• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Des Manton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Australian Shepherd

BLACKPOOL 2023 - Australian Shepherd Dogs

Judge: Des Manton

Having judged the breed extensively across Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa and in the country of origin, North America over the past 25 years, it was great to finally get the chance to award CCs in the UK at Blackpool Championship show, especially after my health scare last year; the determination to fulfil the appointment saw me through my recovery and rehab and I was delighted to take my place centre ring, despite all the unfounded rumours!

As a breeder/exhibitor/judge, it seems to me there is no consensus in agreement of type, with many breeders selecting stock from all around the world and working individually without any coherent communication between those breeders. No ‘plan’ it would seem, has been laid out by anyone, just a higgledy-piggledy mix of breed lines from all over Europe and USA. So far it is difficult to see any kennel where you could actually recognise ‘type’ and easily identify where a dog comes from, like most other breeds have established, even in a shorter time than Aussies have been in these islands.  On the plus side, the dogs were presented in excellent coat and condition and the temperaments were exemplary; the overall quality lay with the bitches, a promising sign for the future.

My thanks to my super-efficient steward Roberta Wright and her able assistant Derek, who kept me in check all day!

Puppy Dog: Entries: 4 (2 abs)

1st Jarram & Jarram & Whittingham’s Chalksville Strike A Deal with Kashaella - 9 months old black tri who shows signs of developing along the right lines; rather fine in bone at the moment but possessing the correct angles fore and aft; pleasing head with ok earset, good dentition and clean eyes; an easy and well controlled mover with a nice temperament.

2nd Bonnar’s Louiston Never Ending Story - 10 months old, slightly longer cast than the winner at the moment, needs to broaden in body to fill out his frame; ok head, 2 clear blue eyes, ok ears, moderate angles front and rear, moved alright when settled.

Junior Dog: Entries: 4 (0 abs)

1st Mackenzie & Mc Taggart & Pugh’s Northbay Xsells Can't B'leaf My I's (TAF) - an upstanding 14 months old blue merle presented in excellent condition and showcasing his type and balance; good head, eyes and mouth; clean neck and shoulders, good topline, well angled rear; sympathetically handled to show off his movement.

2nd Bothwell’s Norcis Slippery Jack - 14 months old red merle, slightly longer cast than the winner and needs to tighten up in front action; pleasing type and size with a good headpiece, nice neck and quarters and well angled rear; presented in good coat and condition.

3rd Wilson’s Rosschell Blue Whisper -

Yearling Dog Entries: 2 (0 abs)

1st Norcis Slippery Jack

2nd Harvey’s   Gemthorne Its A Hotspell - 20 months old heavier set rich red dog, strong head, ok eyes and mouth, rather heavy in body and this affects his front movement coming towards; moderate angulation; lovely temperament.

Post Graduate Dog Entries: 2 (0 abs)

1st Bonnar’s Louiston Wish Upon A Star - 3 year old b/w of nice size and shape who presents well on the stack but rather lets himself down in front movement; moved ok at the rear; pleasing temperament and well handled.

2nd Haddock’s Glamour Aussie's Easy Rider Jicarilla (Imp Hun) - 2 years old, longer cast blue merle, another who today presented with poor front action; ok size and shape.

Limit Dog

Entries: 5 (0 abs)  

1st Walsh’s Birkcross You Blu Me Away - 2 years old blue merle of good size, shape and balance; pleasing head, eyes and mouth; would prefer more definition in front angulation and this rather restricted his front movement, free and easy mover at the rear and keeping his topline on the move around the ring; another presented in excellent condition.

2nd Pugh’s Aussiepride Veni Vedi Vici at Shloyan (Imp Rom) JW CJW22 CW22 – 2 years old b/t that I have judged previously as a puppy and awarded top honours to, but today I felt he had not fulfilled that early promise, presenting with a rather finer stature and moderate angulation, he moved rather close behind. Good temperament.

3rd Jarram & Jarram & Whittingham’s Chalksville's Azrael at Kashaella -


Open Dog

Entries: 3 (1 abs)

1st Raymond, Shaw & Kirtley’s  Ch Brighttouch Drift The Line Through Dialynne (Imp Rus) - Undoubtedly the star of the day, this 3 year old stylish male just dominates  the moment he enters the ring; perfectly balanced, he is at one with his handler who knows exactly which buttons to push as he powers around the ring. Well balanced throughout, he has a clean head with an alert expression, lovely angles, clean topline on the move and groomed to enhance his already obvious attributes. I was pleased to award him the CC and Best of Breed and was delighted to watch him represent the breed with honour in the Group ring en route to Best in Show. Congratulations.

2nd  Milligan & Marley’s Allmark One for The Road with Alfsden - 4 year old of pleasing type, shape and size, ok head, eyes and mouth; ok neck but rather restricted in shoulders inhibiting his front action, ok angles and topline and presented in good coat and condition.


Veteran Dog

Entries: 1 (0 )  

1st McTaggart’s Jack to A King Des Terres De Khairyaca, (Imp Fra) ShCM CW18 - Presented in such condition as to belie his age, this 9 year old dog has matured into an excellent example of breed type; no doubting his gender, he is all male with an excellent headpiece, set atop a strong neck which leads into lovely shoulders, a well balanced topline, and clean well-muscled hindquarters, all supported on strong well boned legs. His easy movement is a joy to behold and I had no hesitation in awarding him the Reserve CC; how unlucky is he to be in competition with such an outstanding BOB winner in his prime, hopefully the new KC rule will help.


Puppy Bitch

Entries: 7  (2 abs) A lovely class, full of quality and giving hope for the future of the breed.

1st  McDonald’s  Trust N You Baby of Blue Rimrock with Donurie (Imp Fra) -  just a mere 7 months of age, medium sized black tri, ultra feminine with a  lovely outline, well balanced head, clean shoulders and topline and with a well angled rear assembly' she moved so easily and steadily round the large ring. Presented in tip-top condition, I was delighted to award her the Reserve CC and Best Puppy in Breed and I wish her all the best for the future.

2nd  Smith’s Birkcross Curtain Call -  9 months old b/t, another young lady who impressed me greatly, built along slightly bigger lines than 1 but losing none of her femininity; lovely clean head with a pleasing expression, she appeals for her structure which, added to her easy movement, bodes well for her future career.

3rd Hodges’  Jopium Magic Dust  -

Junior Bitch: Entries: 3   (0 abs)

1st  Raymond’s Dialynne Heist Society (ai) - Ultra feminine well balanced 12 months old b/t, presented in lovely order; clean head, good eyes and mouth, correct topline with good rear angulation which she used to her advantage to move easily and steadily around the ring.

2nd  Fuller’s  Jacanshe Made with Love - 17months old red merle, clean head with 2 blue eyes, ok for size and shape; today I found her a little soft in topline and needing to tighten up in front action but clean enough in rear movement.

3rd  Bothwell’s  Norcis Summer Truffle -

Yearling Bitch: Entries: 3  (0 abs)

1st  Bothwell’s Norcis Dusky Disco -  14 months black tri, presenting with a very feminine outline, clean head with an attractive and appealing expression, clean neck and shoulders with a firm topline and well angled rear which she used to advantage in her easy movement around the ring. Good temperament.

2nd Fuller’s Jacanshe Made With Love - 2nd in Junior.

3rd Harvey’s Gemthorne Swirling Snow -

Post Graduate Bitch: Entries: 4  (1 abs)  

1st  Bothwell’s Norcis Dusky Disco - winner in yearling.

2nd Harvey’s Whistle Down The Wind at Gemthorne TAF - 3 year old black tri who is built along heavier lines and her heavy set frame rather restricts her movement; pleasing head carriage, clean eyes and good teeth. Good outgoing temperament.

3rd  Turnbull, Clegram, Holligan & Douglas’ Talard She's Got The Look -

Limit Bitch Entries: 4  (1 abs)  

1st  Jones’s Fraytal' Poop Boop Be Doop - 3 years old black tri, a little reticent at first but when she settled down she showed off her pleasing outline to best advantage, she has a clean head, is well angled with moderate bone, and is a clean and easy mover in all directions.

2nd Brown’s Shulune Secret Storm over Shepwood - 3 years old, bigger type than 1 and today struggling to keep her ears under control and to keep her topline in check; moved ok, good temperament.

3rd Milligan & Marley’s Allmark On One Hand with Alfsden -

Open Bitch: Entries: 5   (2 abs)

1st  Gibbons & Satherley’s  Wispafete Belongs to Music JW - 2 year old blue merle who appealed for her feminine type, shape and balance; she has a clean skull, a good ear-set which she uses to enhance her expression, and is well angled front and rear with a firm topline which she keeps on the move as she powers her way around the ring. I was pleased to award her the CC, her 2nd I am told and hope the magical 3rd isn't far away.

2nd Turnbull & Clegham's Ch Jenkova To The Other Side -  4year old red bitch who appealed for type, shape and balance, pleasing headpiece with good use of ears, good angulation which she employed to drive her around the ring holding her topline on the move; another with a lovely disposition.

3rd Crawford & McDonald's Ch Mistyholly More Magic For Louiston -

Veteran Bitch: Entries: 1  (0 abs)  

1st Venton's Little Red-Cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans (Imp Fra) - 8 years young, lovely feminine type and appearance and presented in great order; ok angles with a firm clean topline, just a tad loose in front action today and a little too close behind.

Judge: Des Manton (Ireland)

DCC -     Mrs M, Mr J & Mrs K Raymond, Shaw & Kirtley’s  Ch Brighttouch Drift The Line Through Dialynne (Imp Rus)

RDCC    - Mrs S McTaggart’s Jack to A King Des Terres De Khairyaca, (Imp Fra) ShCM CW18

BCC -  Miss S & Mrs C Gibbons & Satherley’s Wispafete Belongs to Music  

RBCC - Miss C & Mrs T & Mr S Mcdonald)’s Trust N You Baby of Blue Rimrock with Donurie (Imp Fra)

BOB - Mrs M, Mr J & Mrs K Raymond, Shaw & Kirtley’s  Ch Brighttouch Drift The Line Through Dialynne (Imp Rus)  

BP- Miss C & Mrs T & Mr S McDonald’s Trust N You Baby of Blue Rimrock with Donurie (Imp Fra)  

BJ – Mrs M Raymond’s Dialynne Heist Society (ai)

BV - Mrs S Mctaggart’s Jack to A King Des Terres De Khairyaca, (Imp Fra) ShCM CW18