• Show Date: 15/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gordon Setter Association

Breed: Gordon Setter


An honour and privilege to judge a club show in a breed that I hold dearly. Presentation was first class and so much improved in recent years. There was a wide variation in type and this made for some tricky decisions. I felt that there were less flagging tails today. I was really pleased with my top winners. Delighted that my DCC was Best In Show on the referee’s decision. We agreed that my RCC should be RBIS and my BPD was best Puppy In Show. Best Veteran going to the delightful bitch who looked so well.

Special Vintage (2 entries , 1 absent)

1 Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymora ShCM VW

Nearly 11 and in lovely body for his age. Balanced in head with clean neck and straight well boned front legs. Firm in topline and correct tail set. He moved well here showing good reach for his age.

Veteran (3, 1w/d)

1 Hall’s Sh Ch Melview Moving Time JW

Up to size but well balanced through. Strong in neck and well boned. He has good width to his ribs and firm short couplings. He moved freely, especially in profile. Looking well for his eight years with hardly a grey hair to be seen. Not surprised to learn later that he has recently gained his title.

2 Abba’s Hernwood Summer Lovin

Another well made eight-year-old. Refined head with enough width leads to neck of good length. Deep in chest with good rear angulation. He was presented in good coat and also looked well. Just preferred the profile movement of the winner.

Minor Puppy (3,1)

1 Palini’s Krisada Not In Kansas

Really liked this 8-month baby. Really raw at the moment but should come together nicely. Balanced through with substance but no exaggeration. Good head with depth to his muzzle. Enough stop for his age. Long neck with width to his front and enough bone. He has good width and length to his ribs giving a well-balanced body which will get even better once it deepens. Good rear angulation with well-turned stifles and short form hock to heel. He moved correctly for his age. Won here but lost out on maturity in the next strong class.

2 Horler’s Colourbox Wild Wild West with Rackens

Only 7 months and larger in type, will take a bit longer to come together. Well shaped head with wide nose and well placed ears. Strong neck of good length. Developing nicely in body with good depth for his age. He too, is well angulated behind. He moved erratically here but should go on to do well once settled.

Puppy (9,1)

A super class to judge with plenty to like about most of them. It will be interesting to see how they compare as they develop.

1 Collins Pitman, Cox and Loakes’ Amscot Air Apparent

This 11 month lad looked so well stacked and did not disappoint on the move. Presented a balanced picture for one so young in this slow maturing breed. Well shaped head with good length of muzzle and well set ears. He has a gentle expression masculine yet not coarse. Clean in neck with well laid shoulders. He has good length to his ribs and a firm topline. Plenty of rear angulation, I wouldn’t want any more. He used this to advantage on the move, moving straight and true from any direction. Best Puppy In Show.

2 Ashton’s Forrester’s Northern Hunter of Darkmoor with Gadieburn

I judged this 9 month old a couple of weeks earlier in a Puppy group, liked him then and did not change my mind here! He is a lovely headed boy with good shoulder placement and straight, well boned front legs giving enough width to his front. He has good length and width to his ribs for his age. A firm topline and is short from hock to heel. Close up here, the winner edged it for me on hind action today but this lad has time on his side.

3 Krisada Not In Kansas

Junior (6)

1 Morgan’s Caradilis Sky Rocket

At 17 months is at the top end of this class. Strong but balanced in head with plenty of stop. He is clean in neck and has plenty of depth to his chest for his age. He has good strength to his quarters with good width to his second thigh. He moved well in profile.

2 McCarthy’s Hernwood Wizard of Oz

Reserve in the strong Puppy class and moving better here making him more competitive. Balanced in head with lovely expression and dark eyes. He has a good reach of neck and nicely sloping shoulders. He is firm in couplings and holds his topline well. Well angulated quarters of good width. Another who should go on to do well.

3 Tait’s Forrester’s Northern Light of Darkmoor

Yearling (4)

1 Mitchell’s Cafotaliena Thief of Hearts by Brobruick JW

What a lovely young male. Just right for his age. Presented a super picture standing. Well shaped head of good width and kind expression. Strong neck of good length leads into nicely sloping shoulders. Straight, well boned front. Well developed in rib with good depth and plenty of heart room. Strong over his quarters with well-turned stifles. I considered him for top honours. His day will come.

2 Caradilis Sky Rocket

3 Walker’s Lignum Teller

Maiden (3)

1 Amscot Air Apparent

2 Marsh’s Kilnrae Black Hawk

Just 12 months with a good head, well places ears and long clean neck. Straight, well boned front legs. Good length to his ribs and in decent body for his age. He just needs to settle on the move to do himself justice.

3 Colourbox Wild Wild West with Rackens

Novice (4)

1 Amscot Air Apparent

2 Forester’s Northern Hunter of Darkmoor with Gadieburn

3 Kilnrae Black Hawk

Undergraduate (3)

1 McCarthy’s Hernwood Boston High Flyer

Uncommon to find a six year old in this class but if he’s eligible, why not? Correctly proportioned head with dark eyes. Strong neck and well laid shoulders. He is firm in topline and good to go over. Well-proportioned quarters. He moved well in profile.

2 Taylor’s Graylacier Blue Marlin

Different type. Has a clean neck of good length. Well boned with good width to his front. Firm over his couplings. He is short from hock to heel. Preferred the length of foreface and the longer ribs of the older boy.

3 Hogg’s Gailiech Ngalyod

Graduate (7,2)

1 Gregg’s Locksheath Beach Comber

Well balanced through with good neck and well placed shoulders. Mature in body with enough width but not overdone. Good width to his quarters. Hocks are well let down. He edged this class on his movement in profile. Would like to see him carrying a little less coat density.

2 Graylacier Blue Marlin

3 Britton’s Graylacier Classic Design

Postgraduate (6)

1 Ashley-Turner’s Hernwood The Botanist JW

Upstanding dog in full coat. Balanced in head with good length of muzzle, bright eyes and well placed ears. Clean neck of good length leads to sloping shoulders and well boned front. Well off for rib with enough width and plenty of depth. He is very well angulated behind and moved well.

2 Lambert’s Marshmoor Fighter Pilot

Another with plenty to like here. Well-proportioned head with clean neck of good length. He has a lovely front with good feet. In good body showing enough depth and good width. Well developed in second thigh. Looked well standing.

3 Britton’s Graylacier Portreath

Mid Limit (2,1)

1 Norman and Robertson’s Yennadon Kyllachy

Hiding his seven years really well. Balanced through. A real old fashioned type. Well-constructed front with well-developed ribs and firm topline. He moved freely and effectively.

Limit (11, 1)

Super class with inevitable close decisions. A pleasure to judge these.

1 Bryant’s Kilnrae Hallmark JW

As the class went on, my eye kept getting drawn back to this one. So honest, free from exaggeration and well put together. Balanced in head with gentle expression and well placed ears. Strong neck of good length leads to well angulated shoulders. Well developed in body with depth and length to his ribs. Strong over the quarters with super width of second thigh. Hocks are well let down. Moved truly, holding his topline and carrying his tail correctly. Continued to impress in the challenge to push the CC winner all of the way. RCC and with my co-judge, Mrs Griffiths’ agreement RBIS. Must surely gain his title soon.

2 Horler’s Hernwood Jack O Lantern by Rackens JW

One that I have judged and admired previously. No reason to change my opinion here, today. Up to size but well balanced through. Strong head of good width with good depth of muzzle. Good reach of neck. Straight in front with good bone and upright pasterns. Well ribbed and firm over the couplings. He has good width to his quarters and used this to advantage on the move.

3 Phillips Watkins and Sykes’ Glenmaurangi Storm Trooper

Open (7)

1 Sandiford and Lewis’ Sh Ch Hernwood Neptune Sea

Had to be on top form to win this strong class. Looked the part standing and did not disappoint on the move. Well-proportioned head with correct stop and plenty of shape around his eyes. Good length of neck leads to well laid shoulders and good front with enough width. Balanced in body, with good length of rib and depth to his brisket. Strongly made quarters with well-turned stifles and plenty of width to his thighs. He moved so correctly, true fore and aft and showing extension in profile. Well turned out with shining coat and handled to bring out the best in him. My CC winner today. Pleased that Mrs Bain, the referee agreed that he should be a worthy Best In Show.

2 Phillips Watkins and Miles’ Sh Ch Glenmaurangi Mandalorian JW

Younger but still carries plenty of quality. Cleaner in outline than the winner. Well-shaped head with plenty of stop and low set ears. Clean in throat with enough bone and good feet. He has depth to his chest and is firm in topline. Good rear angulation with plenty of stifle. Hocks are well let down. He moved well here. In super coat and handled to advantage. Close up for top honours.

3 Harker’s Sh Ch Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick JW

Field Trial (1)

1 Halliday’s Yennadon Reiss SGWC

At 9 years is certainly fit and well. Full of life putting some younger ones to shame. Refined but well-proportioned head. Good reach of neck. Correct topline with good set on of tail. He moved so well and so true both ways – a credit to his owner.

David Howarth