• Show Date: 05/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin Birmingham National 2023

My thanks to the committee of the National for inviting to award CCs for the first time in this most delightful breed and to the exhibitors for a generous entry and sportsmanship on the day, I very much enjoyed myself and was thrilled with my main winners.

Overall, I found plenty of typey Chins with typical head and expression, though I found too many to be rather long and lacking the compact and cobby body required for balance. Temperaments were good overall and all exhibits shown in good health and condition.

Special Beginner Dog. 1 Harbron’s Jaschin Stop And Paws. Typical, square and well balanced. Liked his head, broad skull rounded in front and between the ears. High set tail, profusely feathered and carried correctly over his back.

Minor Puppy Dog. 1 Steele’s Spindulys Zephyr At Threadgold (Imp LT) NAF. Large head with broad skull, short muzzle, large an dark eyes. Profuse coat. Moved with good reach and elevation. 2 Tong’s Cranvarl the Red King of Jakconas. Typical look of astonishment and aristocratic manner. Short muzzle, high set ears, dark eyes.

Puppy Dog. 1 Crane’s Cranvarl The Student Prince. Square and compact, correctly rounded skull with short and well cushioned muzzle, straight in front and rear both stood and on the move.

Junior Dog. 1 Rooney & Green’ Jaschin Hold That Thought. Super quality dog with a lovely, proportionate head, large and rounded skull with typical expression, short and well cushioned muzzle. Well-constructed with straight front and hindquarters, he moves with such style and aristocratic grace, it is hard to take one’s eyes off him. RDCC, I’m sure he’ll reach the top in short order. 2 Farmer’s Sangria Rocket Man (Naf). Nicely shaped skull with short muzzle and well-set ears, correct for size and shape, he moved well.

Postgraduate Dog. 1 Blair’s Sharlarna's Chaos At Bellflows. Very pleasing outline on this dog, correct for size and shape and compact, he is well constructed, an elegant mover with good reach in front and he carries his tail well over his back. 2 Allen’s Sheardream Eric. Compact. Nicely rounded skull with dark and widely set eyes. Soft and straight coat. 3 Thomas’ Threadgold Dan Dare At Javalcy

Limit Dog. 1 Martin’s Sharlarna Trouble Maker. A very masculine and eye catching Chin, every bit the aristocratic presence, I was impressed with his soundness and construction. He is square, cobby and compact, moves with elegance and good reach and elevation with no exaggeration. His coat is profuse giving him a style and elegance one would expect of a Chin. DCC. 2 Farmer’s Salvador Dali By Sangria. A quality male with appealingly correct head proportions and dark eye and pigment. Straight front and rear, he moved soundly. 3 Harbron’s Jaschin Stop And Paws

Open Dog. 1 Thomas’ Ch Javalcy The Great Mikado. Super elegant, smart, well-built and compact. Correct for size and shape, with good front and rear angulation and level back. High set tail with profuse feathering. Stylish mover with good reach and elevation. Broad skull, short and wide muzzle with good cushioning. 2Farmer’s Ch Sangria Moonwalk. Sound, compact and well balanced. Broad skull; short, wide and well cushioned muzzle. Large and dark eyes giving correct expression. Stylish and straight movement with good reach. 3 Hampton, Vine & Strange’s, Mr D Ch Sleepyhollow Love Me Sibbai

Veteran Dog. 1 Pearce & Hann’s, Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na. What a star veteran, still in excellent condition and a worthy challenger to the top winners. Super quality dog with a lovely, proportionate head and typical expression, short and well cushioned muzzle. Well constructed with straight front and hindquarters, he moved with style and good reach in front. BVIB. 2 Burden’s Sangria War Lord Good for size and square shape, cobby and compact. Nicely shaped head with correct roundness and dark eyes. Profuse coat with good feathering on her high set and well carried tail. 3 Mcfarlane’s Myojo Morgan ShCM.

Minor Puppy Bitch. 1 Crane’s Cranvarl The Gypsy Princess. This little madam pulled out all the stops to make life difficult for her handlers, but I could not be swayed away from her appealing head and outline. She still has some maturing to do, but all the essentials are there, good construction and well placed and carried tail. Her head is typical with slightly rounded skull and good expression. When she deigned us worthy of seeing her move, she had good elevation and reach. BPIB. 2 Clarke’s Tismechi Sunshine Orchid. Another fresh faced puppy, sweet and feminine, correct shape, dark eye and well set ears. Straight front and moved well around the ring carrying her tail correctly over her back. 3 Blair’sBellflows Passion Flower

Puppy Bitch. 1 Burns’ Yakedo Irises. Feminine and elegant with nicely proportionate head and dark eyes. Carried her tail well curved over her back. 2 Clarke’s Tismechi Bee Orchid. Nice expression, short and well cushioned muzzle, dark eye, nicely set and carried tail. 3 Calvert’s Somergemz Balenciaga.

Junior Bitch. 1 Farmer’s Sangria Moon Dance (Naf). Lovely head, rounded in front and between ears; and typical expression with dark eye. Well constructed, square and cobby, moved well with elegance and carrying her tail well. 2 Quinn’s Sharlarna Eye Candy. Another appealing bitch. Cobby with good width to her chest, thought 1 had the more square body. Nicely developed head, broad skull with short and well-cushioned muzzle.

Yearling Bitch. 1 Pearce & Hann’s, Rakuchin Queen Of D'Nile. Carries herself so seriously, with just the right amount of aristocratic flair. Very appealing head, with large dark eye and high set ears. Moved with good reach and elevation. 2 Cushing’s Spiritisle Angel Delight. Short and well cushioned muzzle, dark eye, nicely set and carried tail.

Novice Bitch. 1 Cushing’s Spiritisle Fairy Magic. Elegant and appealing bitch. Proportionately large head with correct expression, high set and v-shaped ears, carried her head proudly giving her a regal appearance on the move. 2 Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Thoughts That Count. Really not enjoying her day today at all. Nice head and expression, short and well-cushioned muzzle, large and dark eyes. 3 Blair’s Bellflows I'm A Survivor.

Graduate Bitch. 1 Tong & Crane’s Cranvarl Maude. Correct shape and compact, well set and carried tail, liked her head, short and well-cushioned muzzle, and dark eyes. Moved with style and elegance with good reach and elevation. 2 Radford’s Yama Whisper. Compact, square and cobby, moved well.

Limit Bitch. 1 Crane’s Cranvarl's Macey Grey JW. Appealed for her overall balance, compact, cobby and square shape. Large broad and correctly rounded skull with large eyes and correctly set and feathered ears. Coat was long and profuse. 2 Steele’s Threadgold Starstruck JW. Nice expression with correct look of astonishment. Large eyes, moderate length of neck, square. High set tail that she carried well. Moved well in profile. 3 Calvert’s Jaschin Fendi With Somergemz.

Open Bitch. 1 Rooney & Green’s, Ch Jaschin First Edition. Judged her when she was younger and she has developed very nicely. She is an “it girl”, as though she has walked out of the pages of Tatler with her grace and elegance on display at all times. Compact, cobby and square with a great temperament, she moved with style and was sound and straight in fore and hindquarters. I loved her head, moderate where needed with a short, wide and well-cushioned muzzle. CC & BOB, pleased to see her shortlisted in the group. 2 Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Paws For Applause, another I judged when she was younger and like her kennel mate, she has also come on well; full of quality but perhaps not quite as showy. She has lovely head with short, wide and well-cushioned muzzle, dark eyes with correct expression. She is sound, square and cobby, moves well with effortless reach and elevation. RBCC. 3 Blair’s Bellflows Lunar Eclipse.

Veteran Bitch. 1 Blair’s Bellflows Honey Bee. Moved well in profile with good reach in front. Suitably proportioned head with set and well feathered ears. Correctly rounded skull with short and well cushioned muzzle, straight in front and rear both stood and on the move.

Derfel Owen