurate on the move showing good reach and rear drive. Free moving in profile, I was captivated by him and will watch his progress with interest Res CC Mrs Hannar confirmed my opinion by awarding him BPIS

2 O’Higgins & Knudtzen Wenche Catwalk Private Dancer at Sarnia many similar qualities to his illustrious sire. Similar shape and expressive head properties. Good front and well angulated rear in firm condition. Has good reach of neck and well-placed shoulders. Short in body with good depth of rib. Playful on the move but showed good rear drive, no doubt these two will have many battles given they are both only 6mths old.

Puppy Dog (2) 1 Eburne’s Highla Not Just a Dream For Shirgasei this boy is pleasing in all areas where nothing is over-done. Pleasing head with good chin and masculine expression, well placed ears. In firm muscular condition, well angulated rear which he uses to advantage covering the ground well. Plenty of thick coat which was well presented.

2 Burton’s Highla Dream Machine as these two are brothers many of the above comments apply. He too has masculine head with, dark well-placed eyes and framed by plenty of furnishings. Sturdy body, with good muscle tone. Again, plenty of coat well presented. He was being very playful so not as collected on the move as his brother.

Junior Dog (1) 1 Burton’s Highla Dream Machine repeat

Yearling Dog (1) R & S Moores & S Speakman Ataraksia Blue Lagoon for Sachemic very well presented black showing a lovely shape stacked, with excellent reach of neck and compact body. Pleasing in head with dark eyes, well set ears producing an overall masculine expression. Straight in front with well angulated rear which he used to advantage on the move.

Post Grad Dog (3-1 abs) 1 Kendall & Clarkson Magin the Great Escape This boy of 17mths is good in outline, short well-made body with good depth of rib and well developed quarters. Pleasing head with masculine expression. Well placed eyes and ears with good chin. Well coated with black jacket nicely presented. Moved steadily retaining his outline and was positive in both directions. The first of the litter of three shown today, I suspect a justifiably proud breeder.

2 Heslop Tianola Chasing Shadows not quite the shape of the winner being slightly longer cast, however he does have a pleasing masculine head with gentle expression. His body was in firm condition, and coat was well presented. Steady on the move but not as positive in front as winner. His young handler controlled him well at all times, congratulations.

Limit Dog (4 -3 abs) 1 Heslop Tianola Chasing Shadows repeat

Open Dog (4-1 abs) O’Higgins & Knudtzen Wenche Smart Connection Sign of Catwalk this boy has matured into an exciting exhibit. Possesses a pleasing head with well-shaped dark eyes and good chin fringed by thick leathers to produce a masculine expression which defies you to pass him by. Has excellent reach of neck set into well laid shoulders, straight front, and well-angulated rear. His short back enhances his shape while the muscle condition gives him a sturdy body. All was covered by a wealth of thick crisp coat in full bloom beautifully presented. He powered round the ring with plenty of drive in a free-flowing action yet retaining his outline. His arrogance and ring presence means he demands attention just giving him the edge over the others. Delighted to add yet another CC to his collection and for him to go on to BIS

2 Crawford’s Exalon Apache Moon at Tussars ShCEX upstanding white with superb attitude and outlook when stacked. Lovely head and expression, thick well fringed ears, and plenty of head furnishings, enhanced by dark pigmentation. An exceptional crisp white jacket in lovely bloom, which was presented to perfection, covered firm muscular body. His straight front and well angulated rear produced good reach and drive on the move. Strong contender for the Res CC

Minor Puppy Bitch (6-2 abs)1 Prestons Duanalbanach Mellow Yellow to Brooksbeauty pretty black with pleasing head and eye giving feminine expression. Excels in outline when stacked with reachy neck short sturdy body, with straight front and nicely angulated rear. Has good coat well presented. Moved well in profile but also fore and aft.

2 Patterson-Rogerson’s Kamarri Dior lovely white baby with lovely outline when stacked. Nice short back and reachy neck. Feminine head with good dark eye and excellent pigmentation giving lovely expression. Well made body was covered by good quality coat, expertly prepared. Good front and well angulated rear unfortunately today she wanted to play so movement erratic.

3 Dawson’s Amber Nova Fatal Attraction for Achara

Puppy Bitch (3-1 abs) 1 R & S Moores & S Speakman Sachemic Mischief Managed lovely black, feminine head with expressive eyes. Looked well stacked, good reach of neck and compact body which was in firm condition. Tight feet and good tail set. Thick black coat was nicely presented. Movement was positive with well angulated rear giving lovely action in profile. BPB

2 McGouran Little Thom white youngster of overall good make and shape. She has excellent feet. Pleasing head and expression enhanced by good pigmentation. Good coat well prepared. Steady movement good in profile but not being totally cooperative with handler.

Junior Bitch (4-1 abs) Patterson-Rogerson & Kendall’s Magin Here to Eternity black who excels in shape, short in body with good reach of neck. Pleasing head very feminine expression with good ears framed by plenty of furnishings. Good body condition and muscle tone, excellent tight feet. Stylish on the move, plenty of reach and drive with good tail carriage. Good coat well presented. Just my type for size and shape hence I was pleased to award her Res CC

2 Preston’s Volgarus Be My Guest at Brooksbeauty slightly taller girl but with many similar qualities and could change places on another day. Good shape to this girl enhanced by her neat trim. Short in back straight front and good feet. Pleasing head and expression. Plenty of quality coat nicely presented. Steady mover but preferred rear angulation and tail carriage of first.

Post Graduate Bitch (3 -1 abs) 1 Kendall & Clarkson’s Magin Work of Art the third of the Magin trio and easy to see they are related. I could just apply the same comments as the junior winner. She is a very pretty girl, lovely head refined and expressive, Same compact shape and in firm muscular condition. Unfortunately, did not wish to co-operate when moving in the challenge.

Limit Bitch (3 -1 abs) 1 Skinner’s Afterglow Desiree lovely white girl with super quality coat, she looked lovely stacked. Well-developed body in good muscular condition. taller girl but with many positive attributes. Excellent head and eye with lovely feminine expression helped by plenty of furnishings. Her coat was of good texture with immaculate presentation. Stylish on the move retaining her outline in profile.

Open (4- 2abs) 1 Hoblin’s Kertellas Diamonds Darling Two lovely bitches both having lovely heads, and both moved well I just preferred the size and shape of the winner. She possesses a beautifully refined head with plenty of working to give a very feminine expression. Lovely to handle with good lay back shoulder, straight front, and well angulated rear. Her long reach of neck compact body gave her a fabulous shape when stacked. Expert tailoring of her thick crisp jacket completed the picture. Today her movement in profile was excellent with plenty of rear drive, whilst retaining her topline. Pleased to add her 2nd CC

2Marflitt’s Ch Dageo Secret Obsession well deserved champion who has many fine qualities not least a lovely, refined head with dark eyes and feminine expression Well constructed throughout, well placed shoulders, plus correctly angulated front and rear, neat feet. Good thick coat expertly prepared completed the look. Moved well keeping her outline.

Diane Smith