• Show Date: 01/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Craig Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/09/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Betty Flavell Brighter Birmingham Open Stakes

Critique for the

Betty Flavell Brighter Birmingham Open Stakes

Day 1

Class 718 OD W/P (15 Entries) Abs: 9

1st: 408 MYCOCK, Mr J & Mrs T Zentaur Hot Diggity (ai), handsome black Newfoundland, masculine without coarseness, well-constructed all through with overall good make and shape, pleasing head, shown in very good condition, sound and true fore and aft and covered the ground in profile;

2nd: 539 JOHNSON, Mrs Sue KENTWONE SHOOTER AT LUPINEMOON, Siberian Husky of two years, has a look of quality and presents a balanced outline, shown in super fit condition, sound and true out and back and kept his outline in profile;

3rd: 584 NICHOLS, Mrs L Nikolaev Malbec, very nice Bouvier

Class 719 OB W/P (13 Entries) Abs: 8

1st: 982 PLETZ-KAZANTZIS, Ms & Mr R & S & BUSBY, Ms O Ch Foxearth Fandella, Smooth Collie who immediately caught the eye, full of breed type and a hint of quality, lovely outline with typical head and expression, well made fore and hindquarters, shown in fit condition, very good mover in all direction;

2nd: 764 BRADY, Mrs Rosalie Bordercot Fantastic Rhythm, Border Collie of turned 6 years of age, has a typical and feminine outlook, pleasing size and overall outline, super feet, held her head correctly on the move and showed good freedom of movement in profile, very well presented;


Day 2

Class 1548 OD H/To (20 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2927 GUY, Mr David Ch Donzeata Royal Viscount – most handsome and thoroughly typical Griffon shown in splendid jacket, typical head, cobby body, great hindquarters, a real showman who went with drive behind and carried himself beautifully in profile, really cock-sure of himself, a pleasure to judge;

2nd: 3292 CAWTHERA-PURDY, Mrs A Ch Lireva's Wildest Dreams, Pomeranian of the highest quality who pushed 1 so hard (in fact, this was the hardest decision of the weekend), totally typical, correct size, foxy head/expression, correct balance, correct coat and texture, well made hindquarters, so sound and true on the move and has a look of star quality;

3rd: 1544 CUDLIP, Ms E Ch Woferlow voyager at Harvidene, Basset Hound

Class 1549 OB H/To (31 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2029 PATERSON, Mr Brian & PATERSON, Mr Peter Cwmdarhian The Mistress, Smooth Dachshund who had won BB and continued to hold her own against other breeds;

2nd: 1745 HUNT, Mrs M Dufosee Iyla at Bondlea JW, tricolour Beagle bitch who is sturdy but also has a look of quality, pleasing head, well boned, pleasing body lines, well angulated and muscled hindquarters, true mover;

3rd: 2108 CUTTER, Miss J M & LUBIN, Mr H Ina's Fashion Finest of Chosovi (Imp) Deu, Greyhound

Day 3

Class 2500 OD U/Te (20 Entries) Abs: 13

1st: 4413 DENBY, Ms L & WEBB, Ms Jenny Shira Victory Zhuangzi Tao to Chifido (IMP HUN), yearling Shar Pei who had a most typical overall outline and never stood wrong, good head and eyes, well boned, good body, coat and pleasing hindquarters, very sound fore and aft and kept his outline on the move;

2nd: 5213 SPAIN, Mrs A & SPAIN, Mr L Ch Talanors diamond tornado, Manchester Terrier of nearly 7 years who really pushed hard, lovely typical dog and a great showman shown in superb condition, a great credit to his owner, typical head, really well made in front, good body lines, super hindquarters, never stood wrong and impressed on the move, really pushed hard;

3rd: 4531 HALL, Mr & Mrs C Balgay Shab Tra, Tibetan Spaniel

Class 2501 OB U/Te (26 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: 3783 WHITE, Ms Marina Ch Sophtspot La De Da At Belsmard ShCEx, feminine, top quality Dalmatian who rather stood out, has such a super outline and balance, loved her head, well made front, good feet, excellent topline and really good hindquarters, what a showgirl she is and she goes with trueness fore and aft and really opens up in side profile to cover the ground effortlessly;

2nd: 4817 JACKSON, Mrs Elspeth & JACKSON, Mrs Jean Earthtaw Making Magic With Clipstone, lovely Border Terrier who struck me as being very typical, most pleasing head, good jaws, pleasing head, lovely legs and feet, correct coat and perfectly sound on the move;

3rd: 5225 GEE, Mrs R Watercroft Gin Fizz

(Day 4)

Class 3104 OD Gu (16 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 7366 ISHERWOOD, Mrs Joanne Gunalt Schweppes at caleydene JW, quality Weimarander who is upstanding, good type and correct balance, pleasing head shape, well made through neck and shoulders, good length of rib, well angulated hindquarters, pleasing colour, sound free mover;

2nd: 5791 PINGAULT, Miss V M Sh Ch Taftazini Aiden Abbett, very good GSP, pleasing head and eye, well made front, short back, well angulated hindquarters, good coat, sound true mover, pushed hard;

3rd: 6277 GORDON, Ms Wendy Hawkfield Witch Doctor, Pointer

Class 3105 OB Gu (9 Entries) Abs: 0 Headed by two lovely examples of their respective breeds.

1st: 7085 CALVERT, Mr and Mrs Martin Oliver Sh Ch Calvdale Flutter JW, ESS bitch out of the top drawer, exudes type with her beautiful head and eye, just the right balance, well boned, good feet, lovely neck and shoulders, super hindquarters, presents a most typical picture on the stack which she maintains on the move, typical action, so sound and carries herself so well in profile;

2nd: 7179 BRADLEY, mrs LINDA & BRADLEY, mr Paul Sh Ch Stanegate stage debut (ai) beautiful, top class IWS who I have judged, admired and given top honours previously, my very high opinion of her remains, she is so typical through and through with super coat, big ribs and beautiful head and eye, sound moving but disappointed today that she didn’t seem to be on top form;

3rd: 6728 EVANS, Miss Emily Farnfield Clarity, Labrador

David R Craig (Judge)