• Show Date: 07/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Seaman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

I would like to thank Boston & District Canine Society Committee for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show and my two stewards expertly fulfilled their duties, so thank you for making my task easier. I was pleased with my entry being it was so early in the New Year; I thank all exhibitors for their entry. Pleased to find the general quality of our breed is in a good place, there were a few off-set crowns but on the whole ridges were well defined and correct. Temperaments were excellent throughout although one or two youngsters were a bit reserved, that will improve with experience. I was delighted to see my BOB Priorpark You Coda Be Mine of Metalrock JW was awarded HG2, my BP Gunthwaites Ayr of Elegance was awarded HGP1 and my SB Negasi Elberith for Clanbruachan was awarded HGSB4, huge congratulations to you all.

MDP (5:0) 1st Murphy, Murphy, Cox & Cox, Mr A, Mrs A Mr C & Mrs L. Carlincox Mash It Up. Just 6 months and 12 days old this puppy has a lovely outline, good head with a nice eye, decent depth of chest and strong bone, feet nice and tight. For one so young he moved around the ring with purpose. 2nd Bossard, Mr M & Mrs P. Savuti Daymani Dna Deluxe Mr Bro. Even younger than 1 settled well, slightly heavier. Nice head, good length of neck, plenty of bone throughout, needs to tighten up but this will come. Moved very well for age. PD (5:0) 1st Hicks, Mr J & Mrs S. Nuthouse Roger the Dodger. 11 month old and a typical hound from this kennel. Lovely male head and good expression with a nice dark eye, long reach of neck with a good depth of chest, stands well with a good topline, nice rear angulation, his movement was sound and true. 2nd Murphy, Murphy, Cox & Cox, Mr A, Mrs A Mr C & Mrs L. Carlincox Mash It Up. As 1st MPD. JD (5:0) 1st Maylor, Miss K.L. Rubicon Red Marvelous Black Panther at Kimili (Imp Mne) 17 months old masculine red wheaten. There is a lot to like about him, large round dark eyes, good width of skull and excellent depth of muzzle., good reach of neck, strong bone, straight forelegs and tight feet. Excellent depth of chest, good topline and well constructed quarters. He moves with a long true stride. 2nd Catharell & Larkin, Mrs C & Mrs J. Asharaa’s Perfect Match with Faahac. Lovely balanced liver nose who reminded me so much of his father. Beautiful head type, excellent eye, and colour. Super shape and balance. Good length of body. Strong hindquarters with correct topline and tail carriage, moved with purpose around the ring. YD (4:1) 1st Maylor, Miss K.L. Rubicon Red Marvelous Black Panther at Kimili (Imp Mne), as 1st JD. 2nd Doughty, Mrs T & Mr R. Saimon’s Praide Victorious Brabus with Rubiltra (Imp Rus) JW 18-month-old red wheaten male with excellent head, correct ear set, good, strong muzzle, and dark eyes. Well off for bone, accurate on the move and a balanced side gait proving his good proportions throughout and well handled. PGD (3:1) 1st Barnard, Mr D C & Mrs A, Carlincox First Encounter. A dark red masculine dog of good height and substance, handsome head, and dark round eye Clean through the neck and into well laid shoulder. Deep brisket and well ribbed back used his quarters well on the move. 2nd Wigglesworth, Mrs A. Ranginui Great Expectation. Liked the outline of this male, balanced head, and depth of muzzle. Good depth of chest and strong bone throughout, did not move as well as one. LD (8:0) 1st Rhodes, K. Priorpark You Coda Be Mine of Metalrock JW. When this dog entered the ring, I was impressed, he had a lovely clean outline, well balanced head, and a pleasing expression. Strong long neck and beautiful topline which was held on the move. Strong bone and in superb condition and moved around the ring with style. Pleased to award him DCC and BOB. 2nd Mackfall, Mr J & Mrs C. Hespa Masseto of Africaner JW Always liked this dark red wheaten dog, lovely masculine head with good length of neck and nice depth of chest. Nice level topline and quality bone throughout. Moved with plenty of drive, these two could easily swap places another day. OD (11:1) A lovely class of quality hounds and places could easily change on another day. 1st Davies, Miss K J. Ch Gunthwaite Papa Don’t Preach. Very nice breed type, head well balanced, nice eye and expression, clean neck, straight legs with good bone, nice feet, body strong with excellent quarters well muscled, moved with drive. 2nd Nash, Mrs P. Mutoko’s Noble One. Another handsome dog, quality bone throughout and nicely angulated front and rear, he moved with drive and purpose. VD (4:1) 1st Bossard, Mr M & Mrs P. HR/LUX/GER SH CH Ndoki Gentle George JCH VWW. 8.5 yr. old male in excellent condition, typical RR head and lovely expression, strong forelegs, and good feet, well ribbed back and good topline. Effortless movement. 2nd Plested, Miss K. Nzawi Kaiser Chief JW. Another 8yr old of good type, carrying a bit of extra weight. Excellent infill of forechest. Quality bone, front feet could be tighter. Carried a good topline on the move. SBD (3:0) 1st Edwards, Mrs C. Rubiltra Kubwa Faru. A light Wheaten with a head of correct proportions and well-placed ears. Neck of good length and strength. Angulation balanced front and rear. Ribs well set back. Lovely topline and tailset which he held on the move. 2nd Picton & Ince, Miss H & Mr A. Priorpark Point & Click JW. A liver nosed dog of good height with a pleasing head and correct eye colour. Quality bone throughout, good depth of chest, didn’t move as well as 1. GCDS (3:0) 1st Edwards, Mrs C. Rubiltra Kubwa Faru. As 1st SBD. 2nd Wigglesworth, Mrs A. Ranginui Great Expectation. As 2nd PGD. MPB (8:2) 1st Bates, Mrs J M & Mr D H. Gunthwaites Ayr of Elegance. Typical from this kennel this dark red wheaten bitch with a lovely balanced feminine head and beautiful reach of neck. Good depth of chest and quality bone throughout, tight feet plus a good level topline which was held as she moved around the ring. I was pleased to award her BP and one to follow in the future. 2nd Cox, Cox & Musgrave Mr C, Mrs L & Mrs V. Carlincox Jerseyroyal. Another baby, not quite as settled as 1. Good head and expression, lovely dark eye. Liked the depth of chest, straight forelegs legs and compact feet. Topline a little soft but I am sure will improve with age. Her movement was true and handled well. PB (11:3) 1st Denver Mrs E. Nyangoma Got to Be Worth It. 10 month old feminine dark red bitch with nice head, expression, and dark eye. Lovely outline, good front, and depth of chest. Level topline, very nicely angulated both front and rear. Moved and handled well. 2nd Davis Mr P N & Mrs C. Imola Inglesina. A year old today, slightly taller than 1 but this quality pup has a nice head and eye, good legs and feet, lovely long neck and good shoulders, nice topline and quarters, moved well. JB (4:2) 1st Jolly, Mrs N. Negasi Elberith for Clanbruachan. 1yr old female I liked very much, correct head shape with good expression and correct eyes, ears well set. Nice depth of chest and good topline, correctly angulated in the front and the rear. Moved with drive. 2nd Davies, Mrs C. Kiromol Jump for Joy. Finer in head than one but still with a good expression nice feet and front. Nicely balanced with good topline and turn of stifle. Movement was sound but not as freely as 1. YB (3:2) 1st Thompson, Ms S. Sonnypride Honeycombe. Stood alone today, Red wheaten, nice outline and has good angulation front and rear, good neck and lay of shoulder. Moved true coming and going. PGB (7:1) 1st Murray, Mr J & Mrs J. Priorpark Patience of Dellared. A well-balanced bitch with a pleasing head and nice dark eye, correct shoulders, good width of chest and strong bone throughout, well muscled hind quarters and moved with drive. 2nd Mcintosh, Miss Liz, Benicloujam Lola of Chagall. Red wheaten and well-balanced female. nice proportions, good length of neck and correct topline. Nice depth of chest, well angulated in front and rear, moved well. LB (8:2) 1st Coogan, Mr A R & Mrs S L. Rovigo Este. I have always liked this bitch, she has a pleasing well balanced head with intelligent expression and dark eyes, excellent reach of neck, very muscular body with deep enough chest, moderate tuck-up, strong bone and good feet, her movement was exceptional today and pushed hard for top honours. 2nd Salmon: Mrs K. Msingi Love Me Do at Lobengula. Dark Red Wheaten bitch of quality and excellent breed type, good feminine head and lovely dark eye. Nice outline and topline, good bone and substance. Moved with drive. OB (9:4) 1st Parsons, Miss H. Ch Priorpark Pot Kettle Black JW. A beautiful light wheaten bitch attracted my attention when she entered the ring. Pleasing head, nice reach of neck. Stunning outline with quality bone and everything in the right place. Movement was true with real drive and handled well. Pleased to award her the BCC. 2nd Hicks, Mr J & Mrs S. Nuthouse Queen of Clubs JW. This is the best I have seen this bitch and she didn’t put a foot wrong, just not the sparkle as 1 today. Lovely outline, pleasing head and expression, quality bone, good depth of chest and correct topline. Moved with drive. Pleased to award her RBCC. VB (4:0) 1st Hicks, Mr J & Mrs S. Nuthouse Hot Stuff. A bitch who is 7.75yr old, correct head, good reach of neck and a well-balanced outline. Good bone throughout and body well balanced. Moved soundly. 2nd Coogan Mr A R & Mrs S L. Rovigo Tiber. The young handler was nervous, but he handled the 7.25yr old well, pleasing feminine head and dark eye, good depth of chest and topline. Moved well. SBB (6:0) 1st Jolly, Mrs N. Negasi Elberith for Clanbruachan. As 1st JB. 2nd Thompson, Ms S. Sonnypride Honeycombe. As 1st YB. Judge. Mr David Seaman.