• Show Date: 11/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Craig Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Beagle

Critique on BEAGLES – CRUFTS 2023

It was a privilege and an honour to be invited to judge Beagles at Crufts. Many thanks to the exhibitors who made such an effort to get to the show, in view of the inclement weather just before the actual event. Exhibitors are also to be congratulated on presenting their hounds in very good condition, well-muscled and perfectly clean (as they deserve!) – my hands were just as clean at the end of the judging as at the start. Due to COVID, it is five and a half years since I judged the breed so nearly all of the exhibits were new to me. I endeavoured to look at the overall picture of the hounds on show and to reward their positive virtues. I was very pleased with my two unbeaten line ups and delighted with my main winners. I loved both CC winners and it was a close decision for BOB. The winning bitch did the breed proud in the group ring where she acquitted herself so well.

Veteran Dog (15, 2):

1. Raymond’s Ch Dialynne Peter Piper, most worthy winner of the highest honours during his career, at just over 7 years of age he still looks the part and takes the eye, he is smart, fully of type and totally balanced, pleasing head, super bone and feet, excellent body properties and well angulated hindquarters, shown in superb condition and handled to perfection, he moves on a good stride and is accurate fore and aft, he was my CC and BIS winner the last time I judged the breed, today he pushed the eventual CC winner hard and they looked very well together, so similar in type and both true Beagles, it was a pleasure to reward him with the RCC;

2. Dawson and Goodall’s Ch Janfrey Randal upon Rundle, just over 9 years of age, this tricolour is another to whom I have awarded a CC, he is the right balance and overall shape, compact hound who has an open side gait, going with real drive behind, shown in good condition, it was lovely to meet him again;

3. Hewitt’s Wildas Jerry Seinfeld, 7 years tri who was as fit as a fiddle, balanced dog with good outline, pleasing neckline into excellent topline and set on of stern, well muscled and angulated hindquarters, sound true mover.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0):

1. Findlay’s Rhiconich Code, 8 months tricolour of pleasing type, liked his head and eye, well boned and good feet, strong topline and nicely angulated behind;

2. Petersen’s Troopersway Grecian Boy, bigger made and heavier tricolour, still compact and shown in super condition, preferred head of 1.

Puppy Dog (6,0)

1. Goldberg’s Rossut Villein at Molesend, tricolour of pleasing size and type, good bone and very good feet, compact body with short loin, shown in super condition and presents a pleasing overall picture, moves very well behind and carries himself well in profile;

2. Havard’s Annavah Nickleby, tricolour who appears to be at the in-between stage, pleasing head shape with good eye shape, pleasing legs and feet, good size and overall balance, not quite the hindquarters of 1;

3. Lewis’ Fallowfield Channing, open tricolour of 11 months, very well grown, pleasing head, good body and topline;

Junior Dog (5,0)

1. Beard’s Kellitcreed Sweeney Tod, quality, balanced tricolour who is made in one piece, pleasing size, shown in really good condition, good legs and feet, compact, well ribbed body, excellent topline and set on of stern, excels in hindquarters with well let down hock, correct set on of stern and presents a typical picture in profile standing and on the move, is true out and back and carries his outline well in profile, won this class with ease, shortlisted to the last 4;

2. Hewitt’s Madika Pretty Pretty Good, bigger tricolour shown in really good condition, excels in body, topline and hindquarters, enjoyed his day out, would prefer better front;

3. Bridgeman and Logue’s Kingswin Buga Lugs, black blanket tricolour, another out of the larger mould, good legs and feet, strong topline, good stern and well angulated hindquarters, would just prefer a more refined head and for him to be more compact;

Special Yearling Dog (16,3):

1. Wenman’s Wenannou White Thunder, tricolour of good type, pleasing size and overall balance, typical head, very good legs and feet, compact, well ribbed body, excellent topline and set on of stern, well angulated hindquarters, goes with drive behind and maintains his outline in profile;

2. Binks’ Tannahill Vagabond, darker tricolour of pleasing type and overall balance, super legs and feet, correct body, rib and loin, strong topline, sound true mover who in profile has a good free stride, pushed 1 hard, a close decision;

3. Knappe’s Luck Devil’s U Let Me Dream, tricolour mottle shown in very good condition, good through body and hindquarters, just preferred head and expression of 1 and 2;

Post Graduate Dog (12, 0):

1. Fallon’s Newlin Rambler, unexaggerated, clean lined tan/white who free shows beautifully, clean neck, very good feet, correct topline and set on of stern, very well angulated hindquarters, sound mover who goes on a free stride;

2. Simkin’s Simeldaka Senglea Squire, tricolour who is well balanced overall, a compact hound with good topline and well-muscled, moved soundly;

3. James-Dow’s Jalhar Gives You The Edge at Malcline, stronger made blanket tricolour of pleasing type, sturdy with good bone and feet, correct topline and well carried stern;

Mid Limit Dog (16,0):

1. Diamond and Carruthers’ Jalhar Fame N Fortune from Kelcardi, this tricolour pleased me a good deal, he is a masculine hound without coarseness, pleasing head and eye shape, giving pleasing expression, well made front, good bone, strong topline, well ribbed body, excellent set on of stern which is well carried on the move, excels in hindquarters which are well angulated with good second thigh and well let down hocks, is a sound true mover, and has reach and drive in profile, shortlisted him to the last 4 in the challenge;

2. Chapman’s Gemark Eyas, tan/white of pleasing type and overall balance, compact, handsome hound who is sound moving with correct topline and well carried stern, overall presents a very pleasing picture, just preferred the expression of 1;

3. Hunt and Ford’s Bondlea Woodlark, masculine tricolour without being coarse, good bone, super body, topline and hindquarters, sound true mover, just preferred the overall balance of those above;

Limit Dog (9, 0):

1. Findlay’s Rhiconich Obconica, tricolour of pleasing type and balance, a compact hound who can move with scope in profile, masculine with good bone and feet, strong topline and well carried stern, sound mover;

2. Lovatt’s Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf, tricolour of pleasing type and size, pleasant head, shown in good condition, sound mover;

3. Petersen’s Troopersway Gladiator, this 7 years tricolour gained his place on his movement – sound up and down and scopy in profile, shown in super condition;

Open Dog (16,3):

1. Parker and Steven’s Ch Serenaker Armani, this two and a half years tricolour shouts Beagle – he is a super type, of the right size, compact and of super balance, added to which he has a look of real quality, his head is absolutely lovely, masculine without a hint of coarseness and an eye that looks into your soul, he is well boned with good feet, strong topline, well set stern and superb hindquarters, he is straight and true out and back where he goes with real drive and in profile he maintains his outline, the overall picture is of a high quality, completely typical Beagle, in the challenge I felt his outline, bloom of youth, look of quality and total balance merited the CC, in the challenge for BOB I thought Armani and Princess Tiana were well-matched, two top class, quality hounds who I would be pleased to look at every day!

2. Haussner-Unger and Unger’s Ger Ch Molesend Sandman, tan/white hound of 6.5 years, a quality, well made, most typical dog, not a sign of coarseness, well made front, very well ribbed body, super hindquarters, strong topline and correct set on of stern, sound true mover and looked good in profile where he went on a free stride, I see I awarded his litter sister her first CC on my last appointment, pushed hard;

3. Taylor’s Deaconfield Kingcraft, tricolour who is correct and unexaggerated, good to go over as he is well made all through, correct head shape, balanced outline, compact with good length of rib and short loin, excellent hindquarters and stern carriage, sound in all directions, a dog who is deserving of a title;

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (8,0):

1. Wildas Jerry Seinfeld

2. N Rambler

3. B Sweet Bay Leaf

Veteran Bitch (25, 7): all of these ladies are a great credit to their owners

1. Szwalek’s Ch Alotorius Old Glory Born To Be Chic, 11 years tan/white who has femininity and strength, looks half her age, shown in the most wonderful condition, is very much the correct shape with pleasing head, correct proportions, strong hindquarters, excels in profile action where she goes with reach and drive, covering the ground, sound fore and aft, a real showgirl;

2. Fraser’s Wyvisview Harlequin, tricolour of 7 years, so feminine all through with nothing to excess, good balance, well made all through, particularly good hindquarters, sound free mover, maintains her correct outline in profile;

3. McBain and Stevens’ Redcap Bella Sorella, what an extrovert this girl is, shown in superb condition, wonderful topline and excellent hindquarters, enthusiastic mover;

Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 0):

1. Gladstyle Mid Summer Dream, tan/white with pleasing head, good bone and body, strong topline and well set stern, sound happy mover;

2. Jones and Jepson’s Soletrader Ladybird of Eardley, tricolour with very pleasing head, pleasing bone, good feet, good topline and width of thigh, thought she may have been the winner, but slightly reticent on the move;

3. Petersen’s Troopersway Grecian Girl, well bodied, good boned puppy who enjoyed her day, went with confidence and composure;

Puppy Bitch (7, 1):

1. Davies’ Annavah Nocturne at Barrvale, tricolour of pleasing type, just over 9 months, built on very clean lines, pleasing head and eye shape, long neck and pleasing forequarters, good angulation behind, sound fore and aft and maintains her outline on the move, BP;

2. Binks’ Tannahill Zola, older puppy and more mature, tricolour of super type and balance and with a look of quality, very nice head, lovely body lines, topline and set on of stern, well angulated behind, very good to go over, just needs to settle in front movement;

3. Havard’s Annavah Angel Delight, open tricolour, another well made puppy who is of correct type and balance, pleasing head, good topline and hindquarters, gave her owner a hard time on the go-around, just needs to settle to get into her stride;

Junior Bitch (17, 2):

1. Beard’s Kellitcreed Cotton Candy, this tan/white was very good to go over, liked her outline, balance and proportions, good size, well made front, neck leads into good shoulders, excellent topline and set on of stern, well ribbed body, strong well angulated hindquarters, shown in very good condition, so sound and true on the out and back and has a good stride in profile where she keeps her outline, a close decision, just edging in front of 2;

2. Tanner’s Felinoak El Koko Loko, open tricolour of lovely type and outline, built on clean lines, really pleasing head, good through front, body and topline, has a lovely free, ground covering gait in profile, has a look of quality and sure to continue to do well;

3. Philpott’s Charterwood Black Opal, this tricolour really appealed and has so many virtues, a true Beagle with strength and quality, well made all through with pleasing head, good fore and hindquarters and a sound true mover, good in profile, disappointed that she wasn’t totally sure of the floor when it rattled, one who should do well;

Special Yearling Bitch (16, 3):

1. Stuart’s Kellitcreed Danger Digits, this tricolour didn’t immediately take my attention but she was good to go over and well made overall, pleasing head, pleasing fore and aft, good topline and hindquarters, sound mover in all directions;

2. Taylor’s Deaconfield Lyric, tan/white of pleasing type, size and proportions, pleasing head, good body and rib, moved soundly;

3. Jones and Jepson’s Eardley Caught In The Act, this tan/white took my attention on the initial survey of the class, very good outline stacked with pleasing head shape, lovely bone, correct topline, well balanced, another that wasn’t totally happy with the floor;

Post Graduate Bitch (23, 5):

1. Thornton’s Julemark Primrose at Maplelayne, quality tan/white shown in super condition, presents a clean and typical outline in profile, lovely head, eye and expression, well made front, adequate bone, strong topline held on the move, well set and carried stern, strong hindquarters, sound, free mover who looks good in profile, has a great rapport with her owner;

2. Webster’s Michelroy Pimpernell with Houndcoast, feminine quality tan/white, another with a lovely head, correct balance and proportions, pleasing front, good through body and topline, looks good in profile, not quite as positive behind as 1;

3. Evans and Barnes’ Bellvalley Calypso, tricolour of pleasing type, size and balance, sound mover, not quite the head and eye of those above;

Mid Limit Bitch (21, 2):

1. Goldberg’s Molesend Dormouse, just out of junior, this tan/white youngster is feminine, of obvious quality, very good size and balance and totally unexaggerated, she has a sweet, feminine head, pleasing neck and shoulders, good legs and feet, well ribbed body, strong hindquarters and good bone, she is sound and true fore and aft and carries herself very well in profile, shown in really excellent condition, and didn’t put a foot wrong, in the challenge, she kept drawing my eye as a most typical Beagle and was most deserving of RCC;

2. Hunt’s Dufosee Iyla at Bondlea, quality tricolour of pleasing type and size, feminine head, good topline and hindquarters, shown in fit, well-muscled condition, sound free mover with good stride in profile;

3. Richmond’s Canowindra Kiara, another very nice bitch, has strength without coarseness, sound true mover, not quite as feminine as 1 and 2;

Limit Bitch (12, 3):

1. Fraser’s Wyvisview Porcelain, this tricolour was very good to handle, well made all through, unexaggerated, pleasing head shape, well made front, good legs with pleasing bone, well proportioned, well ribbed body, good hindquarters with well let down hock, well set and carried stern, sound true mover who covered the ground in profile, pushed hard by 2;

2. Goldberg’s Molesend Crumble, tan/white shown in lovely condition and built on typical, clean lines, nothing exaggerated, pleasing head, adequate bone, good through the body with pleasing hindquarters, close decision;

3. Hunt, Norris and Starbrook’s Shercroft Liberty, tan/wite of 4.5 years, pleasing type, outline and balance, well angulated both ends, sound true mover;

Open Bitch (18, 2):

1. Havard’s Ch Annavah Princess Tiana, this young tricolour screams Beagle from her most beautiful head to her well carried stern, I loved her, possesses the balance and proportions that are required, compact and sturdy but with nothing to excess, most charming head, eye shape and expression, but there is more to a Beagle than just a head, she is so beautifully constructed that your hands just flow over her, good neck into well angulated shoulders, has reach in front in profile, correct, well ribbed back body, perfect topline and well set and carried stern, correct hindquarters which she uses to drive from behind, never stands wrong and holds that beautiful outline at all times in profile, going with effortless reach and drive, from the quality line up of bitches in the challenge, she just kept drawing my eye and captivated me, asked for and deservedly received the CC and continued to shine in the challenge for BOB against the handsome and most typical male, edging ahead for BOB, she took the atmosphere of the group ring in her stride, gaining many admirers and being a really good ambassador for the breed, she remained totally composed and went on to G4, what a star!

2. Deans’ Gempeni Cornflower, this feminine, quality bitch, built on clean lines is such a good shape, pleasing head, well angulated front and behind, good topline and stern on of stern, drives from behind and looks her best on the move in profile where she has a ground covering and economical stride, there is no doubt that she would make a most worthy title holder;

3. Breeze’s Ch Dufosee Dragonfly of Parkbreeway, this quality tricolour has a lovely clean outline in profile, has strength with femininity, pleasing head, long neck, good topline and set on of stern, well angulated hindquarters, handled well and shown in splendid condition, she is a very worthy title holder;

Good Citizen Scheme Bitch (16, 0):

1. G Cornflower

2. M Pimpernell at H

3. R Bella Sorella

David R Craig (Judge)