• Show Date: 09/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Trent To Tweed Poodle Club

Breed: Poodle (Miniature)

Trent to Tweed Championship Show 9th July 2023 Miniature Poodles

Thank you for the invitation to judge today I really enjoyed it and to my stewards who did a sterling job. I found a great variation of type but was pleased to see some promising youngsters. It was good to see several new or fairly new exhibitors having quite an impact in the breed, presenting and showing their dogs. Keep going we all started somewhere.

VETERAN DOG (3-1ab) 1 Warne’s Ch Myhaven Chocolate Fancy JW ShCM what can I add to the many comments that have already been written about this boy? Heading towards 10 years his attitude and enthusiasm belie his age. Possesses a masculine yet refined head with clean back skull. Pleasing expression comes from well positioned eyes and moulding in foreface. Compact body was in firm muscular condition, tight well cushioned feet. Has lovely shape from good reach of neck and short back, with well angulated rear, which he uses to advantage on the move. And move he can storming round the ring like a youngster. BVIB

MINOR PUPPY DOG (3) 1 Brook’s Sculbrook Had to Be A Miracle upstanding masculine black boy in beautiful body condition, firm and muscular. Pleasing head with dark eyes. Straight front above good well knuckled feet. Thick well-conditioned jacket well presented looked good stacked. When moving retained his outline and was positive in both directions. One to watch.

2 Holland’s Unexpected Surprise from Dikatayna smaller type at his first show. Nice head with well placed dark eyes. Compact body with good tail set. Moved steadily keeping his outline. With time to grow and mature should be an interesting prospect. 3 Godfrey’s Lorics Brown Rocket to Godpeakiki

PUPPY DOG (6) 1 Lunnen-Turner’s Arrowflight Harvest Moon how special is this boy? Stunning brown from every angle. Fabulous shape with short back, great reach of neck, lovely head, and eye, masculine yet refined with arrogant expression. His straight front and well angulated rear are used to the full as he powers round the ring always retaining that topline. Firm muscular body beneath a wealth of thick brown coat expertly tailored to enhance his qualities He defies you to look elsewhere and at times gave his handler some difficulty, but I love to see a puppy with so much character. My heart almost overruled my head in the challenge, but he had to settle for Res CC to his father. Was BPIB and later given the nod for BPIS by Mrs Tranter. I’m sure he is going to have a very bright future., absolutely loved him.

2 Priestley’s Joleena’s His Excellency, lovely head on this boy, refined with gentle expression. Of good make and shape, looks really good stacked. Has a firm muscular body covered by a wealth of coat, really well presented. Straight front and nicely angulated rear which he uses to advantage on the move.

3 Brook’s Sculbrook Had to Be A Miracle

JUNIOR DOG (1) 1 Kitchener’s Olymbinar’s Micandy Midas Touch JW very mature for his age and the owner must be thrilled with him. Possesses long refined head with good dark eyes. Well-constructed throughout, good reach of neck above firm body, straight front and well angulated rear, all covered by a really thick crisp jacket, (the type not often found these days) which was well presented. Moved with style and plenty of rear drive while retaining his outline. Strongly considered in the challenge, I have no doubt he will carry his title soon.

YEARLING DOG (1) 1 Sharespeare’s Holsyi’s Titan in Ice white of good make and shape, pleasing in head with gentle expression. Has excellent thick white jacket, well presented. He is a balanced shape when stacked, possesses good tail set. Moved steadily.

NOVICE DOG (2) 1 Shakespeare’s Holsyi’s Titan in Ice repeat

2 Holland’s Unexpected Surprise from Dikatayna repeat.


LIMIT DOG (4 -1ab) 1 Lee-Morris’s Michandy Back in Time at Pupstar a striking upstanding male with many super qualities which could not deny him this placing. Masculine head and expression framed by well-placed ears and an abundance of head furnishings. Quality coat was thick and well-prepared Correct shape with firm well-conditioned body, good reach of neck and well angulated rear. Collected on the move retaining his outline.

2 Sim’s Volgarus Face the Music with Meadowfair smaller type but very handsome, particularly liked his head with good chin. Firm in body, good front and rear, coat nicely presented. Moved steadily both coming and going but in profile lost his outline. 3 Shakespeare’s Sariante Dick Grayson

OPEN DOG (3) 1 Ling’s Ch Arrowflight Top Hat, over the years this kennel has produced just my type of miniature and I have long admired this boy from the ringside, I was not disappointed on examination. Super shape with short back and reachy neck. Possesses a lovely, refined head with well-shaped eyes and masculine yet gentle expression framed by a wealth of head furnishings. Compact sturdy body, in firm muscular condition, tight feet and well-set tail. Thick black jacket was expertly presented. Straight front well angulated rear which he uses to advantage, his movement was fluid around the ring covering plenty of ground while also being precise both fore and aft. Expertly handled to show off his many virtues. Managed to fight off a strong challenge from his son to gain CC and BOB, and later was delighted to see him win RBIS. Congratulations.

2 Holmes-Leak’s Ch Navarre’s Extrovert JW beautifully headed black with lovely eyes giving masculine yet refined expression, it is easy to see why he is one of our top winners. Well-made cobby body with good deep rib cage shown in firm muscular condition, correct tail set and carriage. Has good reach of neck giving lovely profile when stacked. His abundance of coat was beautifully prepared. Moved out well really covering the ground but lost his outline somewhat in profile.

3 Farndon’s Shanandi I Should Be So Lucky by Amenria

OPEN DOG AOC (2) 1 Shakespeare’s Sariante Dick Grayson third in limit this white boy has short body with well angulated rear and good feet. Pleasing head and eye with masculine outlook, sturdy body covered by a well-presented coat. Moved out well to keep the challenge from his son at bay. 2 Shakespeare’s Holsyi’s Titan In Ice

VETERAN BITCH(3-2ab) 1 Talbot’s Hosha Skyz da Limit at Ysabelkid pretty black girl holding her colour well. Pleasing head and eye. Coat was of good texture. Moved steadily but lost neck / outline when doing so.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (3 -1ab) Farndon’s Maldavale Fixzztastic von Amenria lovely feminine head on this little bitch, so typical of her breeding. Delightful expression from small dark eyes and plenty of moulding in foreface, she also has a good chin. She is a lovely size with firm cobby body good reach of neck. Nicely angulated rear with good tail set and carriage. Moved soundly with plenty of attitude, loved her.

2 Donaska Tilted Halo taller girl but of good make and shape, nice reach of neck giving required outline stacked. Head was pleasing with dark eyes. Movement was OK but not as collected as winner.

PUPPY BITCH (3-2ab) Holmes-Leak’s Joleena’s in Excelsis with Navarre another from this kennel with an excess of coat, no doubt the envy of many. She is a lovely girl with a beautiful head, small dark eyes, and chin, all framed by well placed ears and head furnishings. Front is straight and rear well angulated with good muscle tone. Lovely size with cobby body, covered by her jet-black coat which was thick and well prepared. Her breeder must be delighted with this duo. Moved well and with enthusiasm in both directions but lost outline in profile, especially in challenge for RCC, shame. BPB

JUNIOR BITCH (3-1ab) Batey’s Donivika Dancing Queen lovely sized bitch with most pretty head and eyes, plenty of work in foreface giving a delightful expression. Compact in shape with cobby body, good reach of neck and correct tail set. Coat was well prepared. Good angulation which she uses to advantage on the move.

2 Collier’s Michandy Love of the Game taller girl with long refined head. Looked well stacked displaying good reach of neck and well angulated rear. Coat was thick and nicely presented. Moved out well with her sympathetic young handler. Should have some fun together.

YEARLING BITCH(4-2ab) 1Reeve-Kettle Kimedee Hot Love at Vadisma JW promising youngster who has made a good start into the world of showing for her owner. She is a lovely girl of excellent make and shape, short in back, nicely angulated and with good tail set. Delightfully feminine head with dark well-placed eyes and plenty of working in the foreface. Good reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders enhances her outline. Coat is well presented. Moved with style retaining her outline, kept in last few in the challenge. On this form she should have lots of fun.

2 Leicester-Evans’ Holsyi’s Witching Magic white girl not really in unison with her handler, making assessment on the table and moving somewhat problematic. A smaller type she did however have a plentiful white coat, good dark pigmentation, and a pretty outlook. If going to persevere at this level some serious ring craft sessions are needed.

NOVICE (6-4ab) 1 Leicester-Evans’ Holsyi’s Witching Magic repeat.

POST GRADUATE BITCH (5-2ab) Priestley’s Donivika Poison Ivy with Joleena taller girl but everything is in proportion. Lovely head and eye with plenty of working in the foreface giving feminine expression. Good reach of neck, and lay back of shoulder, firm body into well angulated rear. Wealth of quality coat well presented. She moved freely both fore and aft while always maintaining her outline in profile.

2 Tate’s River Starlight at Tatalena delightful smaller red girl, true to type. Pretty foreface and dark eyes, but not as clean in backskull as winner. Compact shape with good tail set. Deep coloured coat very thick and even. Needs more length in neck and head to produce balanced picture. Moved well with sympathetic young handler but lost out on front movement. Keep up the good work.

3 Talbot’s Ysabelkid Surprise Gift

LIMIT BITCH (2) 1 Batey’s Donivika Dear Darlin. Neither of these two were giving their all today especially on the move. However, this girl is lovely quality, beautiful head and eye with well -constructed body of correct balance, straight in front and good rear assembly. Lovely coat expertly prepared. Did just enough moving to win here but could not consider any higher award without more enthusiasm.

2 Godfrey’s Lorics Ria Midnite Majesty at Godpeakiki good overall shape and balance but not the coat quality needed for this level. (Post Puppies) Moved OK but lost out in head properties to winner.

OPEN BITCH (5-1ab) Three beautiful bitches, all worthy Champions. I could have signed the big green card for any one of them, and no doubt others would have them in a different order, but this was how I saw them on the day considering the overall package as it was presented.

1 Wisniewski & Smith’s Ch Minarets All Fired Up with Bondor. this young lady has the sweetest of expressions, her head is delightful, truly feminine with small sparking eyes, excellent chin, and plenty of work in the foreface. All this is framed by well set thick ears and a profusion of head furnishings. Her thick jet-black coat was expertly tailored as always to enhance her outline. Possesses a short cobby body with fabulous ribcage and in firm condition. Her front is straight, and the rear is super angulated. Her reachy neck gives the outline I like to see in any poodle. When moving on her compact well-padded feet she has plenty of drive and always retains her shape in profile. A difficult decision but for me she was just the complete overall picture stacked. CC

2 Kitcheners’s Ch Michandy Realistic JW well-presented exhibit of good overall make and shape. Good reach of neck and well-proportioned body with well angulated rear. Lovely, refined head with dark eyes well placed to give feminine expression, In my opinion one of the nicest heads from this kennel for a long time. Again, extra thick crisp jacket was expertly prepared. Firm well-muscled body, straight front and well angulated rear producing good reach and drive on the move. It was this showmanship which clinched her Res CC over two promising girls from Puppy and Yearling

3 Ch Arrowflight La Belle Du Ball

OPEN BITCH AOC (4-2ab) 1 Tate’s River Starlight At Tatalena repeat 2 Talbot’s Ysabelkid Surprise Gift smaller red girl shown in continental trim. Good even colour and pigmentation. Moved with plenty of enthusiasm.

Diane Smith