• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/08/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Bournemouth 2023

Thank you to the exhibitors for a generous entry. I was pleased with temperaments and generally movement was good with most dogs moving soundly. I was very happy with my main winners, worthy champions and potential champions knocking on the door, particularly satisfying to see the Best of Breed winner go on to win a good quality group and then Best in Show.

PD 1 Walker’s Solino's The Entertainer For Petwalk. Well angulated and balanced overall, moved reasonably well when settled. Level back and high set tail. Like his head, clean and well balanced. 2 Hampson’s All For You Hershey. Sound and well constructed and in good condition. Moved effortlessly. 3 Farquharson’s Shanshal Man Of Steel

JD 1 Dunlop’s Ch Habiba What's Your Pleasure. Eye catching mover, covering the ground well, good topline, correctly set tail that he carries well. I preferred his head to 2, lean and chiselled with dark and sparkling eyes. RDCC. 2 Crow’s Kojiki's The Look Of Love At Casacavallo JW. Moved well, with good reach in front, in excellent condition. Well set and carried ears. 3 Peppett’s Way To Go Heybett

PGD 1 Loader’s Habiba Gotham Knight For Kettrice. Correct for size and balance overall and was in very good condition, soft skin, held his level topline on the move, liked his dark eye and expression. 2 Peppett’s Way To Go Heybett.Rather on the large side but he has nice head, with clean cheeks and dark eyes.

LD 1 Crow’s Kojiki's Love To Hate Me At Casacavallo. A nicely balanced dog in profile and he has clean movement coming and going which won him this class. Level topline and well set tail that he carries well. His head and ear carriage are not his strengths. 2 Farquharson’s Shanshal Prince Of Arabia JW. Another nicely balanced male, correct for size and overall shape, moved reasonably well but would have preferred a bit more each in front. 3 Peppett’s Keep Trying Heybett.

OD 1 Crow’s Ch Arte Figure Next Level At Casacavallo JW. Masculine and in very good condition. Another excellent mover from this kennel, when he finally settled, good reach on front and strong drive from muscular and well angulated hindquarters. Level topline that he retains on the move, high set tail that he carries correctly. DCC. 2 Bridgwater’s Ch Scherzando Twist. Older boy but in very good condition still, he moves out with style. 3 Masters’ Doucai's Show Boy

VD 1 Bridgwater’s Nl Ch Fame And Fortune Of Roxy's Pride In Scherzan. Dark, almond shaped eye with low set ears and long neck leading to well laid shoulders. Moved well when coming and going.2 Masters’ Esquimaux Skin Deep. Preferred his head to the winner, but he was not moving with as much style.

SB D/B 1 Sanders’ Zerachiel Soul Survivor. Sweet young male, well balanced and correct for size. He has a level topline, high set tail moved with sufficient drive. Dark eyes, low set ears.

MPB 1 Botterill’s Runa Queen Malverne Of Muddiwarx (Cze Imp) Naf. Young puppy, already sufficiently big so I hope she doesn’t grow on too much. Liked her head very much, slightly rounded and elongated. She is well constructed and so covered the ground well with good reach.

JB 1 Walker’s Karamouche My Little Pony For Petwalk. Liked her head, elongated and fine, well chiselled cheeks. Dark eye and low set ears. She’s well constructed but was a little lacklustre on the move, has a level topline and high set tail.

PBG 1 Walker’s Karamouche My Little Pony For Petwalk. 2 Hampson’s Zerachiel Made To Measure. Balanced overall and correct for size. Dark eye and low set ears. Moved well coming and going, preferred the topline of the winner. 3 Lane’s Konishiki Querkus Petraea

LB 1 Kempster & Rees’ Oolagha Kristol Ayla. Powderpuff with a most appealing head, clean, lean and tapered, slightly rounded skull and dark, sparkling eyes. She is super sound, and moves with style, level topline, well set tail that she uses to advantage, accentuating her grace. Good length of neck, leading to well laid shoulder. Liked her very much. RBCC. 2 Lane’s Konishiki Aurora. Another appealing bitch that moved out well with good reach and drive. I preferred the head and eye of 1 which gave her this class. 3 Gudgin’s Scherzando Quaver At Jassendue JW

OB 1 Dunlop’s Ch Habiba Hold My Purse. This bitch is quite extraordinary; she has ring presence, style and show quality in abundance. She is a pleasure to go over, balanced, sound and in good muscular condition and with fine, smooth skin. Her head is clean, without exaggeration and her dark eyes just watch you, expectantly, with a knowing look, taking in her latest admirer. She moves with captivating style and grace, reaching out in front and driving from, well angulated hindquarters. She deserves all the plaudits she has earned. BCC & BOB. 2 Botterill’s Pariansoez Ta Ta For Now. An elegant and graceful mover with much to like about her. Correct for size and shape, level topline and well-angulated hindquarters. Correctly set ears with long and graceful neck, would prefer a bit more length of ribcage which would balance her outline.3 Bridgwater’s Scherzando Hoppas

Derfel Owen