• Show Date: 11/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Levy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Crufts 2023 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dogs                                    Judge: Mr David Levy

       BOB 10665 - Catstaff`s If I Had A Heart                                                                     Miss C Arntzen

       DCC 10917 – Dk Ch Southcastle Bam Bam Boots                                                   Mr A & Miss T Rasmussen & Jervelund

       RDCC 10922 - Niatona Wreck It Ralph                                                                       Mr G & Mrs S Reynolds

       BPD 10700 - Elitebull Skyefall                                                                                     Mr D & Mrs J Cartwright

       BVD 10826 - Ch Biggleswick Splash of Ginge                                                          Mrs J & Mr K Lewis

First and foremost, thank you to all exhibitors for bringing your dogs under me at Crufts. It was a wonderful experience to see so many top Staffords from all round Europe and have the chance to compare and review all that is best in our breed. I would also like to thank the Kennel Club and the Crufts committee for the way they organise and run this impressive annual appraisal of dogs. Finally, my thanks to Lesley, my fellow judge. We may not have agreed on B.O.B. but I think we worked well together and were able to concur on BP and BV.

The quality of dogs was undeniable although I did find several with mouth problems. Seven dogs had canine teeth that lay backward at an angle rather than vertical. There was also one wry mouth, two undershot, one converging, two with teeth trimmed and two with canines crossing forwards. I didn’t notice this when I judged bitches at Downlands last Autumn. The head and mouth may not score “points” nowadays, but it remains a vital part of the Stafford’s makeup and needs to be kept right for our breed. I’ve contacted a specialist dental veterinary surgeon for any information she can provide on the “laid back canines” as I don’t recall coming across it in such numbers before.

On the other hand, movement was generally far better than I’ve seen for quite a while as were toplines. When planning your future litters, do please try and retain these improvements in the general structure of the SBT but without neglecting the most vital part of a breed that was originally descended from dogs bred for the pit.

I remember the story of Clare Lee being asked at a seminar for the three most important attributes of a Stafford and replying “Temperament, temperament and temperament”. I totally agree with her, but may I add number 4 to be “Balance”. Our breed is a mixture of bull and terrier and any exaggeration in either direction must be avoided if our Staffords are to remain the friendly gladiators of the show ring.

Class 1882 Veteran Dog   Entries: 10 Absentees: 3

1ST 10826 - Ch Biggleswick Splash of Ginge                                                    Mrs J & Mr K Lewis

At almost 8 years old this well-balanced, fit and powerful red dog with a white flash on his chest has a strong well-proportioned head with broad skull, very distinct stop, dark round eyes, good scissor bite and tight lips. He is well-boned, has a wide chest, plenty of rib and adequate brisket. He has a level topline held well while moving as well as while standing and has powerful muscled hindquarters, decent feet but maybe a fraction straight in the stifle. He moved parallel with great power and managed to stay fresh and keen from the first class of the day until the challenge for best veteran about 8 hours later. {BVIB}

2ND 10693 - Ch Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs JW                                     Mr A & Mrs L Mayren

Another very well-balanced dog coming up to 8 years old. This red/white has a typical head with excellent skull, pronounced cheek muscles, good bite and dark round eyes. He has a strong neck tapering down to powerful shoulders above well-boned legs and very tidy feet. His rib cage and brisket are maybe slightly more developed than 1st but he also has a similarly slightly straight stifle.

3RD 10937 - Illori Azizi                                                                                          Miss K L Harris

A strong-headed 8½ year old black brindle with a little less substance than the first two but still balanced with a shapely head, deep brisket and well sprung ribs.

RES 10831 - Alport Hallo Man                                                                             Mrs V Thompson

VHC 10703 - Rowellstaff Ooh Aar Cantona                                                       Mrs S & Miss N Clark

Class 1883. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Minor Puppy Dog   Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST 10828 - Stormnoir’s Full Force                                                                   Mr N Maude

Both the young dogs in this class are 8½ month old brindles but both are at that immature stage where balance can be deceptive. I look forward to seeing them in 4 or 5 months. The class winner has a very shapely head, with super stop, dark round eyes and a correct scissor bite. He has a level topline, deep brisket and will hopefully develop more rib in time. His hindquarters are developing nicely and he moved with some purpose . . . and seems such a happy puppy. {BPD}

2ND 10809 - Kamaristaffs Royal Rumour                                                         Mrs K M Jones

Only a few days younger than 1st but developing slightly less evenly. He has the stronger head at this age but not quite as developed in the body yet. He has a broader front, level topline and also moved nicely. Such small margins at this level of competition.

Class 1884. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Puppy Dog   Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1ST 10898 - Elitebull Mischief at Bellastaff                                                      Mr K & Mrs K Page

Well-balanced 11-month-old brindle with a very typical skull, neat ears, excellent stop, dark round eyes, excellent scissor bite. He has a broad front, level topline, really tidy well-padded feet, powerful and well-shaped hindquarters.

2ND 10751 - Niatona Beetle Crusher                                                                 Mrs S Feather

A 10½ month old red with extensive white patches. He has a broad skull, scissor bite, tidy lips and deep through. A nice spring of rib and a level topline but another a little straight in stifle.

3RD 10672 - Vadeliza Omni Trio                                                                         Mr I Roberts

Just over 11 months old but this balanced young brindle still has time to develop and get a bit tighter all over. He has a nice head, scissor bite and good ear carriage. He has adequate rib and brisket for his age, shapely hindquarters, moved very nicely and may well come on in the next few months.

RES 10775 - Skyestaff The Destroyer                                                               Mrs H & Miss N & Mr J Badman & Sprague & Piggott

VHC 10833 - Cwmhâf Celtic Quest                                                                    Mr R & Mrs P Lloyd-Williams

Class 1885. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Junior Dog   Entries: 21 Absentees: 1

1ST 10883 - Ginstean He's My Boy                                                                    Mr M J Nicholls

Balanced brindle 17-month-old with a strong typical head, tidy ears, dark round eyes and scissor bite. He stands nicely square from front and side. He has decent spring of rib, good bone and level topline but a bit more brisket depth would help overall. His hindquarters are muscular but a little straight in stifle. He does have nice tight feet and moved pretty well.

2ND 10838 - Big Man On Mac Dui Shawrigg JW                                               Mr T & Miss R Lowe & Kaur-Hayre

15½ month red with white vest and toes and good pigmentation. He’s a powerful lad with strong bone, deep brisket, plenty of rib, powerful hindquarters and well-rounded stifle. His head is broad and well-shaped with dark round eyes, scissor bite and tidy lips.

3RD 10742 - Hamason Greatest Showman                                                       Mr S & Mrs X Durell

Only 12½ months but well developed red and white with very strong pigmentation. A strong head with scissor bite, dark round eyes but a sad rather than keen expression. He does have excellent bone and well-muscled and rounded hindquarters.

RES 10791 - Earthquake Staffs Wear It Well at Tigerbull (Imp Esp)              Mr G J & Mrs A Hinsley

VHC 10988 - Frisian Staff's Midnight Oil                                                           Mrs J Vd Meer Metzlar

Class 1886. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Yearling Dog   Entries: 24 Absentees: 6

1ST 10922 - Niatona Wreck It Ralph                                                                  Mr G & Mrs S Reynolds

This was one of the strongest classes and this fit, red/white boy is superbly balanced and powerful without being oversized. A beautiful head shape with distinct stop, tidy ears, neat lips, dark round eyes, large nostrils and just the right expression; interested but not challenging. He has a perfect scissor bite with strong large teeth and the whole front end is balanced with the body. His powerful shoulders and hindquarters support a deep brisket and well-sprung ribs and his topline while standing is ideal. When he moves off, he exudes power and strides meaningfully around the ring. At 20 months he may not yet be in his prime and it was VERY close for the CC on the day. {RBD&RDCC}.

2ND 10690 - Alport On Tour at Enternalco                                                      Mr D Butler

Another very strong contender was this black brindle with a super deep through head, pronounced stop, round dark eyes and intense expression. He has perfect ear carriage, tight lips and a scissor bite. His powerful neck tapers onto powerful shoulders supported by well-boned legs. His ribs, brisket and hindquarters are all that anyone could want from a Stafford and his feet are tight and well padded. These first two are going to be seeing a lot of each other in the next year or so.

3RD 10882 - Stone Cold Crazy of Redpassion Nljch Espjch                         Mrs J M Mulder

Well-boned, standard, strong red pied with a shapely skull, neat lips, scissor bite and good expression. He has a broad front, deep brisket and plenty of rib. His movement let him down on the day.

RES 10719 - Denochi's Pride The Dominant                                                   Mr P C Damen

VHC 10789 - Fairlenium Iron King at Canisstaff                                             Mrs S L Higginson

Class 1887. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Undergraduate Dog   Entries: 16 Absentees: 2

1ST 10789 - Fairlenium Iron King at Canisstaff                                              Mrs S L Higginson

VHC in Yearling and this mahogany brindle pied stepped up to win here. He is well balanced with a shapely head, broad skull, neat ears and scissor bite. Neck, brisket and rib are all good and he has decent muscle on his hindquarters. He moved with purpose but did not quite hold the level topline.

2ND 10818 - Powerpack Severus Snape                                                         Mr L Kruger

Unplaced in Junior but a nicely balanced black brindle with a shapely skull, slightly heavy ears, decent mouth and adequate rib and brisket.

3RD 10709 – Fairlenium’s Bat Out of Hell                                                      Mr Crawford

Well-balanced black brindle with white collar, chest and toes. His ears are a bit heavy but he has a decent scissor bite, nice expression and a broad chest.

RES 10676 - Ginstean Good Luck Charm                                                      Mrs G Beckwith

VHC 10802 - Ashstaff Marshal of Fire                                                             Mrs G & Mr R Irvine

Class 1888. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Graduate Dog   Entries: 16 Absentees: 6

1ST 10854 - Briganah Handsome Devil                                                          Mrs B & Mr N Mceneaney

Compact brindle with shapely head, broad skull, very tidy ears, keen expression, distinct stop and scissor bite. He has a deep brisket, adequate rib, good bone and a wide front stance. He has a nicely muscled rear end with well-bent stifle and hocks let down. Perhaps a fraction long in back but he moved well enough and retained his level topline throughout.

2ND 10678 - Briganah Smooth Operator                                                        Mr J Bilton

It’s only while writing this critique that I realised this is litter brother to 1st. Also a dark brindle with typical head and expression. Perfect rose ears, round dark eyes and scissor bite. He is shorter in back than 1st but is not quite as muscular and didn’t move quite as well on the day.

3RD 10842 - Diamondstaff Wee Mac at Durhamstaff                                    Mr M & Mrs S Manghan

Slightly lighter brindle with white toes, this lad is nicely balanced with a tidy head, correct bite, good bone and deep brisket.

RES 10752 - Taraiel Flo Rida                                                                            Mr C & Mrs N Fidoe

VHC 10722 - Jomello Stand by Me at Cwn Hardd                                          Miss C Davies

Class 1889. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Post Graduate Dog   Entries: 15 Absentees: 2

1ST 10962 - Waystaff Strikes Mayhem (ai)                                                     Mr P T & Mrs E A Stanway

Very solid red/white pied with strong head perfectly balanced with a broad, square body. He has a broad skull with prominent stop and an eager expression. His ears are OK and he has a perfect scissor bite with large teeth. His broad front, rib and brisket, topline and hindquarters are all well developed and he moved with power.

2ND 10749 - Fairlenium's American Pie                                                         Mr S & Mrs M Fairhurst

A balanced, brindle pied with a nice expression, broad skull, scissor bite and keen expression. He has good bone, broad enough front and topline which held level while moving.

3RD 10873 - Itcheboren Red Lipstick                                                             Mr Fdeb Monestina Huerta

Strong-headed deep red dog with white front and feet. Nice tidy ears for a red with a strong head, scissor bite and intense expression. Lovely square front, level topline and moved with real purpose.

RES 11010 - Seastaff El Nino                                                                           Mr W Young

VHC 10943 - Niatona All Above Board                                                            Mr T Rutherford

Class 1890. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Mid Limit Dog   Entries: 14 Absentees: 1

1ST 10681 - Luthais Loch Tay JW                                                                   Mr B & Miss C Boggins & Burton

I find it quite telling when I look back at my notes and see phrases like “super-balanced dog” and “lovely head & expression, neat ears”. Usually, it’s mainly my own dog critique shorthand so it takes something exceptional to get me writing phrases. This time there was also an asterisk showing how much I really liked him. This is a powerful fit dog in his prime and he impressed accordingly. He has a well-shaped head, keen expression, large nostrils and a scissor bite with tight lips. His brisket, rib and topline are all excellent examples and he is muscular, well-boned and has shapely hindquarters. He moved well keeping his topline level and was certainly in contention for the major prizes.

2ND 10667 - Catstaff`s Welcome to Valhalla                                                  Miss C Arntzen

Another very nice, fit, brindle with a strong head, keen expression, scissor bite and large nostrils. He’s short coupled with a good spring of rib, deep brisket and strong bone throughout. His well-muscled hindquarters give him real drive and intent on the move.

3RD 10806 - Alport Bold Ruler                                                                        Mrs G & Mr G Jefferson

Shapely head on this brindle with neat ears, good expression and scissor bite. He has tight feet, adequate bone and decent rib and brisket.

RES 10801 - Dilirystaff Calypso Jack                                                              Mr C & Mrs R Iles

VHC 10844 - Biggleswick Its My Life for Asteraceae                                    Mrs V R & Mr S E Mann

Class 1891. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Limit Dog   Entries: 25 Absentees: 6

1ST 10705 - Powerpack Lachlan Dorin JW                                                    Mr P & Mr J Clark & Ortizo

Very typical brindle with white toes, a strong head with square underjaw, broad skull, distinct stop and neat rose ears. He has powerful shoulders, a broad front, adequate spring of rib and a deep brisket. He is another moving with real purpose and exuding power as he goes.

2ND 10839 - Waystaff Moon Shine                                                                 Miss E D & Mr A S Makin & Porter

Technically a pied but with just the one red patch on his face. He is well muscled with good bone throughout and a powerful well-shaped head with large nostrils, dark round eyes and a scissor bite. He is another with well-bent stifles and good feet who moved well.

3RD 10687 - Rossobull Iggle Piggle for Fredbur                                          Miss K & Mr J Burrows & Ayrton

This traditional brown brindle with white vest and toes has a strong shapely head with super rose ears, dark round eyes, a perfect scissor bite and very typical expression. He has adequate rib and brisket, level topline and moved nicely.

RES 10970 - Pendlestaff Spitfire                                                                    Mr P L & Ms C L Sutcliffe & Crossman

VHC 10715 - Niatona Arlo Coombes                                                              Miss K & Mr R Couzens & Coombes

Class 1892. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Open Dog   Entries: 35 Absentees: 4

1ST 10917 – Dk Ch Southcastle Bam Bam Boots                                       Mr A & Miss T Rasmussen & Jervelund

This superbly balanced and well-pigmented red dog has a terrific head, keen intense expression, tidy ears, strong muzzle and perfect scissor bite with good sized teeth. He has a very typical stance with his broad chest and square posture. His topline is wide and level which along with his deep brisket and spring of rib give an impression of a solid barrel set on four strong and well-muscled poles but without any tightness or exaggeration in the shoulders. He is nicely tucked up and fairly short-coupled back to his nicely rounded hindquarters. He moved with real purpose and never lost his concentration coming back for the dog challenge (and later the B.O.B. challenge) fully engaged and fresh. {BD, DCC}

2ND 10772 - Ch Gazstaff's Black Magic                                                      Mr G R, Mrs C E, Mr C J & Mrs J Thomas & Griffiths

Well-balanced black brindle with a strong head, short foreface, very tidy rose ears, round dark eyes and a good scissor bite. He is generally more compact than 1st but with many similar traits; deep brisket, barrel ribs, level topline and short coupled. He moved well and held his topline level on the move.

3RD 10903 - Pl Ch Jakard Wejherstaff Fluffy Ruffles                               Mr Ap Piątek

A white dog with dark pigmentation spots showing through and similar in build to 2nd. He has a lovely shaped skull, dark round eyes, intense expression and a scissor bite. He is clearly fit and well-muscled and moved powerfully.

RES 11003 - Ch Alport Highlander                                                              Mr J Williamson

VHC 10905 - Callastaff Son of The Moon                                                   Mr T & Mrs C Plumstead

Class 1893. Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog   Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1ST 10787 - Blazen Staff's over The Top Jolihem (Imp Deu)                  Dr Sl & Mr S & Miss JFS Hemstock & Sanjesh & Hemstock

A solidly-built red dog with white chest and flash on his face. He has dark round eyes, noticeably clean lips, tidy ears and a perfect scissor bite. He has well-sprung ribs and moved well.

2ND 10937 - Illori Azizi                                                                                  Miss K L Harris

See 3rd in veteran.

3RD 10866 - Our Little Cracker                                                                    Miss V Mitchell

9½ year-old blue dog showing his age. He’s lost some substance in recent years and seemed tired by the end of the day but he still manages to keep his topline level while moving.