• Show Date: 27/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Retriever (Curly Coated)

West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship Show 2023

Retriever (Curly Coated)

Thank you to the WELKS Committee for their invitation to judge at their 2023 show. I think I was afforded the best indoor ring I have ever had the pleasure in judging in, which really allowed me to test the movement of all the exhibits. My two stewards were absolutely brilliant and they kept the ring going through the three breeds perfectly all day – I couldn’t have done it without them! Whilst this was a non-CC entry and probably not representative, I had some concerns about temperament and there were some who were entirely devoid of being “bold, friendly self confident and independent”.

Class 2108. Junior Dog (3,0)

1st Place 5824 - Ravenho Looks Like Trouble for Brightmeadow (Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens)

What a cracker! This d is really lovely and has so many positives even though he is just a youngster. Smartly headed, with kind eye. Strong neck and the best of shoulders, he flows through the neck into his strong topline and on to his well set on tail. Has depth of forechest, spring and length of rib, and depth in loin. Loved his overall outline, quite the picture stacked and on the move. Excellent tight coat. RBD & BPD.

2nd Place 5820 - Molokain Doing The Do at Cetgueli (Ms S Finch)

Shade longer cast than 1 and needs to firm up in topline to complete the picture. Head looks to be coming along the right lines, and through the body he is developing well and growing nicely. A very good mover going around with drive from his low hocks.

3rd Place Withheld

Class 2109. Post Graduate Dog (3,1)

1st Place 5818 - Rowancurl Pullman Porter (Mrs Vc & Mr Km Dooley)

Decent shape to this d, who presented a typical outline. Masculine head, a little round in eye, well set and shaped ears. Has good angles for and aft which he uses to advantage on the move, but his handler needs to move him at a steadier pace as this ensures he has more accurate footfall.

2nd Place 5820 - Molokain Doing The Do at Cetgueli (Ms S Finch)

Class 2110. Open Dog (2)

1st Place 5817 - Maycourt Kashmir Con Redanimo (Ms R & Mr L Davies & Bradstock)

Smartly made upstanding d of quality. Liked his head shape, expression, dark well shaped and set eyes. Has strength in neck and cleanliness of throat. Well laid shoulders lead into a strong topline. He is well ribbed up, and back, and has strength and depth in loin. Strongly muscled quarters with low hocks. Produces a steady sound action on the move, nothing flashy or overdone, just a tidy sound sort. BD.

2nd Place 5822 - Tessmene Summer Solstice (Mr K & Miss A Masson & Glover)

Strongly made dog, no doubting his sex. Not as tidy away and back as 1 and wasn’t moved to best advantage on the go around. Presented in fit order, he has decent feet but would prefer a tighter coat.

Class 2112. Junior Bitch (3)

1st Place 5825 - Ravenho Up Town Girl for Brightmeadow (Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens)

I thought this b to be an absolute superstar. Despite her tender age, I liked everything about her. She is so typical throughout, nothing is exaggerated nor to excess, and everything fits together and flows so well. She is elegant and feminine yet with strength and good bone throughout. Beautiful head, excels in forehand angles, topline, ribbing and tailset. She is so well constructed behind with strength in first and second thighs, and low hocks. Stands on the best of feet with straight limbs. Moves out with elegance and power, and soundness and abundance. Excellent tight coat. A very exciting prospect for the future BB, BoB & BPIB.

2nd Place 5826 - Foxriever Ritual Flame (Mr A M & Mrs D J Whitehead)

Rather shy at first and bit overawed with proceedings, this youngster needs time to get her head around the job. She has a lot of positive breed attributes and is very well made. Liked her head a lot, and her balance of fore and hind angles. Moved out very well when settled. One for the future!

3rd Place 5829 - Stormacre Family Portrait for Foxriever (Mr A M & Mrs D J Whitehead)

Class 2113. Post Graduate Bitch (1)

1st Place 5828 - Gypsy’s Soul First Lady for Foxriever (Imp Est) (Mr A M & Mrs D J Whitehead)

This is a pretty elegant b, but needs to have a lot of work done with her to gain her confidence and make her go much better. She has a lot of good qualities and I’m sure she could do very well.

Class 2114. Open Bitch (2)

1st Place 5823 - Tengore Ruby Tuesday (Mr B J & Mrs S M Perkins)

Nice b to go over, very steady and presented in good coat and condition however he nails could do with some attention! Liked her head balance and strength, and expression from her dark eyes. Lovely strong neck and well laid shoulder, leading to strong topline. Shade long in loin for preference. Well angled and muscled quarters, which produced a very accurate action going away. Handler needs to work on getting this bitch’s confidence improved.

2nd Place 5827 - Foxriever Striking Spirit (Mr A M & Mrs D J Whitehead)

This b has a good forehand assembly, stands on good feet and is very well muscled. Not particularly happy with the surroundings today so didn’t show herself off to best effect.

David R. Alcorn – Lourdace/Comalegy (Judge).