• Show Date: 23/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Des Manton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/08/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Chinese Crested


My thanks to Blackpool Committee for inviting me to judge this charming breed: I have judged them all over Europe and Scandinavia and a Ch speciality in America, and loved their outgoing mischievous nature. Today I was rather disappointed with the temperament of many of the exhibits, though my winners were mainly the happy individuals I had expected. Of the two ‘types’, Deer and Powder Puff, the Deer was predominant and they were a bit of a mixed bag. Perhaps the number of ‘one off’ foreign dogs is not helping; new lines are great for a breed with a limited gene pool as long as there is a long-term plan on using those lines, but so many!!! I noticed in the catalogue when writing this critique, that there was an inordinate number of imports from countries as diverse as Russia, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania and Czech; from an entry of 40 dogs, no fewer than 12 were imports. Of my winners, only three were imports, these being two from Sweden, and one from Finland.

However, thank you for the sporting manner in which you took my decisions, and I hope this critique is taken in the spirit in which it is given.

Minor Puppy Dog: Entries: 1 (Absent: 0)

1st Mr S & Miss L Fletcher & Merryweather’s Ynchreenoo Trick or Treat, 7 months but mature, well grown boy, with a pleasing outline. Good mouth, tight lips, well-proportioned head and dark almond eyes well set. Large ears which he used well. Reachy neck into well laid shoulder with excellent topline and rounded, well muscled croup with tail set on high. Good chest with brisket down to tight elbows. Straight, fine boned, but strong legs and pastern with correct hare feet. Rear legs set wide, his rear angulation is correct with long stifle and well let down hocks, allowing him to drive well on the move. He is sound front and rear, and has good reach in front. Stylish youngster who doesn’t need to grow any more but well deserved BEST PUPPY on type alone.

Puppy Dog: Entries: 3 (Absent: 1)

1st Mrs D & Ms K Crow & Frost’s Kojiki's The Look of Love at Casacavallo, well put together 11 months old dog who has a good outline. His head, mouth and eye are correct and he has a nice expression and good ears and crest. Lengthy neck and pleasing front and rear angulation, good topline and tail set. Another that moved soundly both coming and going and displaying good reach and drive on side gait. Good size.   

2nd Mrs M Farquharson’s Shanshal Man of Steel, 9 months, nice sized Powder Puff with good coat. Nice head and ears, ok neck with level topline. A little on the long side for me and would prefer more body on him at this age. He was sound enough on the move both coming and going, and has good bone and feet. Rather hesitant today, he needs a little more practice on the table and then he will be happier at the shows.

Junior Dog: Entries: 5 (Absent: 2)

1st Mr R Dunlop’s Ch Habiba What's Your Pleasure, only 14 months old and a bit of a rascal today, proving just how supple he was when on the table! Lovely size and type with good mouth and tight lips, well-proportioned head, good stop, dark eye and large ears well set and used. Excellent crest and elegant neck into good shoulders, ok topline but falls away at the croup which spoils the overall picture for me. He is well bodied and in good condition, with excellent front and rear angulation, good straight front with legs, well under him and good broad, well muscled rump, legs standing wide at rear. He moves soundly with reach & drive and with enthusiasm, a very happy youngster with lots to like and also time very much on his side. My Reserve CC winner today; I now know he is   already a Champion, and I can see why. A well- deserved BEST JUNIOR.

2nd Mrs D Crow’s Kojiki's Love to Hate Me at Casacavallo, another of nice type, also 14 months of age and shown in lovely condition. Good head shape with scissors bite, muzzle tapering to nose. Obvious stop and good crest on long lean neck into strong, well angulated shoulders. Would prefer a darker eye. Good proportions and nice outline, level back and good tuck up; correct bone and hare feet. Happy mover who was sound both ways, with well carried tail.

3rd Mrs M Farquharson’s Shanshal Man of Steel.


Post Graduate Dog: Entries: 5 (Absent: 0)

A rather disappointing class

1st Miss C M Parker’s Doonbeg Carbon Copy at Khatira JW, 23 months old masculine, black dog, with nothing to hide.  Nice size; in general he has nice proportions and angles with pleasing head, neck and topline. Moves with plenty of reach and drive and is sound in both directions.

2nd Miss N Quadling’s Prefix I Got Style I Got Attitude at Malenkhai, just a year old and a Swedish import – although he is a nicely proportioned, masculine dog, there is just a bit too much of him overall for me. Good bone and feet. Moved soundly in both directions with pleasing reach & drive on side view, his topline could be firmer.   

3rd Mrs C Hinton’s Parcauwen Perfect Edition by Cheeswood  

LIMIT DOG: Entries: 6 (Absent: 1)

1st   Miss C M Parker’s Ynchreenoo Black Magic at Khatira, Lovely sized Powder Puff with quality veil coat and cobby body. Three and a half years of age, although he lost experience time in the ring with the covid years, this didn’t affect this masculine boy who had a super, outgoing temperament, something which I did not find in abundance today. Correct bite, tapering muzzle to obvious nose. Well-shaped skull, well chiselled cheeks with darkest of eye and good stop. To go with this, he is well bodied with nice bone, straight front with feet well under him, excellent topline from good neck and tail well set on. He has super, well-muscled rear angles and rump, standing wide with low, neat hocks which he used to the fullest to propel himself around the ring, complemented by plenty of reach from his well angulated front. Liked his size, conformation and attitude, he is such a happy boy, and was my CC winner today.

2nd Miss D K Boden’s Ensidias You Me You Wish at Gemadar (Imp Swe), 2 years 10 months who was nice for type and size. Good mouth and eye, pleasing head, neck and shoulder, ok topline but falls away at croup. OK on the move, sound both ways. A little timid today.

3rd Mrs M Farquharson’s Shanshal Prince of Arabia JW  

OPEN DOG: Entries: 6 (Absent: 2)

1st Mrs D Crow’s Ch Arte Figure Next Level at Casacavallo JW (Imp Fin), Upstanding masculine dog of five and a half years. Shown in excellent, well bodied condition, he has a pleasing head and ears with well chiselled cheeks and dark eye, good crest with nice length of neck into good shoulders, ok for topline, tail set, bone and feet. Well up to size, he is a sound moving dog both coming and going with good reach and drive on the side gait.

2nd Mrs M Farquharson’s Shanshal Prince of Arabia JW, third in previous class – Five years old cream Powder Puff with correct veil coat. This dog was presented in nice condition, with a good bite, dark eye and nice head, tapering to the nose.  He has a good topline and rear angulation and is very smart and happy on the move. He rather lacks in neck, which spoils his overall appearance and also affects his front reach. Pleasing temperament.

3rd Miss S & Mrs N Masters & Shakeshaft’s    Doucai's Show Boy  

MINOR PUPPY BITCH: Entries: 1 (Absent: 0)

1st Mr S & Miss L Fletcher & Merryweather’s Ynchreenoo Jinny The Witch, just 7 months old, very pretty, feminine bitch with the most appealing expression. Well made overall with good mouth, head & dark eye; ears well set & used when alerted, nice crest and long neck into well laid shoulders. Correct rear angles giving good topline, with good rounded rump; correct tail set. Sound on the move both ways and extending side gait. Just a little apprehensive at the moment, but has time on her side.  Litter sister to Minor Puppy Dog.

PUPPY BITCH:  Entries: 2 (Absent: 0)

1st Mrs T Dixon’s Jean Dark Carolina Rose avec Debrita, a Swedish import, almost 10 months and a nice sized young lady with a lovely, well proportioned head, tight lips with scissors bite, dark almond, well placed eyes and big, low set ears, good crest and long neck. Good front and rear angulation with excellent topline. Very sound and steady on the move with reach and drive. Happy, outgoing temperament. I have marked her ‘really nice’ in my book, so will watch for her in the future.

2nd Miss A Carr’s Thoedora Des Calins Dores, another imported baby, this time from France. Nine months and finer all over than 1; she is feminine with pretty head, good bite, eye and ears. Good enough angles; topline ok but it falls away at the rump which spoils the overall picture, OK movement but timid at the moment. Just needs to learn that dog shows are fun.

JUNIOR BITCH: Entries: 4 (Absent: 0)

1st Mrs K Laws’ Karamouche Parti Frock, Powder Puff and a lovely typey girl that appealed as soon as I saw her. Fourteen and a half months and so confident. She has a good head, good mouth and tight lips, well chiselled cheeks and with lovely dark almond eyes.  Lovely neck and crest with super topline. Good body with nice angulation both ends, standing well under at front with tight elbows, long hare feet, good rounded rump with well set on tail, hind legs set wide apart with good bend of stifle and low, strong hocks. Sound both coming and going, she moved around the ring with reach and drive, plume flowing and head held high showing excellent carriage. Excellent temperament and lovely veiled coat,  she was my RESERVE CC winner.

2nd Miss Wlckova’s Filla Modry Kvet, just 14 months and another of lovely type with good construction and front and rear angles. Pleasing in head, mouth, dark eye and big mobile ears with a good crest, long neck and clean shoulders. Fine, long front legs and good hare feet. Well bodied with good level topline. She didn’t really like the table, but when back down to earth, she moved soundly, with plenty of reach and drive.

 3rd Mrs E Frame’s Elfallons Naked Angel  

YEARLING BITCH: Entries: 1 (Absent: 0)

1st Mrs T Dixon’s Debrita Dragon Queen, 20 months, another typey young lady who stood alone, though that did not detract from her obvious quality. She had a pretty head with dark eye and was a lovely overall shape with excellent angles. Good crest, neck and topline with a good front and strong rump, well bent stifle and low hocks which helped her to drive soundly around the ring with plenty of reach in front. She was a trifle shy today.   

POST GRADUATE BITCH: Entries: 1 (Absent: 0)

1st Mrs K Laws’ Karamouche Parti Frock, standing alone here, winner of Junior Bitch and RCC.

LIMIT BITCH: Entries: 3 (Absent: 0)

1st Mr S & Miss L Fletcher & Merryweather’s Ynchreenoo Lus Ny Shellee, dam of my Minor Puppy dog and bitch, she is well up to size, but still typey with nice head and a lovely ‘black’ eye. Good head, neck and topline with well set on tail. Correct depth of body and tight elbows, fine, straight front legs with strong pasterns and long hare feet. She has a level topline and well set on tail, well muscled rear, standing wide at the back and moved well with reach and drive and was sound both coming and going.   

2nd Mrs Kerry’s Godpeakiki Viva Andromeda, dainty Powder Puff of 25 months. Well coated with correct textured veil, she is ok in body with nice head and eye. OK for neck and good topline. Good front and rear angles and she moves soundly both ways with good side gait.

3rd Mrs C A Leto’s Kiwango Free Thinker  

OPEN BITCH: Entries: 5 (Absent: 2)

1st Mr R Dunlop’s Ch Habiba Hold My Purse, not yet three years old. Sometimes when you are judging you find that special dog that gives you goose bumps, and so it happened with me when this very special little lady came into the ring and made it her own. She has that panache and presence only found in those rare dogs with pure star quality. So stylish, she is beautifully constructed with a gorgeous head. Tight lips, scissors bite, good chiselling and the darkest of wide set eyes with a lovely expression. Her ample crest starts at her stop in a ‘widow’s peak, and flows over her good skull, down her long, elegant neck.  Her large ears are low set and fluid, alert and listening to the sounds around her. Tabletop level back and good tail set, with excellent rear angles, stifle well bent, long with well let down hocks. Straight front, legs well under her, and good hare feet. Well made body with deep brisket and tight elbows, lovely, well muscled rump with legs standing wide at the rear. When she moves she is a picture, such reach and drive, great head and tail carriage, just saying, ‘look at me’….an obvious CC and Best of Breed. Delighted to see her to go on to win the Toy Group later in the day.  

2nd Miss V Routledge’s Incantodelmondo Double Ice Cream del Pufflepaws, just turned three years old Powder Puff imported from Russia. Nice for type with good head, tight lips, good bite, and dark, well set eyes. Large ears well used. Correct veiled coat over a well constructed body, she is in nice condition. With good angulation front and rear, she moved soundly around the ring with reach and drive, holding her level topline on the move. Unlucky to meet 1, I would prefer a little more outgoing in temperament.

3rd Miss V Routledge’s Tasnim De Sothis Para Pufflepaws (Imp Esp) JW JCW19  

VETERAN BITCH: Entries: 1 (Absent: 0)

1st Mrs E Frame’s Ch Myvallo Inclined to Dance at Elfallons, 8 years old and a credit to her owner. She was shown in tip top condition with a super mouth & tight lips, nice head and dark expressive eyes. Good crest and long lean neck into clean, well-placed shoulders with tight elbows; fine, straight front legs with strong pasterns and hare feet, she has an excellent topline with a strong, well muscled rump, standing wide on hind legs, she is very sound on the move with good reach and drive. Although standing alone, she is a well-deserved Best Veteran.  

JUDGE: Joyce Crawford-Manton (Ireland)