• Show Date: 27/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Spanish Water Dog

West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship Show 2023

Spanish Water Dog

Thank you to the WELKS Committee for their invitation to judge at their 2023 show. I think I was afforded the best indoor ring I have ever had the pleasure in judging in, which really allowed me to test the movement of all the exhibits. My two stewards were absolutely brilliant and they kept the ring going through the three breeds perfectly all day – I couldn’t have done it without them! I thoroughly enjoyed judging this excellent entry of Spanish Water Dogs; the soundness of this breed across all of the classes was heartening to say the least. Well done to all breeders and exhibitors – long may it continue. All the dogs displayed sound temperaments, and were very well presented. There was only one incorrect bite.

Class 2311. Veteran Dog (1)

1st Place 6744 - Nelsonandaluza De Ubrique (Mrs Affleck-Carter)

Very sound honest d with typical outline. Has enough strength in head, and good eyes. Strong neck and topline. He is well ribbed back. Presented in really lovely condition, very fit and muscular indeed. Moved out on a long and even stride with tidy footfall.

Class 2312. Puppy Dog (3,1)

1st Place 6757 - Pabiaga Sergio (Mrs J Wood)

Smashing young d with many breed qualities. Lots of growing on and maturing to do of course, but I thought he was just right for his age and have everything in the right place. Liked his head which is masculine and not overdone, strong in neck and topline, with good proportions. Soundly constructed behind. Moved out very well for one so young. BPD & BPIB.

Class 2314. Post Graduate Dog (1)

1st Place 6756 - Chanderhill Eagle Eye (Mrs J Wood)

This is a very sound dog and when viewed from any angle he never has a foot out of place. Really liked his head shape with parallel planes and big nose. He has a well laid shoulder and neat elbows, and is deep enough in forechest and well ribbed back giving him strength in topline. Has balance and moderation of hind angles. Uses himself very well on the move with accuracy of footfall away and back, and a good cover of ground when going around. BD.

Class 2315. Open Dog (2)

1st Place 6749 - Janamorio Northern Arlo (Mr A & Mr J Preece & Cooper)

Well presented upstanding d with quite an imposing outline. Liked his head balance and muzzle to skull ratios, as well as his eye colour and shape. Has good shoulder placement and useful upper arm return. Deep in brisket, with ribs extending well back. He is very well angled behind, and well muscled with good first and second thigh. Moved soundly across and back, and really covered the ground going around. RBD.

2nd Place 6742 - Adormidera Ziggy Star Dust (Ms J C & Mr J R Abrahams)

Lovely bodied d with excellent ribbing and strength in loin. Not quite the shoulders of the winner, but a very decent sort all through and very typical in outline. Moved out with verve.

Class 2316. Veteran Bitch (3)

1st Place 6747 - Prizelands Sweet Truffle (Mr F & Mrs C & S Donaldson & Glaysher)

This is a really super veteran b with lots of quality all through. Beautiful head and eye, with balance of skull to muzzle and big open nose. Strong medium length neck, excellent topline, and strong over the pelvis. She is well developed in forechest and brisket, and her ribs extend well back into her strong deep loin. Superb quarters which are so strong through the hock. An extremely good mover as one would expect, with economy and accuracy in footfall from all angles. RBB & BVIB.

2nd Place 6755 - Sh Ch Valentisimo's Tizi (Mr N P D, Mrs F J & Miss F Z M Walker)

Lovely headed b with a super body and ribbing and lots of quality all through. Very close up to the winner with lots of the same positive remarks to apply, it was also a pleasure to judge this b as she is so soundly constructed and well presented in fit hard condition.

3rd Place 6741 - Adormidera Princess Leia (Ms J C & Mr J R Abrahams)

Class 2317. Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Place 6743 - Cravessa's Right On The Dot by Adormidera (Ms J C & Mr J R Abrahams)

This is a brand new baby fresh to the job and still learning what it’s all about, but showed herself with confidence and moved out with style. Looked very raw and immature in the puppy challenge owing to her age, but gave a very credible performance. In good coat and condition, she stands on nice straight legs and has good feet.

Class 2318. Junior Bitch (1)

1st Place 6754 - Prizelands Fondant Fancy at Cooishka JW (Mrs K Thompson)

This is a top quality b who was a pleasure to judge and in this entry she really had to go some to take the top spot. Superbly headed, she has a very well proportioned skull with strength yet femininity. She is well constructed throughout, moderate and sound, nothing exaggerated and everything fitting together neatly. Scores in shoulders, topline, depth and ribbing. Has correct proportion of height to length. Standing on strong straight limbs and excellent feet, I was keen to see how she moved and thankfully wasn’t disappointed. She takes off and demonstrates so perfectly the correct brisk motion of the breed with accuracy of footfall, minimal lift and strong drive from the year. She is presented in first class order with a great dense coat and some cording. Handled to advantage, delighted to award her BB & BoB.

Class 2319. Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1st Place 6753 - Kurlibears September Truffle at Cooishka (Mrs K Thompson)

Yet another whose overall soundness I have to praise. This b has a lot of quality all through and is of good type. Stands on excellent feet and pasterns, has strength in bone and sound construction fore and aft. Appeals in head shape and size, and her overall balance is excellent. Moved out with drive and covered the ground with ease.

2nd Place 6751 - Pabiaga Marietta at Salvajero (Mrs A C Slaymaker)

Another sound mover, not quite the head of the winner. Holds her topline well both standing and moving and demonstrates good temperament going around and stood up. Nice to handle as she is presented in fit condition.

Class 2320. Open Bitch (2)

1st Place 6746 - Kurlibears September Aurora (Mr F & Mrs C & S Donaldson & Glaysher)

Workmanlike b whom you could well imagine being a very useful sort in the water. Really appeals in body proportions as she is so correct all through. Has balance of angles at each end, without excess, and is well ribbed up in between. Strong in her topline and loin, she holds this well standing and moving. When going away and back her footfall is particularly accurate behind, and she can really cover a lot of ground with such economy on the go around.

2nd Place 6752 - Conbrio Box of Delights (Mrs N Spencer)

A little shorter and more compact than 1 and not quite so relaxed when being handled. Liked her head and eyes, strength in neck and topline, and well set tail. Sound enough away and back and presented in dense coat.

David R. Alcorn – Lourdace/Comalegy (Judge).