• Show Date: 02/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dawn Rathmell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/01/2024

British Utility Breeds Association

Breed: Boston Terrier
I would like to thank my two stewards who did a sterling job on the day. It was a shame the venue was so cold which on reflection, affected some of the dogs who weren’t happy and didn’t seem to be giving of their best. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my day and thank you for your entries. MPD A lovely class of quality babies. 1. Frenbosen Let it Be. Upstanding, well-marked, correctly balanced youngster. Clean masculine head with well-set ears used correctly. Strong arched neck, level topline, forechest developing well, well ribbed, short loin stood on good legs, and feet. Developing nicely. Moved and handled well. BPD 2. Yakee It’s All About Me. Raw baby of 6m with the sweetest of heads and expression, smaller than 1 but everything to like. Developing square head with correctly set ears, short coupled, good bone, and feet. Moved well for his age. Quality pup who can only improve as he matures. 3. Blossoms & Beaus Special Bud for Roxxilu (Imp USA) PD 1. Ivyjewel Put a Light on Me. Stylish youngster with good head, well placed ears, dk round eye, good width, and depth to muzzle. Well balanced, correctly angulated with good bone and tight feet. Won this class on his movement. 2. Boston Abbey Nico for Claymurph (Imp Pol). Larger than 1. Clean masculine head, with well-set ears, held on nicely arched neck. Good front and rear, well ribbed, would prefer short loin. Was very attentive to his handler. 3. Wildax Rowendale Stan Francisco JD 1. Aprika Fistful of Dollars for Kingsline. Square nicely balanced youngster. Head of correct make and shape with dark eye and well-set ears. Good front with developing forechest. Deep well sprung ribs leading to short loin. Moved and handled well. 2. Wildax Jonny Boy. Larger type than 1. Good head and expression. Nicely angulated front and rear. Ribs well sprung. Would prefer a slightly shorter loin to complete the picture but a quality dog. Gave his handler a run for her money today. 3. Dollarwise Adonis YD 1. Ivyjewel Dare to Dream. Smart, clean, well-marked, outline in profile that doesn’t disappoint on closer examination. Square head with well-set dark eye, ears small and correctly set. Neck clean and slightly arched, well sprung ribs leading to short loin. Topline level and held on the move. A quality youngster who’s day will come. 2. Beaumarlson’s Last Rolo. Smaller type than 1. Lovely head and expression. Eyes well set with enough fill, nicely balanced, level topline well-rounded rump. Well off for bone, stood on good feet. Not as sure on the move as 1 but this should come. 3. Ridgeway Rambler ND - 1. Ridgeway Rambler. Nice head with pleasant expression. Eye round, well set. Ears upright and used correctly. Good depth and width to muzzle. Good front and feet. Gave his handler a hard time today. 2. Dollarwise Adonis. Square head with well-set medium round eye. Good depth to muzzle. Ribs well sprung and deep. Don’t think he was happy today as tended to roach at times. PGD -Absent LD 1. Wildax Liverpool Lover of Frenbosen. Lovely make and shape. Square head with well set dark eye, ears well set on flat skull. Strong clean, nicely arched necked. Ribs of good length and depth, well sprung. Level topline, short loin, tail well set. Moved and handled well. Stood alone but deserved his placing. OD Cracking class to judge. 1. CH Wildax The Real Thing. I’ve judged this dog before and again today he didn’t disappoint. A dog out of the top drawer. He has a square head with well-set round, dark eyes, small correctly set ears that he uses well. Square correctly balanced, clean outline. Good bone and feet, well sprung ribs, short loin. He was put down today in lovely well-muscled condition. On the move never put a foot wrong. Delighted to award him the CC & BOB 2. CH Wildax Liverpool Lad at Boxbos. Another from the top drawer who I see is a son of the winner. Deciding between these two dogs is splitting hairs. He was put down in super condition and is well-muscled, he just blew it on the final go around and had to give way to his sire. Well-deserved RCC – pity I didn’t have 2 CCs to hand out. 3. IR CH Lisvarna Bossy Boots VD 1. Wynele Trouping The Colour. Well balanced quality boy who can give some of the youngsters a run for their money. Good head and expression. Well sprung ribs which come far enough back, short loin. Put down in good condition, moved well. A pleasure to see him enjoying his day out. BVIB SpBD 1. Boston Abbey Finn at Claymurph (Imp Pol). Masculine head of good width and depth held on nicely arched neck. Ribs well sprung of good length, short loin, nicely rounded croup with well-set tail. Correctly angulated front and rear. Moved and handled well for his young handler. BSpB MPB 1. Yakee Odds on Favourite. Lovely raw baby with clean, square profile which is correctly angulated. She has the sweetest of heads and expression. Dark eyes, small well-set ears. Nice bone, tight feet. Ribs well sprung, short loin. Moved well for her age. An overall quality pup who was a pleasure to go over. 2. Harynka Hey Dog for Vivispire. Another quality youngster. Feminine head with the darkest of eyes. Well bodied in good condition. She needs to come up on leg slightly to properly square her off which should come as she grows. Moved and handled well. 3. Maranns Indiana at Chrissiguns PB 1. Wildax Shut That Door. This girl takes your eye. Put down she has a good clean head, with round dark eye. Small well-set ears. Nicely arched neck of good length. Level topline, well sprung ribs, level topline. Correctly angulated front and rear and stands on tight feet. Moved and handled well BPIB. 2. Wildax Rowendale Hollywood. Larger type than 1. Square in head with eye of correct shape, would like slightly darker eyes to complete the picture. Ears well set, good neck and front. Level topline. Needs to settle on the move but this should come. JB 1. Lisvarna Little Mix. Sweetest of girls full of quality. Loved her head and expression which is correct with well-shaped dark eye, small well-set ears used to advantage. Well balanced, square in body, elegant in outline and didn’t disappoint on the move. 2. Lovewell No Regrets. This girl really had it on her today and made her handler work. Nevertheless, she is well made with correct head and expression. Deep well sprung ribs, short loin. Correctly angulated. When she’s ‘in the mood’ should do well. 3. Ivyjewel Put a Spell on You YB 1. Wildax You to Me. Clean head with correctly set dark eye, good width, and depth to muzzle. Well placed small ears, uses them well. Nicely arched neck, good shoulders, level topline, well sprung ribs. A slightly shorter loin would complete the picture. Won this class on her movement which was precise and foot perfect. 2. Sweet Star Princess JW. Well balanced, close coupled girl with good head and body, there is a lot to like about her. She wasn’t very happy today and it cost her. NB 1. Dollarwise Elemi Sparks Will Fly. Pleasant youngster with good head and expression, med round eye. Correct front and rear angulation. Ribs deep and well sprung, short loin. Level topline. Moved and handled well. PGB 1. Florence Summer Fizz. Well-marked correctly angulated pleasing girl. Head is square with neat ears used to advantage. Eyes round, dark, and well set. Well sprung ribs and loin short enough to square her off. Moved and handled well. 2. Dollarwise Elemi Sparks Will Fly - repeat. LB 1. Yakee Sun Queen. Clean, sharp, and well balanced in profile with nicely arched good length neck, set into well placed shoulders, level topline, short loin, stands four square. Head Is of correct shape, dark round eyes, well set ears. Quality girl who didn’t put a foot wrong on the move and deserved her RCC. 2. Bostontime Silver Lady. Another nice girl. Good head with dark eyes, small ears used well if set a little wide apart. Good front, level topline, ribs well sprung. Moved and handled well. 3. Summergate Brenda Wildax Rowendale OB 1. Lisvarna Busy Lizzie. What a little cracker. Quality girl of good make and shape. Head is of correct shape and proportion with the sweetest of expressions, held on elegant slightly arched neck. Level topllne, good depth and spring of rib. Short loin. In profile she made the perfect picture and didn’t let herself down on the move. Delighted to award her the CC. 2. CH Norcain Years N’Years JW. Another from the top drawer that I judged as a puppy. I liked her then and like her now but felt she wasn’t in her happy place today and that let her down. She is a quality girl who is well deserving of her title. 3. Bostontime Silver Lady VB 1. Ridgeway Rum Truffle. A lovely old girl who has still got it. Good head and expression, well set ears. Dark eye with enough fill. Nicely arched neck, ribs well sprung. Topline level and held on the move. Lovely balanced profile. 2. Chrissiguns Dakota Dream. Pretty well-balanced girl put down in good condition on good legs and feet. Head is clean and correct, nice outline in profile. She wasn’t feeling it today. SpBB 1. Jangar Lucky Star for Windust. Well-marked, correctly angulated girl. Well laid shoulder, level topline, ribs of good depth and well sprung. Attentive to her handler, moved well. Dawn Rathmell - Judge