• Show Date: 01/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

I first handled Hungarian Vizslas in the ring around 20 years ago, and it was a great honour to be able to judge them at CC level for the first time. I must thank the Southern Counties committee for their warm welcome and generous hospitality, and for affording the breed a decent sized outdoor ring. I usually leave analytical points of the breed to specialists, as I don’t feel it’s my place to comment on breed intricacies, however I did notice was a huge variation in heads, with some being extremely broad and overly strong, and a dramatic tendency - for bitches in particular - to be very tall. The breed standard asks for a Vizsla to be “medium-sized” with the maximum height for a bitch is being 23.5 inches. I would go so far as to say several of the exhibits were at least 2 to 3 inches taller than that! Throughout the entry all but one mouth was correct, and the exhibits were presented in good coat and skin and generally good muscle tone. There were, unfortunately, several who would have benefited from a manicure! Feet should not be neglected; they have a huge effect on the movement of the dog.

MPD (1)

1 Wallaroo Duncan Disorderly (Mrs A R & Mr G Porter-Manning & Porter). Nicely headed chap who should mature well. Tad loose in front at the moment as you would expect from a youngster of his age however he is well made at both ends, particularly strong behind, and stands on excellent well kept feet. Presented in a well muscled condition, he move out with a positive stride.

PD (5)

A mixture of shapes and styles in this class.

1 Perllanside Street Party (Miss J Wall). Presented the most typical outline overall for me, however, would benefit from a little more length of upper arm. Nice head for portions, with good eye, strong neck, and topline, leading to well set on tail. Maturing up nicely and rib which have good length and depth. He is also strong in his couplings which showed on the move as he maintained a firm. topline at all times. Moved away and back very well. I’m covered plenty of grain going around. BPD.

2 Listerlo Mr Magoo (Mrs E Hughes). Another of good overall type, but as shade more loose on the move at present. Has done most of his growing so needs to fill in a bit but has a pleasing frame and positive attributes. Stands on good well maintained feet and just needs more condition and maturity to complete the picture.

3 Wallaroo Duncan Disorderly (Mrs A R & Mr G Porter-Manning & Porter)

JD (6)

1 Glenbrows Carbon Copy (Miss E J Miles). Strongly headed male of pleasing clean outline overall. Has useful angulation and construction at both ends and nothing to excess in his frame. When asked to move out, he produced a very positive stride and is particularly strong through the hock. He stands on excellent feet and is presented in first class condition, handled well to get the best from his lovely exuberant character.

2 Goviz Spring Rains by Viszaset (ai) (Miss N & Mr S & Mrs M & Mrs C Green & Martin & Martin & Ryan). Smaller framed dog than 1, but has a good shape overall and distinctive outline. Holds his outline well on the move and covers plenty of ground whilst maintaining his firm top line. Another who excels in the feet department!

3 Debian Deerhunter (Miss D Warnes)

GD (6)

1 Goviz Spring Rains by Viszaset (ai) (Miss N & Mr S & Mrs M & Mrs C Green & Martin & Martin & Ryan)

2 Amarantos Katana for Ertekes (Mrs R & Mrs L Da Silva & Sexton). Taller & rangier outline at the moment on this youngster, who will likely take a bit of time to come together. He is sound away and back and uses his angulation to best advantage when on the go. Presented in first class order. He has an excellent coat, if rather pale, and is in superb muscle. Well handled.

3 Vizslanya Varur (Mrs P J Reakes)

PGD (3,1)

1 Pitswarren So Nex Century (Mr J P & Mrs E J Harper). Has length and leanness of head, but is a touch high on the leg for me. Has good shoulders and top line and when asked to move out he works well with handler and covers plenty of ground with minimum stride. Put down in first class order and handled to advantage.

2 Roughshoot Heaven Sent of Solencia JW (Mr M & Mr B & Miss L Rackett & Rackett & Wilcox). Smaller than first and not quite so good in upper arm length, or tail. This chap has decent shoulders and is well ribbed, is moderate in his hind angles holds a strong level top lines when standing and moving.

LD (4)

1 Oakswarren Inferno (Mr P Watson). Correct, medium-size typical sort, this dog appeals in all departments. Nothing to access or exaggerated; not being overly large nor overly heavy, his moderation throughout appealed greatly. Has a typical lean head with good length, and with correct depth of muzzle and plenty of work. Strong in neck, which leads smoothly to a well laid shoulder and useful return of upper arm. He is deep enough and long enough in rib, strong in couplings, and with correct tuck up. Has balance in hind angles which produced a sound, accurate, ground covering, stride with precise footfall. Liked his attitude and character a lot, all of these qualities took him to the CC today.

2 Highforce All or Nothing JW (Ms E M Bradley). Another grand sort of good type and correct outline. Another with a masculine head of good proportions and typical silhouette. This d apppeals for his balance and moderation throughout, again nothing here is exaggerated, and this is demonstrated well when you watch this dog move - he has a free and easy straight stride, with clean and tidy action fore and aft. RDCC.

3 Glenbrows by Design JW (Mr T D & Mrs H L Harrison)

OD (9,1)

1 Sh Ch Layways Van Winkle JW (Miss E J Miles). Upstanding and impressive male, a real stallion in outlook, and quite the showman who was handled to advantage to get the best from him. Presents a typical outline stood up and certainly does not disappoint on the move. He has balance in angulation front and rear, and nothing to excess in these departments. It is always pleasing to find a well constructed dog, who can then put himself to equal or better use on the move, and that is where – for me – this dog really excels. He has such a free and easy stride with light and accurate footfall.

2 Avar Hunter Danube Slovakia (Miss A Zafar). This d has many breed attributes and is another presenting a typical and un-exaggerated, medium sized, outline. Scores in head shape with balance of skull, width and length of foreface with moderate stop. Well laid shoulder and strong top line with moderation in hind angles and well let down hocks. Little to separate the first two in this class, the winner was just a fraction tidier in his hind action when going away.

3 Sh Ch Metropolis Patriarch Nexus by Pitswarren (ai) (Imp Aus) (Mr J P & Mrs E J Harper)

SBD (4)

1 Listerlo Mr Magoo (Mrs E Hughes).

2 Kentwone Dreamer (Mrs G Curzon-Price). This young male was lacking maturity today and needs time. However, he has a decent front and is good enough behind, he’s well headed with big nose and good eyes, and moved around with drive.

3 Vizslanya Varur (Mrs P J Reakes)3

VD/B (3)

1 Sh Ch Layways Lana del Rey (Mr S Layton). This bitch presented a glorious outline and catches your eye on first look. Entirely typical of the breed; is medium-sized with that characteristic distinguished appearance, and nothing to excess in any department. Beautiful lean head with plenty of work and gentle expression. She is just grand to go over; everything fits together so smoothly. Her soundness is evident when you go over her, as she is so beautifully balanced all through, excelling in front, angulation, ribbing, topline, strength, in croup, and loin, and strength in quarters with superb development and definition of first and second thighs. On the move she sets off with the vivacity one would expect from a junior, not from a veteran. Her action is free and easy with ground cover and accuracy of footfall. A real top quality specimen I was delighted to award her the CC and best of breed, and even more pleased to see that she met with the approval of the 2 group judges later on who shortlisted her in excellent company.

2 Wallaroo All That Jazz ShCM (Mrs A R & Mr G Porter-Manning & Porter). Well made d of useful workmanlike appearance, with strength throughout, balance, and usefulness of angles at both ends. Excellent headpiece with kind eye, well set and shaped ears, leading onto strong neck. He is strong in top line both standing and moving and going away and coming towards he has soundness and accuracy of footfall. Presented in first class order.

3 Gunfield Phantom (Ms M Kiely)

GCD (2,1)

1 Kenxtwen Chocolate Chip at Baratja (Mr Underdown). Excellent presentation of this fit young male who was in superb coat and skin. Strongly made and upstanding. He scores in lay of shoulder and strength in topline. Didn’t move out to best advantage today as he was being rather mischievous!

SBB (6,3)

1 Glenbrows Calamity (Miss V & Mr J Parker & Gist). This is a really decent well-made sound and honest young b who appeals in all departments. Sweet head with enough strength, but femininity. Is well off for angles at both ends, well ribbed in between and accordingly produced a tidy free going action on the move. Very nicely handled, a worthy representative of the breed in the special beginners group, where I was delighted to see she appealed to the internationally renowned judge officiating at that level and was placed first – congratulations!

2 Oxanaember Thai Pumpkin (Ms N & Mr L Winkworth & Woodcock). This bitch needs to be seen on the move to be appreciated as she was rather tense standing and not giving her best Not quite the front angulation of the winner however another good sort with many positive qualities. In good coat and skin, and well muscled with good development of thigh.

MPB (3,1)

1 Castledogley Firenze (Mr D J & Ms E M Hardcastle & Bradley). Captivating and exciting youngster with lovely attitude and charisma. Whilst she is at the younger end of minor puppy she claimed best puppy today as she appealed overall for size balance, construction throughout, and overall type and soundness. Will watch her progress with interest as I am sure she will continue to get even better as she matures and develops.

2 Seren Shimmer at Maebeck (Miss E M Dunkley). Taller longer and more rangy and outline to one. This youngster has hopefully done all of her growing early and will now fill out and come together. Well-presented and standing on good feet, she moved with animation. Nails needs attention but feet are of good shape.

PB (6,2)

1 Castledogley Firenze (Mr D J & Ms E M Hardcastle & Bradley)

2 Vizslanya Praxis (Mr S & Mrs K M Challis). Medium-sized tidily made sort with useful and moderate angles at each end. Has a beautiful coat and skin, and particularly attractive colour, she was presented in superb condition. Her well muscled quarters are used to best advantage on the move where she drove off from low hocks and produced a sound accurate stride going around.

JB (7)

1 Glenbrows Calamity (Miss V & Mr J Parker & Gist)

2 Vizslanya Vizi (Mr S & Mrs K M Challis). On the larger side for me and of dark colour, this b has a good frame with well laid shoulder and good upper arm length. Well ribbed back. She is strong in topline and has well angled and muscles quarters. Sound mover away and back however, nails need attention.

GB (8,2)

1 Oakswarren Light My Fire (AI) (Mr P Watson). Beautiful feminine outline on this youngster who is of medium size. Lovely length in head, strength in neck and top line, and balance of angles fore and aft. Well ribbed up already, she has strength of topline and croup. A steady sound mover. Feet could do with some attention.

2 Kincsem Ferrari (Ms S Rutherford). Larger all through and a shade big for me, but very sound in construction, and with many breed attributes. Has a good front assembly with depth of brisket, and length in rib. Stands on good feet and moved out well.

3 Vizslanya Vizi (Mr S & Mrs K M Challis)

PGB (6)

A bit of a mixture this class.

1 Wente's Harmony (Mr P Hallam). This bitch was, for me, the most typical in outline and of the correct medium-sized with nothing exaggerated. Appears to have a rather hesitant attitude at first, however, as the class went o, she got better and better and in the final run around, there was nothing to match her balance and soundness of stride on the go around. Her construction showed to advantage in motion. Feet need attention. With confidence will no doubt go on to do very well.

2 Nadorpuzstai Fuvola Luna (Miss J & Mr V Grigonyte & Macionis). Larger frame than 1 and with a much stronger head. This b was very sound moving away and back and used her hocks to good advantage. Presented in fit order. She has excellent development of first and second thigh and is clearly afforded plenty of exercise!

3 Oroshaza Iren at Cazadorado (Mrs J P Bailiff)

LB (12,5)

1 Afanleigh Anna (Mr E G & Mrs C L Fishlock). The typical outline of this bitch appealed on initial inspection and there was nothing to disappoint in going over. Lovely head and expression, balance and soundness in construction throughout which is always a positive; she has a clean outline and nothing is exaggerated. Another of the correct medium size, but with sufficient bone and strength. She was presented in superb coat, skin, and condition. Particularly sound away and back. Has lots of appeal and was highly considered for further awards in good company today.

2 Vizslanya Csibe JW (Mr S & Mrs K M Challis). Slightly larger in size than 1,this darker coloured b was presented in first class order as one would expect from this experienced kennel. She is of useful construction throughout, is balanced, moderate and scores in head shape. Went very well around but the winner was just a fraction tidier behind when going away, so she had to settle for a very credible second place today.

3 Vizslanya Mafila to Tragus (Mr G & Mr S Upton & Challis)

OB (6,1)

This was an enjoyable class to judge as there were a number of appealing size and outline.

1 Oakswarren Pure Magic (ai) (Miss K M, Mr A J & Mr P Legg, Scott & Watson). A superb bitch who headed this class as she appeals in all departments. Medium-sized, nothing to excess, and very much a Vizsla. Has a keen expression from her well coloured eyes, strength in neck, which is a good length, leading to her well laid shoulder. Her ribs are well sprung and extend well back. She has strength in topline and firmness in loin and croup. Well muscled, her angles in her quarters complete the balanced picture. She is very adept at showing off to best advantage when freestanding with her clever handler, and presents a lovely picture when moving as she uses all of her construction to best advantage. RCC in good company.

2 Vizslanya Sziena JW (Mr D J & Ms E M Hardcastle & Bradley). Lovely type to this nicely headed b, who has an excellent forehand assembly and useful angles behind. Well developed in brisket and has length and depth of rib. She is strong in top line and loin. Another good mover, who was very pleasing to judge producing a sound economic action.

3 Sh Ch Danton Obsession with Tantaraviz (Miss C M Ward)

David R. Alcorn (Lourdace/Comalegy)