• Show Date: 16/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Irish Setter Club Of Wales

Breed: Irish Setter

Irish Setter Club of Wales Championship Show

Sunday 16 April 2023

It was truly an honour to be invited by a breed club to award my first CC’s to Irish Setters, where I was afforded the

privilege of judging the males at this wonderfully organised show. I was made to feel so welcome from start to finish,

the committee making sure every detail was attended to, which made for a very enjoyable and memorable day indeed. I

was presented with a really lovely entry of quality dogs and I wish to thank all of those who entered their males for my

appraisal. My thanks to my two stewards – Hefin and Joy – who were so efficient, and great fun, all day.

MPD (2) 1 Gwendariff Purple Reign at Finix. Smart young chap who is new to the job and fresh, he was really up for

it and I loved his attitude and character. He is well grown, with super bone and body already and has all the essentials.

Masculine head with defined brows, strong neck and excellent lay and length of shoulder. Has development of forechest

and ribbing already, with strength in topline and group. Balanced in his angulation, this shows on the move where he

produces a sound and economic action with tidy footfall. Presented in first class order. Will go on to great things. BPD

& with my co-judge’s agreement, a deserved BPIS. 2 Casachared Connors Delaney. Not quite so forward in development

as the winner, this youngster has good proportions and excellent width of thigh. The overall picture is sound and balanced

and this was shown on the move where he strode out well in all of the classes he was exhibited in.

PD (4,1) 1 Penclippin Jubilee Flame. Smart upstanding young male with clean outline. At an in-between stage of growth

and development just now, but has many breed attributes. Smart headpiece, good front and hind angles and well ribbed

in between. Needs to body up and firm in topline as you would expect at this age. He moved out with a stylish action

using his quarters to advantage. Has great fitness and condition for age. One for the future! 2 Bridgella’s Jubilee Prince.

A rangier sort than the winner with some filling in to do, and needs to gain some body to complete the picture. Nicely

headed, moderate throughout with good angles behind, and standing on super feet.

VD (1) 1 Thendara The Watchmaker. I adored this dog’s temperament and joi de vivre, if ever there was a personification

of “demonstrably affectionate”, this would be the one to observe! Showed like he was a youngster and presented in

sterling coat and condition. Has a super front assembly with well placed shoulder and corresponding return of upper

arm. Is strong in topline standing and moving, ribbed well back, and has a well set on tail – which he never stopped

using! Stands on excellent feet with short, well maintained nails. Moved out with verve and freedom of action and was

a very worth contender at the end of a long day, but had to settle for RBVIS on the referee’s decision.

JD (7) 1 Thendara Big Love. This smart young man presents a very imposing outline and his impressive stature cannot

be ignored. Has length and leanness of head, strength of neck and a well laid shoulder. He is strong in topline and short

and firm in loin, with strong croup. Deep and long in rib. Well off for hind angles with width of thigh and low hocks.

Free and steady action on the move. Presented in top drawer coat and condition. Considered in the last four for top

honours today. 2 Kerryfair Just Be. Smaller framed male with lots of appeal and many breed attributes. Presents a clean

typical outline stacked up, has a gentle slope to topline and strength in croup and quarters. Presented in super order, but

a bit juvenile on the move today.

YD (7,1) This was a class of cheeky boys, many of which were playing their owners up on the day! 1 Gwendariff Ucant

Touch This JW. Well-schooled youngster who put on a great show. Had the best overall outline and movement in this

class which clinched his win. Super balance of skull and muzzle, reachy neck and well laid shoulder with good return

of upper arm. Well ribbed back, he is strong in his topline and has a well set on tail. With his complimentary rear angles

it wasn’t a surprise to find him sound and accurate on the move, too. Well presented in fit condition, but his nails could

be shorter! 2 Harreds Lachlan at Stylersett. Impressive outline on this young lad, however he didn’t want to co-operate

on the move today. Liked his head, long and lean, eye shape and colour, and expression. Well-muscled neck leading to

good lay of shoulder. He is strong in topline which has a moderate slope, and his tail is correctly set on – and well used!

Presented in super order, he just needs his enthusiasm harnessed to better effect. 3 Thendara Firecracker at Clanoventa.

ND (5,1) 1 Zakhan’s Rough Diamond by Konakakela. Well bodied youngster who was lower down the placings in the

last class but deserved his win here. Another whom I must commend for his body and muscle condition, as he was good

to go over and is clearly afforded plenty of exercise. His head needs to break which will come with time. Stands on neat

well kept feet. 2 Zakhan’s Diamond Jack. Not the body or condition of 1 as this chap is a tad rangy at the moment and

he needs time to come together and develop. Has a racy outline and another standing on excellent feet. 3 Loganirish Out

On The Town.

UGD (3,1) 1 Zakhan’s Rough Diamond by Konakakela. 2 Loganirish Out On The Town. A raw youngster with much

growing and development to do, but has some appeal and various breed attributes. Came to the job much better in this

class and was more settled on the move.

GD (7,2) 1 Gwendariff Aru Ready F’This Amberlight. This young man didn’t want to co-operate with his handler today

and really made her work for it! Longer cast exhibit but in this group presented the most typical outline overall. Clean

typical head and eye, good neck and shoulder placement, he scores in upper arm length. He has a deep well developed

forechest and sprung rib. Well-muscled quarters with length from hip to hock, which were used to advantage on the

move. Just needs to learn to enjoy his stacking more. 2 Covarnet It Takes Time with Stourford JW. Stronger headed

male than 1 and rather dramatic in topline slope for me when on the stack. Used his construction to best advantage on

the move where he produced a sound action with strong drive from behind. 3 Swiftlark Spellbinder.

PGD (8,1) I was very disappointed with the temperaments of three of the dogs in this class, so much so that they were

all dismissed. Thankfully, this did nothing to cause a reaction from the remaining four, who all remained pleasantly

settled. I hope the owners of the dogs dismissed all take action to correct this entirely untypical behaviour. 1 Gwendariff

Flags Are Flyin. Masculine headed male of sound honest construction throughout. His well laid shoulders give rise to

his reach strong neck and continue into a firm slightly sloping topline. Balance in angulation fore and aft, he used both

ends of himself well going away and coming back, and produces an economic long striding action going around. Was

unphased by the drama caused in the class and remained as cool as a cucumber to clinch the win. I must also commend

the excellent coat and perfect muscular condition this dog was presented in. Shortlisted to the final four for top honours

today. 2 Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows. Another smartly shaped young dog who is eye-catching both standing and

moving. Smaller in stature than the winner, he has very similar positive attributes to commend. Presented in first class

order and handled unassumingly to get the best from him. 3 Swiftlark Spellbinder.

MLD (5,2) 1 Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gilliegrae JW ShCM. Smaller in stature, this d is rather unassuming in

outlook, but has such balance and soundness of construction all through. Long lean head, good eye shape and colour,

well set ears. Clean through the neck and shoulder into his strong and unexaggerated topline. Well set on tail. Is

moderately angled at both ends which he uses well on the move, producing a particularly sound action when going away

and a stylish gait going around. 2 Gwendariff Plays The Flute. A very decent sort, who was a little phased by his handler

taking a tumble at first, but they got it together in the end. Smart headpiece with kind eye, good neck and topline, leading

to well set on tail. Scores in development of forechest. A good honest sort who just needs time to develop in body and

coat to complete the picture. 3 Staratlanta Get a Wiggle On To Marzanne.

LD (8,1) A smashing class of quality exhibits. 1 Gwendariff The Grand Master at Jacwilins. This outstanding male

caught my attention from the start, and on closer inspection there is nothing about him to disappoint. He is an exquisite

example from the top drawer and the epitome of racy, balanced, and full of quality. Grand head with length and balance,

his dark well shaped clean eyes giving a very handsome expression under his raised brows. He is beautifully constructed

fore and aft; has balance of angles with moderation and nothing to excess. Scores in forechest development, length and

spring of rib, and has a short firm loin. As one would expect, he doesn’t disappoint on the move – correct away and back

with accuracy of footfall, and a sound economic gait going around. When you get your hands on this dog, not only do

you appreciate his construction but you feel a dog who is well conditioned and nourished, in excellent skin and coat,

and presented to the minute. A really superb Irish Setter whom it was my delight to award the CC on the day, in good

company. He later claimed RBIS with my co-judge’s agreement. 2 Thendara Marshmello JW. Another with a lovely

clean racy outline, so typical both standing the moving and nothing to excess. There are many things to like about this

dog and he has so many breed attributes. He is well constructed under his extremely well cared for and presented coat.

Moved out with verve and aplomb. 3 Gwendariff Beam Me Up Scotty.

OD (6,2) 1 Sh Ch Gwendariff U Can’t Missme Bonhomie. This male has a really lovely outline which is very typical

throughout. Superb head shape and expression from his lovely dark eyes. He has strength in neck, slightly sloping firm

topline, strong loin and well set on tail. Excellent forechest and ribbing, which extend well back, and clean in underline.

Moved with the most accurate footfall in this class, and maintained his lovely outline and firmness of topline going

around. Another whose presentation must be commended, not just his immaculately tailored coat but his perfect body

condition and excellent muscletone. Pushed hard in the challenge and was awarded a well deserved RDCC. 2 Sh Ch

Quensha Take A Bow. Lovely headed male, another of typical outline. Has a good shoulder and upper arm, deep chest,

and is very well bodied and ribbed. Has lovely width through the hindquarters with well developed first and second

thigh. Longer cast than 1, this d produced a ground covering gait going around the ring with reach and drive and minimal

lift, and was very tidy in his action away and back. Presented in excellent order, and handled perfectly. 3 Pl/Lt Ch

Gwendariff Dutch Invader.

SpBD (1) 1 Casachared Connors Delaney.

David R. Alcorn – Lourdace/Comalegy (Judge)