• Show Date: 15/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Deborah Wagh Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/09/2023

Italian Spinone Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Italian Spinone

ISCGB Championship Show Specials

July 15th 2023

Judge: Deborah Wagh

It was my absolute honour and a privilege to be invited to judge the Special awards at the ISCGB 40th Anniversary Championship Show. I had an excellent entry with so many fabulous dogs, at times I felt spoilt for choice. I always feel incredibly humbled when anyone enters their dogs under me, thank you so much for all your support and for accepting my decisions in good sport, it made a very special day even more special.

Special Award Bred by Exhibitor Dog or Bitch (7 Entries 2 Absent)

A lot to like in this class and a lot of splitting hairs! Heading up the class were two beautiful young bitches, both full of promise and just my type. It was a difficult decision trying to split them and I could easily have taken them both home. I am excited to watch their progress as they mature.

1st AffiIato Had to Be You

And indeed, it did! This 11-month-old white & Orange bitch is an absolute cracker, she is so well balanced throughout, I have a bug bear about the amount of dogs short and steep in upper arm in our breed at the moment and this girl is bang on in that area, lovely ratio of upper arm to shoulder which shows in her movement which is so precise in profile with great reach in front and driving from the rear. Her head is very feminine, well balanced with good divergent planes eyes are of good shape and correct ochre colour. Strong over loin and presented in hard condition throughout. Coat is presented well and is of good texture, handled and presented very well.

2nd Isolo River Island

15-month-old white & orange bitch, another quality youngster exhibiting balanced construction, she has such good depth of chest and spring of rib for her age, square when stood and well-muscled throughout. Again, another with a lovely feminine head, lean with good divergence with lovely eye of correct colour, shown in hard condition with coat of good texture, presented in very good order. Very difficult decision between these two and it could have gone either way, really splitting hairs here, but one had the better tail carriage on the move for me.

Special Award Not Bred by Exhibitor Dog or Bitch (15 Entries 4 Absent)

1st Valeska Vd Turfhoeve Am Cartrefyspin (IMP NID)

3-year-old white & and lovely dark orange bitch, maturing nicely. Head is lean with good divergence, leading into strong neck of good length. Going over her, she is very well constructed with good length of upper arm and a well laid shoulder, she is balanced fore and aft with good bone. She might be a tad longer than square when stood, however she is still young and a bit of ‘puppy room’ is acceptable at this age. She won this class on her movement. Shown and handled very well to win here, well done.

2nd Sosteli Songbird Del Michiamo

Another 3-year-old White & Orange Bitch, she has come on a lot since I last saw her as a youngster. This girl has plenty of substance and very good front construction, her head is balanced with a pronounced occiput. Shown today in good muscular condition. Being handled by a different handler did not deter her in the slightest, she powered around the ring, very precise in profile and making it difficult for me not to award her this place today, well done.

Special Award Champion Dog or Bitch (6 Entries 1 Absent)

This class was headed by two Veteran bitches in fine fettle, but I really was spoilt for choice in this class.

1st SH CH Bardantop Spells Chaos

This beautiful 7-year-old white & orange bitch was on her game today. She epitomises what a Spinone should be for me, and I have admired her since she was a youngster, going down the line the initial impression she gives is of a strong yet feminine bitch square and full of substance, upon going over her this first impression is confirmed, strong through the back and over the loin gives her the desired topline when stood and moving.

She has the most beautiful feminine head balanced with the typical melting expression desirable in this breed, leading into a strong crested neck into very good shoulders, matching angulation to the rear and well-muscled throughout she moves with reach and drive and is presented very well.

2nd SH CH Teazledown Aphrodite

Another one of my favourites, this 7-year-old white & orange bitch a very pretty girl, different type to first but no less worthy of her title. She has the most gorgeous melting expression and a lovely balanced skull even though she is now a veteran nothing is overdone, balanced and moderate she was presented in muscular condition and her coat of a good texture was presented very well. I was told by her handler she had brought her out of semi-retirement for todays show, and I am so pleased she did, she moved so well, she did an excellent job and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying her day.

These youngsters did not have the easiest start to their handling classes, initially we began outside in a thunderstorm!

We then moved to an indoor room as the conditions became outside became untenable, none of this phased them in the slightest and they all did a brilliant job, I take my hat off to them, very impressive.

Junior Handling (6-11 Years) (3 Entries 0 Absent)

1st Rhys Duncan

10 years old and such confidence, this young man did not put a foot wrong today, he handled with sensitivity and kindness, was knowledgeable when asked questions about his dog and the breed, showed me the dogs full dentation without any fuss and no resistance from the dog.

Always aware of my position in the ring he never came between me and my view of his dog. Moving at one with the dog making full use of the space available to him when asked, completing straight lines and sharp at the corners. Both handler and dog so well presented, this young man has a bright future in the sport indeed. Best Junior Handler.

2nd Daphne Bryson

9-year-old young lady another very promising young handler who did an admirable job today, kind and patient her dog was not quite as compliant as first and making this handler work just a little harder for her placing. Still, she had good knowledge of the dog she was handling answering well upon questioning and did a great job moving the dog as asked. Well done.

Junior Handling (12-16 Years) (2 Entries 0 Absent)

1st Phoebe Jones

I did not know it at the time, but this was this 12-year-old Phoebes first time handling and that makes this win even more impressive, to watch her apart from a few nerves creeping in here and there you would not know she had never done this before. She was also handling an adult male Spinone which as some of us know is not the easiest of tasks at the best of times! Despite this she committed herself well and was knowledgeable about her dog and did everything asked of her calmly and with proficiency. With a bit more confidence she could go far, well done Phoebe.

2nd Hattie Wood

Another 12-year-old doing an excellent job here today. Again, handled her dog quietly with little fuss always sensitive to her dog, if her dog moved a foot, she always moved it back attentive to my presence, she answered well to my questioning and was able to show her dogs bite when asked. Moving she could have been a bit more confident in her and her dog, but she did a great job overall.