• Show Date: 17/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Bracco Italiano

Thank you to the committee of the Canine Section of the BUAS for the invitation to judge this lovely breed. The entry just proved that you do not need a huge number present to be afforded the pleasure of judging a lot of quality.

P (1)

1 Gunsyn Hottoddy (Mrs N Jackson). A top-quality upstanding youngster with an imposing outline and a lot of presence. Smart headpiece with depth, strength in neck and topline, and well developed in body for age. Presented in first class condition, it was no surprise to find him steady and accurate in footfall on the move, with a long ground covering stride going around. A top-quality prospect for the future and one whose progress I will watch with interest. RDB & BP.

J (1)

1 Withamfriary Lush Blossom (Mrs V & Mr A Warburton). Smartly presented young b with lots of breed attributes. Presents a very pleasing outline of good proportions when stacked up. Lovely to go over, everything fits together very well and her soundness all through is evident. Strong in topline and well ribbed back. Stands on excellent feet.

PG (3)

1 Gunsyn Gineva (Mrs L Bowley). Lovely headed b with plenty of work beneath her expressive eyes. Has balance throughout and nothing to excess in any department, with a distinctive noble air. Lovely frame with balance of front and hind angles, length and development in rib, and strength in croup. Excels on the move with accuracy of footfall, and excellent ground cover on the go around. Well handled to take RBB.

2 Sobers Cosmica with Gunsyn (Mrs L Bowley). Not quite so forward in development as 1 at present, this young b has many positive attributes and presents and entirely typical outline all through. Flows smoothly throughout with her balance and moderation of construction, and certainly didn’t disappoint on the move. Stands on excellent feet and presented in first class order.

3 Withamfriary Lush Blossom (Mrs V & Mr A Warburton)

O (4,1)

1 Gunsyn Ginspiration (Mrs L Bowley). I have judged this smart upstanding d before and it was nice to be able to appreciate him in the breed ring – and ultimately award him the top spot! Beautiful head with length and leanness, plenty of work, and strength in muzzle and foreface. He has a degree of arrogance in his expression, which is very appealing, and adds to his nobility in outlook. Has a strong neck leading smoothly to his excellent lay of shoulder. His topline is strong and he is well ribbed back with strength of croup. Clean in underline and moderate tuck up. Is well off for hind angles with superb development of long first - and well defined second - thighs. Certainly didn’t disappoint on the hands on, and then appealed even more on the move. He is so sound and correct in footfall, and eats up the ground with a long easy stride on the go around. Full of health and vitality, presented in first class order he claimed BD & BoB.

2 Polcevera's Bruma (Mrs N Jackson). As 1 is a good example of masculinity, this b is a classic example of femininity. She is of a super type all through and presents a typical outline- no doubting her breed. Super lay of shoulder with useful upper arm length and angle. Well ribbed back. Strong in quarters standing and using her low hocks to advantage on the move. Really impressed with her extended stride and ground cover on the go around, whilst maintaining her outline well. BB.

3 Iolanda Di Cascina Croce at Solwaypoint (Imp Ita) (Mrs N Jackson).

David R. Alcorn (Lourdace/Comalegy)